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NYT: How Birders Who Are Blind Use Birdsong to Map the World Around Them

Jim Feeley

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A nice story:


‘Birds Are My Eyesight’

For some blind birders, avian soundscapes are a way to map the world around them. Increasing noise pollution is imperiling that navigation.



On an average morning, Susan Glass can sit on the patio at her condominium complex in Saratoga, Calif., and identify as many as 15 different bird species by ear: a steller’s jay, an acorn woodpecker, an oak titmouse.


For her, birding is more than a hobby. “Birds are my eyesight,” said Ms. Glass, a poet and a professor of English at West Valley Community College who has been blind since birth. “When I check into a hotel in Pittsburgh, I might remember the rock dove and the house finch in the parking lot, rather than the architecture.”



Whole article, along with pictures and audio samples here:



(I think you can access a few New York Times articles per month without paying.)

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