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  1. I’m using Feelworld D71. It has both SDI and HDMI input, 1280:800 panel, and the function to power on/ off separately.
  2. Try to set second SD card to record LR only and select it in finder.
  3. Naga

    DPA 4017C

    It can work good with 48V too. Don't worry! Sorry I can not compare to B-preamp because I don't have it, but when I compare the 4018C to my Mini CMIT, they have almost the same noise level.
  4. Naga

    DPA 4017C

    Ben, My 4018C had same issue and now it is fixed. It's caused by irregular Phantom power voltage of HM transmitter. It supplies 42V, not 48V. And, MMP-C can not work with 42V. I sent my MMP-C to DPA and they modified it to be able to work with HM transmitter. Now my 4018C works perfectly with HM and HMa.
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