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  1. Fritz

    lavs in wind and clothing

    thanks Tom. Hadn't seen those.
  2. Fritz

    lavs in wind and clothing

    Besides Moleskin, Rycote and Bumblebee Industries, are there any other choices for lav protection in wind and under clothing that people favor?
  3. Fritz

    moltin aka moleskin?

    thought as much, thanks.
  4. Fritz

    moltin aka moleskin?

    http://www.dpamicrophones.com/microphones/dscreet/4060-miniature-omnidirectional-microphone-hi-sens in this vid Peter refers to moltin. Is that the same as moleskin or is it something different?
  5. for some reason, the editor says the track names weren't on the files from my S633. I imported them to PT10HD and see the names. Is it a setting in MC or perhaps a setting that needs to be done when importing?
  6. Fritz

    bag w/power distro from NP1

    this most recent gig I used Sony L type batts for the SD633 and changed 9v for the rcvrs. PITA and wasteful. K-Tek bag. But after reading a bit here, looking for some input with regard to an NP1 and distro for 4 UCR411, 2 T4s, DPA4017 on a stick, and an SD633. I would probably still have the L batts for b.u.. Thinking an Orca 30 & harness with the NP1 on my back. Looking for methods/gear to accomplish the distro, etc. What kind of time could I expect from distro and compared to 9v for the UCRs?
  7. Fritz

    Zoom F8

    then that's rather nice.
  8. Fritz

    batts for SMQV, UCR

    anyone tried these for 9v? http://amzn.to/1jKV143 and perhaps ..... http://amzn.to/1ZLtv7C
  9. thanks Jose. But seems like they make both from their website. In any case, trying to determine what batt to get.
  10. Fritz

    Lectro SNA600 dipoles in use

    thanks guys, good stuff.
  11. Fritz

    Lectro SNA600 dipoles in use

    as I'd thought.
  12. Fritz

    Lectro SNA600 dipoles in use

    the SMA just distro. In this case, 2 mics, I was thinking to distro the antennas to the 2 receivers. But the Micplexer does more I see. Would it work with Lectros or only Zax? I could probably rig the antennas to the active windows or perhaps even on a carbon fiber mast rigged to the roof, though I suspect there would still be interaction from the ground plane. I was thinking a yagi. I would control the location of the vehicle if they wanted good sound. One can only assume they would. heh, heh, heh. But the SNA is more practical, as long as I can figure rigging. Were the floppy dipoles DIY or off the shelf? This last time, I used 2 sets of receivers. One in the active car and one in the follow. Did the job for recording, but producers wanted to hear more than they could.
  13. Fritz

    Lectro SNA600 dipoles in use

    Does anyone here have some experience with this in conjunction with a PSC SMA? Was just in a follow car with SMQV/411 and not getting more than perhaps 50' at best. Wonder if 2 and an SMA would improve gain significantly, if I could rig the antennas on the follow roof with the SMA on the bag harness? Or is there a better method?
  14. would someone educate me with regard to power disto from an Inspired Energy or other? SD 633 with 4 Lectro 411s and perhaps a PSC SMA. I would batt the cam hop and prod IFB.
  15. Fritz

    Zoom F8

    while I didn't read the whole review, the one thing missing from my recent trip with a b.u. rec'd (DR60 in this case) in an "unmanned" vehicle was a way to lock the level pots of the DR60. I used tape, which sufficed. But I wish devices like the Zoom and DR family had s method,soft or hard, to do so. Inevitably, someone else is climbing in that vehicle after me, prod, camera whatever and may not be aware. Call me paranoid, but auto-rec'd doesn't cut it.