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Ambient releases new TC slate and app


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The Lockit Slate - ACN-LS


As all Ambient Clockit devices the »Lockit Slate« provides a rock solid, highly accurate, temperature compensated time code generator.


»Double the brightness with 2 cells less and still longer battery life«


The completely revised LED time code display features double the brightness at less than half of the power consumption of its predecessor. Therefore we could reduce the batteries to only 4 AA cells and still achieve a prolonged battery life.


»Transmit the clapped time directly to the script app«


Furthermore our new slate comprises the full functionality of the Tiny Lockit including ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata and clap time transfer, and logging.

These network capabilities also allow the »Lockit Slate« to be a fully functional, generator buffered time code transceiver. This provides the stability of an Ambient Clockit generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts.


»Use the Lockit Slate as Midi TC display and interface«


In addition, it also offers a variable time code offset to compensate for processing delays of digital cameras. Plugged in into a computer, the Lockit Slate transforms into a highly accurate Midi time code interface with LTC / Midi time code conversion and of course big TC LED display. This way the ACN-LS opens up the possibility to sync for examples multiple cameras with a Pro Tools workstation.

As known from the Lockit and Tiny Lockit, the user interface is easy and intuitive to use.


»Use the display standalone as fully functional Tiny Lockit«


Thanks to an all new and revolutionary modular construction, the electronic section of the Lockit Slate can also serve as a fully functional, compact standalone display for documentary or desktop use. Housed in a machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body it can easily withstand the roughest production conditions.


»Choose the matching slate body to suite your purse and style«

Interchangeable slate bodies allow for customization and will be made available as easy to swap clapperboards in various sizes, weight, and materials ranging from basic to classy. So, the user will always be able to choose the slate body that suits him best.


The Lockit Script System



»…simplifies the production workflow, increases the quality of your metadata and saves time in post-production«


The new App is the innovative all-in-one solution for digital metadata management.

Pre-production, set, and editing work closely together. Via our iPad Apps, all important information (e.g. given by the Script Supervisor, Camera Assistant or Assistant Director) is digitized live on set and linked to the respective clips.


»Save time and trouble in the post«


The heart and center of the Lockit script system is our ACN - the Ambient Clockit Network. It provides a local bullet proof proprietary network that enables all participants to communicate ideally. The ACN Master also synchronizes cameras working together with  video Line accuracy and delivers the data asynchronously with a time stamp via Wi-Fi.


Lockit Script system workflow with Easy Scott cloud service



»All online and offline metadata are linked to the related clip«


Multiple instances of the Script App collect all the vital information on scene with a highly accurate timestamp. Additionally costumes and props given by all relevant departments are send to the server. This information then gets linked to the respective clips. The user-friendly interface permits the perfect overview over the entire production. With the replay function, you can watch every clip right after it was recorded.


»Online metadata are automatically collected and transmitted«


Our box gets all technical metadata via an Ambient Lockit or a streaming box placed on camera which can also provide live streaming for up to five users. So not only the Script Supervisor, but also the Sound, Costume Designer and other staff members are able to keep an eye on the set.


»Direct acces to the EasyScott cloud for communication between set and post«


The individual departments involved in production use a web access to request the status quo and to contribute their share of work via connection to the closely integrated EasyScott cloud service – no matter where they are. Thus all production data are stored not only on the local Server but online, readily available for immediate access.


Lockit Script App Video




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