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Know Your FCC

Brent Lestage

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Julius Genachowski 

Former Chief of Business Operations and a member of Barry Diller's Office of the Chairman at IAC/InterActiveCorp, where over eight years he played a key role in IAC's growth to become a major e-commerce and new media company. He is a co-founder & managing director of LaunchBox Digital, Rock Creek Ventures, and a special advisor at General Atlantic.

Meredith Attwell Baker (Commissioner)

In 2009, Baker joined the FCC as one of two Republicans on the five-person commission. She will help decide FCC policies regarding the regulation of television, Internet and radio. The commission also distributes broadband access to companies and approves media mergers and acquisitions. Baker graduated in 1994, and joined the Houston law firm DeLange & Hudspeth. Baker stayed for four years, before becoming a lobbyist for CTIA, a trade organization for wireless communication companies. In 2000, Baker moved positions again, becoming a senior counsel at Covad Communications. She took a leave of absence in 2000 to help the Bush-Cheney team during the Florida recount.

Robert M. McDowell (Commissioner)

He is a former FCC lobbyist for telecommunications companies that compete against the Baby Bells. Immediately before his confirmation, he was Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of COMPTEL (Competitive Telecommunications Association), an industry trade group of competitive (non-RBOC) telephone companies. Following the 2000 presidential election, he worked on the Florida election recount for the Bush team.

Michael Copps (Commissioner)

In January 18th, 2011 the FCC and the United States Department of Justice allowed Comcast to buy NBC Universal. Michael Copps was the only commissioner of the FCC to vote against the merge.

Mignon Clyburn (Commissioner)

She is the daughter of United States Representative Jim Clyburn

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