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    Multi-track location sound recording for motion pictures, commercials, docs & industrials. Sound Devices, Lectro, Scheops, Sennheiser & Denecke gear mostly. 20+ years.
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  1. I stopped buying sound cables for camera interface several years ago when Red and Arri decided to use different cables for their different iterations of cameras. They couldn't be bothered with standardization. Now I request contact info for the AC prepping the camera package and tell them to add a timecode cable and in A-box for each camera. Kent
  2. Continue to use your Tentacles and mount or hold your phone on or next to your dumb slate while running Tentacles free Timebar app. I have a smart slate but in run and gun situations I use Tmebar. Kent
  3. Hurricane reporter defends use of condom on the air. My question is, “Why the reservoir?"
  4. Tech scout for the sound department? Blahahahaha. Mine are rare for industrials, commercials, docos. Then the AD gets upset with ME when I can't treat the environment to mask the sound from commercial rooftop aircon, elevator, computer server fans, restaurant exhaust fans, etc. Only on movies do i get any respect in this regard. Then it is my labor day rate. I really liked, "Check if they're actually planning a silent film."
  5. Sound Devices WaveAgent can read/edit/export bEXT and iXML data from BWF very easily. ('Gotta ask, people are still using Final Cut?)
  6. Hi Steve, I don't live in any of those cities listed but I have worked for elm many times in the Midwest and can say my experience is that they are a good company to work for. Cheers, Kent Pope
  7. Two-way radios (Motorola) generally operate in the 46x.xxx and 151.xxx bands. I think you would have to build a bridge, ie. send a feed to a dedicated two-way from an output of your mixer. Of course you will need to latch the transmit mode to always on.
  8. I know a friend who when encountering overly cluttered 19/20 will bring out her 26 to reveal a very clean scan. However,on occasion, she says she gets an electronic high pitch fluttering noise but only in certain geographic locations. Some areas are rural. No where near a city. But hey, 5G telco is even screwing up rf relient altimeters in current aircraft. Way to go FCC brainiacs.
  9. By saying "pan pot" i am assuming you are talking about the L-R pan control. Dies that cintrol push in and pop out normally? Have you tried holding the mixer upside down and spraying an aerosol called Tuner Cleaner up into the pot in an effort to wash the wee grains of sand out? Have you tried sneaking up on it and scaring it?
  10. If i interpret your issue correctly, it sounds like both tx were tuned to the same freq until you repaired. From the start, turn on one tx and pair it to the reciever. Leave it turned on. Then turn on the second tx and pair that. It will automatically tune past the tx1 freq. Choosing a clean/unoccupied freq. The reason the receiver showed strong signal from both tx before you retuned is both channels of rx were probably seeing the same one freq.
  11. I have used a unit just like the Swit double charger & DC out unit for almost eight years with two Comer 190wh gold mount batts. V mount also available. It works well with two issues. 1) quick charge mode turns on a cooling fan which is not quiet. 2) you can't charge batts whilst using the DC out. it's either or. Unlike the Anton Bauer camera-back thingy.
  12. They have a reasonable loaner program but I only live 200 miles away from the factory so did a drop-off and pick-up.
  13. Last year my SD664 screen stopped displaying anything. The rest of the unit worked but of course unusable in the field. I sent it in to SD. They said the ribbon cable from the circuit board to the display was dislodged. Yes, my unit has had some rough handling over the past 10 to 12 years in the field. Maybe you can lift the lid, so to speak, and check out the ribnon cable.
  14. I am B camera on a house hunting show. I use a Sony FS7 without the expansion adapter back. Which is the only way to get the camera to take ext. timecide (very dumb, Sony). I have been using Tentacle's Time Bar for a long time to slate my camera. I lock one of my Tentacle SyncE units to the sound guy, or use one of his, and carry it around in my pocket. My phone, running Time Bar, reads the tc and displays it for me when I resume after a cut. I remain in tc sync with sound and A-cam all day. It beats carrying my TS3 Denecke slate around.
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