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    Im a Filipino, from the Philippines. Im a bit of everything. I do directing, writing, post works, and audio recording.
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  1. Hi! Someone gave me a set of the companion set of comtek, M-72AT transmitter and PR-72b reciever. Tho, theres no antenna for the transmitter. I know that this model is old, ancient, thats what my friend who gave this to me calls it, im planning to use it as back up. Where can i buy a whip antenna suited for the M-72AT Transmitter? I sent an email to comtek but they haven't replied. Thank you so much!
  2. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Ill email Markertek first if they ship to my country coz im from the Philippines. Also, regarding the volt meter, will this be fine?
  3. Thank you so much Eric! I'll look for a hirose connector now.
  4. Hi! Im planning to solder a 4 pin Hirose connector to the negative and positive wires of this battery holder, planning to make this a "just in case" spare battery if i run out of NP1 during a shoot. Id like to know if, coz i dont have a 4 pin hirose connector yet, which one will be the positive side of that and which one will be the negative in the hirose? Or will it just any side? Attached to this post is the battery holder that im saying. Thank you so much.
  5. Thanks Jon, I'll email him now. Hawk-woods replied to my email, they pointed me to one of their dealers, kinda weird coz in their site it says that they sell directly.. Yup it still works but when you press add to cart it goes to a different site.. Also no registration for a new account.
  6. Thank you Rich. I'll check the link you provided. ill email them first if they can ship here in the Philippines.
  7. Hi! I searched Google and found a topic way back 2011 about this in this forum. You can get the cable im looking for at Blue Cow Cables. But the problem is, i cant access their site anymore. Is there anyone or any other place where i can find the cable? i tried ebay, amazon, and bnh but no result. Thank you
  8. Thank you so much for referring Sound Guys Solutions. its indeed more "Quicker" Quick release. Ill look at their site and find the nearest dealer. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone! Im planing to get some quick release system for my boom poles. Just like to know your opinions about the two quick releases? Maybe pro's and con's of each? Other than the price comparison. Thank you!
  10. Hi! Im living here in the Philippines... Im a Filipino... Like the others say, we basically dont care about mic frequencies here.. haha! Give me a msg if youll be, if maybe i can help you with something. Thanks!
  11. I saw it already, its a good movie, i also do directing and script writing... For me as a film maker, Gone Girl is a very good movie... Also the one who wrote the book and the one who did the screenplay is the same person... ADR... i didn't notice any... or maybe i was just really into watching it and not minding the technical stuff of it..
  12. Hi Hi! Im from the Philippines. i do ENG work here. Any block is ok here. tho Im using senn gh3 lapels. Not sure in other brands.
  13. Thank you so much for your replies.. Sir studiomprod, ill be searching the thread about the zoom h6n thanks for the heads up.
  14. Hi! A friend of mine bought the new Zoom h6n. it has 4 xlr inputs and can be expanded into 6 when you buy the the needed accessory... Though I dont know if its worth my money to buy, coz im using now a zoom h4n as my recorder and a separate field mixer.. Will it be ok to buy a zoom h6n and use it as a field mixer at the same time? maybe for super low budget gigs and run and gun scenarios? Any thoughts? Heres the link of a review in youtube: http://youtu.be/OCVxxugqVz4 Thanks!
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