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  1. Excellent! I assume both RX and PT are running under Rosetta 2? And no problems with modules in stand alone (app) RX or as plugs in PT?
  2. It seems current versions of PT '21 work under Rosetta 2. But I can't find any info with regard to Izotope under Rosetta 2 on an M1 mini other than "not compatible with M1..." Is anyone using this combo?
  3. the track name does show in view/clip, but I'm looking to show the track name on the track "write " strip. " BTW, this has nothing to do with splitting a poly file as you reference in your original post. " if that is indeed the case, then I guess WA cannot accomplish track/clip name to "write" strip.
  4. trying to get useful meta data. I see it in WA, but the import shows the useless SD polywav name/numbers.
  5. I have a poly that I split. The track info window bears the names I'd like to import to PT. But I can't figure how to use the metadata editor to do that. Or is that a step in poly split that I missed? Or is WA not capable of that step?
  6. thanks Tom. Hadn't seen those.
  7. Besides Moleskin, Rycote and Bumblebee Industries, are there any other choices for lav protection in wind and under clothing that people favor?
  8. thought as much, thanks.
  9. http://www.dpamicrophones.com/microphones/dscreet/4060-miniature-omnidirectional-microphone-hi-sens in this vid Peter refers to moltin. Is that the same as moleskin or is it something different?
  10. for some reason, the editor says the track names weren't on the files from my S633. I imported them to PT10HD and see the names. Is it a setting in MC or perhaps a setting that needs to be done when importing?
  11. this most recent gig I used Sony L type batts for the SD633 and changed 9v for the rcvrs. PITA and wasteful. K-Tek bag. But after reading a bit here, looking for some input with regard to an NP1 and distro for 4 UCR411, 2 T4s, DPA4017 on a stick, and an SD633. I would probably still have the L batts for b.u.. Thinking an Orca 30 & harness with the NP1 on my back. Looking for methods/gear to accomplish the distro, etc. What kind of time could I expect from distro and compared to 9v for the UCRs?
  12. then that's rather nice.
  13. anyone tried these for 9v? http://amzn.to/1jKV143 and perhaps ..... http://amzn.to/1ZLtv7C
  14. thanks Jose. But seems like they make both from their website. In any case, trying to determine what batt to get.
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