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  1. And or use a free digital slate on your phone. Show it to each camera as you roll them. Dont have to roll all of them at the same time this way. This is Digital Slate.apk i have used in the past on my android phone for my gopros.
  2. In the 70's and 80's I had a 1963 Spyder (turbo) and sold it to buy a wedding ring, a 1964 Spyder (turbo with a Weber DCOE side draft racing carb.) and raced SCCA, regionally, with it, then bought a 1965 Spyder (stock four single-throat down-draft carburetors) and raced that too. Much faster off the line. I could smoke Porsche 411s, and stock Ford Mustangs (my usual competition). Yes, in 1964 Chevy fixed the problem of the Corvair being prone to flip over while parked in a driveway, lol. They added a transverse leaf spring to limit the movement of the rear swing axles. The same swing axle design the Volkswagen Beetle had used for gobs of years. In 1965 Chevy created a new design now using four wheel independent suspension very similar to a Jaguar suspension. My '65 handled beautifully. And with slight over-steer, due to the engine being in the correct location (in the rear), I could break the back end loose, swing the tail to the side of the apex of the curve and accelerate out of the curve while the Mustangs were still breaking. Tears of nostalgia are welling up as I type this. Those were great days. I had no money but I was having fun.
  3. I had my first shooting project since Feb 17 on May 14-15. Commercials with a US Senator. I provided wireless paks and lavs all dissenfected with Hydrogen Peroxide and bundled into new ziplock bags. I instructed her aid on how to place the lav, knowing i was going to mainly rely on my boom mic, and heard clothing rustle from the git go. After three takes of a walk and talk i couldnt stand it any longer and asked to rewire her myself. We were all wearing masks and she didnt object. No seperate toilets, no gloves provided. Seperate boxed lunches, bottled water, no crafty. Day two was a 13 hour day with five locations. The three producer/director/writer, flew in from the East coast. No grip, no gaffer. DP, AC and me sounding. Minimal lighing and we all chipped in.
  4. I still have two of those and they still work. Though the bottom one was frozen under two inches of ice in the trunk of my 1964 Spyder Corvair for a brief time and probably isn't within specs anymore. I painted these black years ago to use as props. I originally used them when i was shooting news in the early 80's.
  5. Nice looking box Paul. Last summer while I was looking on Amazon for a USB charger "for my actual boat" I came across that charger and thought the same as you. "I'll add one to my bag as well." That way I don't have to use a D-Tap to 5v converter anymore. Now both my boat and my SD664 bag have phone chargers. It has worked very nicely for the past 11 months. Great $12 investment. Kent
  6. Filed under "restoring a friend's old Korean War era Navy Band recitals." According to the American Chemical Society, reel to reel tape is prone to degradation, which has been a topic of active research for many years. It's well known that applying heat can often reverse the damage sufficiently to enable playback, usually by baking the tapes in an oven. Now scientists at the US Library of Congress have determined precisely why this method seems to work, presenting their findings earlier this month on the American Chemical Society's SciMeetings online platform. The primary culprit for the degradation is known as "sticky shed syndrome," in which the binders used in a magnetic tape to hold the iron oxide casing to the plastic carrier deteriorate. They form a sticky residue that can damage both the tape and playback equipment. [...] [E]xperiments showed that when a degraded reel-to-reel tape is heated, the sticky residues melt back onto the bulk polymer layer, rendering the tape playable once again. That's why 130F is the sweet spot for baking degraded tapes; it's the melting point for the residues. (This fix, however, only lasts several weeks. Plenty of time to digitize the media.) Article https://m.slashdot.org/story/370234
  7. Once the app supports a DAW rather than just computer mic and virtual speakers this could be amazing. It might make a voice too sterile. Right now looks like it is dealing with live computer mic only. I upgraded to a GeForce RTX2080 last year for my main edit suite (ASUS main board). As a result it gave my four-year old self-built computer new life! Much faster renders. No more PremierePro crashes when exporting complex timelines with multiple layers of BCC, green screen and speed changes. Nvidia, PLEASE make this work for eliminating clothing and beard rustle from recorded tracks.
  8. I just got off the phone wirh Jeff, one of the principals for the app. He was very responsive and asked me many questions. He says they will definitely add unions and regions to the list in the near future. It may be geared more towards union members, as i am, but most of my work is non-union. Iowa is a right to work state so unless the prod co. is a union signatory they hire non-union crew. I have worked on a lot of non-union commercials and scripted reality. Also, in Iowa, we would starve if we only did one thing. Worked only one job catagory. I mainly do location sound mixing and some times provide L,G&E for crews from out of town. For all of my own clients and some out of town folks I DP. I own Sony FS7 camera packages, Sound Devices mixers, Lectro, Senn and Schoeps mics, Arri and lightpanels lights and much more. There is currently no talk of adding multiple job catagories to the app and if they did it would probably be an upcharge when this thing goes beyond beta and requires a membership fee. He explained that the purpose on the "product" page is for private individuals, not companies, to list used gear for sale, house or apartment for rent during a production stay. Things of that nature. Also, can now log in without error. I can see a lot of potential for this app for crews in LA, New York, Atlanta, Chicago.
  9. doesn't list my union in setup. The region section in setup is quite limited. After registering and trying to login i get an error message “http 406 not acceptable" It might be a nice app but i didn't experience it.
  10. PMC


