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Crew Mama and payment via Stripe

Bob K

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Does anyone have experience with payment via Stripe?  An old client hired me for a one-day shoot (completed last week), said they would pay me directly, and now want me to sign up with Stripe.  Half way through the sign up they want my DOB, SSN, bank info, and then there's a contract or contract-like document talking of fees and charges.  I've emailed Isaac at Crew Mama, asking about such charges.  So far, no response.

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Stripe is a payment processor (primarily for credit cards).  So, it's natural they would ask for all that info if you are looking to hire a payment processor.  Since you actually just want to get paid, and you aren't in the market for a payment processor, I suggest you request a method of payment that you already accept.

I don't know Stripe that well, so maybe it's possible they have a "consumer" account that would let you receive payment more simply, and you are signing up for a merchant account when you really just need a basic account.

But, more likely, I think your client really wants to pay with a credit card, and for some reason they think that means they need to tell you what payment processor to use.  I would clarify with your client how they actually want / need to pay, and have them adjust if that's at all possible.  If they absolutely require a credit card, I believe they can send a credit card payment to a normal PayPal account without you having to do anything extra (though, you do need a PayPal account, and that requires giving PayPal your banking information to get the money out of PayPal).

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Thanks for that.  This was a shoot from Assignment Desk in Chicago, whom I had worked for over the years.  They've always paid my invoice with a check in the mail.  This shoot was confirmed with almost no info except the client wanted "1x lav, mixer, boom."  The next morning I was on the highway at 6:00am, with my entire audio package, en route to the location two hours away.  It was a brutally hot and dusty 13.5 hour day; hard on crew and equipment, and of course I needed multiple wireless mics, camera hops, backup recorder, etc.


So now AD says to sign up with Stripe.  I found it's a very long contract, and fees and charges are mentioned.  I stopped reading at that point, and attached an invoice to an email as I have always done in the past, explaining I didn't want to sign a contract for work already done.  No response.  

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Not at all.  I don't know why you would say that.

AD was a long-time client.  I'd never had a problem with them so I trusted them.  But, this PC knew next to nothing about the shoot and said the client would provide details.  At 7pm the client (flying in from NY) provided a call sheet and nothing else.  I prepared gear, put the location in my GPS, and set a 4am wake-up in order to be on the road by 6am.

Now, AD would like me to sign a long contract regarding work I've already done.  It mentions "fees and charges."  I emailed questions without response.  So I submitted an invoice, just as I've done in the past.  Still no response.

By the way, I talked with my banker (Wells Fargo) and was told that unless I completely trust this company (Stripe) I'd be "crazy" to provide them with my banking information.

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Bob K,

I applaud you for reading contracts. So many people do not.


I too work for Assignment Desk and they pay me via Stripe. Four times in just the past five months.


However, I don't pay any processing fees. The client pays all fees and I have them direct deposit in an isolated bank account with "deposit only" status specifically insulating this account from my other accounts. Plus, I get notified of the electronic deposite as soon as it happens and transfer the new funds to a different account. My ISO account then has $0 and zero risk of shenanigans. 


No problems over the past several years of doing this.

Follow up after looking at my Stripe Account. Each transaction says this:

Amount: $xxxx.xx

Fee: $0

Status: Successful

Metadata: blah blah blah

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Thanks for that.  Very useful information.  I'll have to do that if AD insists on Stripe in the future.  Meanwhile, I received an email from the PC this morning saying they are sending a check.

Documentary Sound Guy,

I suppose I should have added that I also left phone messages, without response.

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