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  1. Nice clean implementation. What's it like being able to unfold your sound blankets to full size without having the DP say, "you're in my shot." Or having the gaffer say,"you're in my light."
  2. Oh, boy. Been there. Mainly on multi-camera scripted reality shows.
  3. PMC

    TC arri mini

    The past several months i have worked with Arri Amira, Mini and LF frequently. I use my SD664 as master TC then jam my Denecke Slate, Denecke SB-2's and/or Tentacle SyncE units, I find myself using the Tenacle SyncE's as my first choice anymore, and set the Arri camera to FREE RUN and REGEN not EXT for timecode. All of these devices play nice with each other. No problems. All of my gear reads 23.98 as the screen shots reveal. You probanly know this but If you set the Arri TC to EXT you have to unplug then replug the tc cable in if the operator shoots high frame rate then switches b
  4. Line of sight is good. Is there an audience? If so, how large will the crowd be between you and the performers? People are basically large sacks of water. They attenuate RF. Tests may sound fine without a crowd but add a room of 100 people and your gain on the G2s will suffer. If you don't want to stage your G2 receivers close to the performance and cable them to your bag I recommend placing the G2s high on your shoulders. The Petrol harness is good for this.
  5. We need to know about the environment. Is this a sound stage with clear line of sight or a night club with a thick brick interior wall that you will need to hid behind? There is a big difference in how to rig for each. Plus, you should account for at least two more wireless as hops to the cameras for a dirty mix. Yes, tc lock is a great thing but when i am rough editing i want to edit with the camera sound for quick decision making before I spend the time syncing the sound files. My 2 cents Kent
  6. The Invisible Lav Covers really work much better than Rycote Undercovers? The fabric material of the Lav Covers look so course in the product pictures.
  7. BLAHAHAHAHA. DPs I work with frequently have heard me say in desperation over wardrobe noise, "If this last mounting scheme doesn't fix the rustling I have a staple gun."
  8. Yes, directly to the skin. This is medical tape for securing an IV to a patient. It works very well. The tape is semi clear with tiny dimples. It is widely use in my region. Don't use the white tape.
  9. I concur about the ursa strap and rm-11. The problem is 80% of the people I mic are civilians in their own wardrobe. I don't get the luxury of time or having the subject remove their shirt/blouse in order for me to place the devices. On rare occasions I even resort to the old school method of sandwiching the lav between two tape footballs.
  10. I rarely use mole skin anymore. I only use it between really scratchy fabric and the lav head. Nexcare tape does not stick well at all to skin or fabric for me. I use it frequently but only to wrap the lav head as a stand off to get the head away from skin and fabric.
  11. 80% of the time I mic the ladies right on the skin in the cleave just below the hem of the blouse. Actually, I instruck the female makeup artist to place the mic or i demonstrate, then hand the lav to the talent while my back is turned. Been doing this for years. I wrap the lav with a couple winds of Nexcare as a stand-off. Very rarely do I get clothing rustle. But can't do this with athletes because I hear their heart beat. For the gents, 80% of the time I hide it in clothing with undercovers or an ursa mount. Far more susceptible to clothing rustle though. I haven't tried the Man
  12. In my view what you are doing sounds fine. it's economical too. What i have been doing for a while is sending clean mix to the camera (c300 or fs7), hooking up the HDMI output of the camera to a CAMLINK 4K usb capture device connected to my laptop and beaming the client sound and video via zoom or googlemeet. Sounds and looks good. They can even conduct remote interviews this way. I'm doing one tomorrow with a tele remote controlled iPad teleprompter. I am the only crew on sight. Client and agency and teleprompter op will dial into me remotely. There is of course an up charge.
  13. I experienced the same thing when I shoot on my Sony FS7 but with 8 channels of sound. This is due to the XAVC codec in an MXF wrapper. Just the way the codec is implemented. Future proofing? I can actually only record 5 channels of sound on my camera (including the camera body mic). But I can deliver 8 channels of sound on export using the codec .
  14. I just checked out the link. Good looking bag. Thanks!
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