    For years I have been using an Ultra-Lightweight Temple Transducer Headset from Motorola. $71.10 online. Leaves both ears free. I can wear it all day with no fatigue. ITEM #: RMN5114A
  11. I didn't see that you said were you are working. In the Midwest of the US for non-union work I get $550/10hr day. When the producer says it's a 12 hour day. I say it's $55*10 plus two hours of OT, $82.50*2. And hold firm on that. Occasionally I lose a job but most say okay. Producers need to pay for what we produce for them. Yes, i accepted less money when i was learning the craft, actually i continue to learn, but we as sound mixers often deal with greater challenges than the camera department. They almost always have at least two people per camera while we often have only ourselves to lav, plant, boom, mix, freq coordinate, manage TC and figure out the audio interface on thier camera and why the return is sounds like crap. I get $50/lectro wireless (i know people who charge $75). I get $50/Sennheiser or Schoeps boom. $40/Senn G3 hop. $30/Denecke tc box. $125 for 4 Comteks. $100 for SD664.
  12. Jay, I too saw the article. I had noooo interest in listening to the pain painstakingly, scientifically researched, well reasoned, computer modeled voice. I immediately thought of a Terry Gilliam cartoon also depicting painstaking research by thoughtful scientists. [paraphrasing] Archeologists discovered this dinosaur part in an urban dig site. With their collective expertise they were able to reconstruct the ancient beast in its entirety. (credit: Terry Gilliam and PYTHON) Scientists and their computer models make me laugh out loud.
  13. Periodic Log Response and the Rectalinear Propagation Rhythm Sticks.
  14. PMC

    SRa: sandtraps?

    I have two used SRb receivers in my 664 bag. I picked up the second last month after asking the same question. The dealer was offing SRa and SRb receivers for sale. I was told by an engineer at Lectro that the SR and SRa versions are susceptible to receiving RF splatter from other nearby transmitters. This is due to the circuit board design something like only three layers of traces sandwiched between the multi-layered PCB. He said compromises were made from the 400 series receivers in order to fit the new form factor of a slot receiver. The SRb has more layers and better shielding. Since i use G3 hop transmitters and a Comtek transmitter in the same bag, I spent the little extra for the SRb. Check the firmware version of whatever model you purchase. There are some bugs that the latest firmware resolves like reading transmitter battery levels.
  15. That bucket boss application is brilliant! Thanks for the idea.
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