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  1. Just a quick one. Anyone know what the warning ‘R9!’ Is on the Zaxcom LINK TX is? It has appeared on my unit since enabling the auto-record function. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks Glen! PM sent, and i'll give the guys a call.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Ill be sure to check out the charger Nate. That's an interesting feature for sure, maybe it's the kickstart it needs. Glen, I went through this process on the day, didn't make any difference unfortunately. I'll keep this updated should I find a fix.
  4. Hi all!, I have a question regarding a new 98WH Hi-Q battery that i own. While switching my kit on, there was no power. I realized it was the battery, and tried charging it on the dual charger. It sits at 83%, and shows 0.00 amps the whole time. It hasn’t been dropped or exposed to water, it just decided to stop working. The battery otherwise seems fine. Short of returning it to the dealer for a replacement, as anyone had any success reviving a battery in a similar state, like a jump start or similar? Cheers
  5. Hey all, Wondering if anyone has any information regarding RF frequencies in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I have an upcoming shoot there, and will be running about ten channels. Thank you
  6. Hi all, just following up on the BEC-ZAX-RX200. I can't seem to find one for sale anywhere, its not even listed on the BEC website. Any leads?? Ben
  7. Thanks David! That's some very useful advice, may have saved me some trouble!
  8. Thanks for this! Exactly what I was after. So after some more deliberation, I ended up going for the RX200. The AA batt option got me over the line. There are sooooo many features and options with these Zax units, very impressive. ps. Was just in Austin recently, love that town!
  9. Hi Nate! Those 26's are still running smoothly
  10. ps ... I have a full list of the different and possible cables required, was more just after the experiences from the field.
  11. Hi all, I am new to Zaxcom, having been solely Lectro/SD up until this point. I have just today put an order in (via the Aust. distributor) for a TRX900CL & QRX235 w QIFB. This decision has been a long time coming, and I am very, very excited. What I haven’t ordered are the cables. I’d like to ask if there are any thoughts or advice experienced users out there have for me in regards to cables, cable routing, workflow options etc… even any quirks that I you may want to share relating to this setup. I’ll still be running my usual trusty SD recorders (633/788), and Lectro wireless. As may be asked The new Zax unit will be in Block 20, which really was my only option as have other wireless in 21/22/24/26. The 21 are Lectro IFBs. Thanks!!
  12. Hi all, Has anyone had any success with recording the audio of Scuba divers, using body pack recorders only? I have a couple of Zaxcom ZFR-300 recorders that i can use, but wouldn’t want to without reading about someones prior experiments in these conditions, pressure, waterproofing etc… Thanks!!
  13. Hi all! I have a job which will involve the talent getting submerged often in saltwater, white water rafting etc… I have Lectrosonics WM transmitters for the task, but am curious about the capsules. What are peoples experiences with capsules working under these conditions, with being submerged and still working. Lectro M152-WP, Sanken COS-11D, B3, B6 etc… cheers!
  14. Hello all! Well i've been outta touch for a while, mostly very deep in Reality TV land! I'm hoping to get over to the US this April, to see family and friends, but more importantly get to NAB and the JWSOUND party! I'm aware of the exhibit dates for the NAB show, but is there a date set for the JWSOUND meetup? regards Ben
  15. Thank you for the replies guys! Yes i felt that it related to what you outline there Wes, and will get in touch regarding the SM2DOORKIT. I set them up and couldn't fault them but then both started dropping out fairly persistently with only a bit of light movement of the bag to trigger it. This was the issue back in the day, so hopefully new door and a bit of silver will have them back doing what they do best. cheers!!
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