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  1. It is my experience that you should stay away from mics with aluminum tubes. Stick with brass tubes. No RF issues at all with my senn 816, 416, Schoeps CMC and AT 4053 mics. I have used the Schoeps CMIT 5 and had rf issues when i get too close to HMI ballasts and fluorescent light ballasts. Very light weight mic and not brass.
  2. I own a Schoeps CMCMK41 and the Audio Technica 4053B. They both sound great and when I need to double boom i use them side by side. The Schoeps has a slightly warmer tone and never harsh. Under normal circumstances i can eq the mics to sound great and indistinguishable. I purchased the AT new and the Schoeps used. For $550 i recommend the AT. You won't regret it.
  3. Does she look like this?
  4. No problem at all with the number of questions. We are here to help each other and leave rude comments about politicians, lol. The signal from the transducers are more subsonic than sonic. They conduct sound waves/vibrations through your temporal bone. I never use them at full volume. With all the Motorola two-way radios I've used you can turn them up too loud to the point they vibrate on you temporal bone and tickle. I was told these where developed for constrution workes on loud construction sites. You will never use them at full volume. The twin jack is a standard Mo
  5. I use Sony 7506 headphones with muffs the same time I am using the temple transducers. They work great for me. Through lunch break I am still wearing them forgetting I have them on. I wear both all day long. If they are too tight on your head just bend them a bit. They have the standard PTT button north of the coily part of the cable. When you first use them you will be freaked out that you can carry on a normal conversation with people around you, with both ears and then hear comms clearly at the same time. I find them liberating while not inter
  6. Have youse guys ever tried the Temple Transducer com unit from Motorola? $90 bucks.They conduct sound through the bone just in front of your ears leaving both ears free for normal conversation or wearing headphones. I have been using them for years.
  7. Sounds like LA County wants to shut down/limit production activity again. On the FilmLA website, the dept. said productions should make plans for “moving more work outdoors, delaying higher-risk work, and putting some productions completely on pause.” The health department also warned film productions “travel for production purposes is currently not advised.” Officials feel transmission of the virus will be facilitated “by making it more likely that people will end up together in vehicles or indoors in less-controlled settings.” The health authority then expressed worry over hosp
  8. If you get one let us know if they have reduced the RF spray interfering with other wireless devices.
  9. I am still using an SD664 as my bag mixer. Three SRb receivers powered from BDS v2 feeding mixer at line level. No problems. When I am working reality shows and need more wireless I use my retired Senn G3 units. As soon as I try to power them off of the same BDS distro with the Senn battery eliminators I hear a low volume whine on the mixer inputs fed from the G3s. The G3s are unbalanced. If i power the G3s from a second battery or just a couple of AAs the signal is clean. It has been this way for the past 8 or 10 years. All SD can say is it must be because of the unbalanced nature of the G3s.
  10. I haven't heard of that problem in years. Sounds like you are picking up noise from the ignition system. Namely the spark plugs. A couple of things you can do. Use shielded dc wire and an rf choke near the powered device, install spark suppression spark plugs. They cut the rf spray. But maybe your ignition coil is going bad. Is the noise any different when the engine is hot vs cold? If you are driving a 1965 Spyder Corvair i'd say replace the condenser in the distributor as well.
  11. Breaker 1 9. That looks like a two-way radio or CB radio mic hanger. Dash board mount.
  12. His reply is COMEDY! And hillarious at that. You remember comedy don't you. Even noted liberal John Cleese often laments the dumbing down of humor in the effort of a minority to be overly sensitive to hair triggers. They could never produce Monty Python in this PC age. Laugh or don't. Then move on. Humblely submited.
  13. I bought the 2-pak special earlier this summer and received two licenses. The software must be registered by plugging in a Tentacle unit to a USB port on the computer and registering the serial number.
  14. My Lectro HM never has locked in to the side jack of my K-Tek pole (not side kick but the 90 deg. side jack). I had to make a 4 inch XLR jumper cable. I bongo tie the HM to the pole. Far from ideal.
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