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  1. I have news. There was an issue internally that required some soldering to mend. One of the PCB traces may have been damaged during manufacture. Thankfully the support from Audioroot was fantastic and thorough so I was able to test and track down the issue and make the repair myself. All works as it's supposed to now! Not an ideal situation but it saved me having to send the BG off and being without a way to power my bag.
  2. I do have rather chubby fingers... I also sent it to .com not .fr... This was my next plan of attack. Hopefully its just a loose wire at the hirose end and can be resoldered.
  3. Effectively the title. I have batteries that are Audioroot branded Li-96neo. I have the correct 4 wire (eHRS4-OUT-4W) going into my BG DU box and every time I plug a battery in, it sees it as a "standard battery" and not the smart battery. I tried emailing Audioroot directly but the email bounced. Their website doesn't really give a lot of information on this occurrence. If i run both batteries completely flat and recharge, will this reset them? Is there a way to reset the BG DU?
  4. So, it's that the frequency charts on the RX are different to the TX. The UPK mini allows you to change them so they line up. Not sure about the RFOFF error you're seeing.
  5. As the title says, I'm getting a "if bw mismatch" error message. Is this something fixable on the units (mcr42s and mtp-40s)?
  6. Yeah, I have a mini running 2021.3.1 for mixing, sound design etc. Tried to update to the latest PT and was disappointed. Would be a really simple thing to say "Video not supported on M1 Silicon" PRIOR to download and installation... But I digress. I've found that the video is completely unstable and unusable with anything other than DNxHD's in the 2021.x.x versions. A good workaround so far has been converting files to dnxhd with Shutter Encoder - It's free and works well.
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