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  1. .....now that's just plain rude. Now lets not argue about British/European Engineering & Politeness.... I've also got cables which allow the G2/G3's to carry timecode, Hirose/BDS to USB Cables as well as some rather skinny Hirose looms and and lots of other cable sets for mixers/recorders.
  2. I could put a 4 pin Hirose onto that, however ensure that your power source is able to take it as it could blow your regulators if they are present since the current draw is about 5A from those units. Thanks, John www.bluecowcables.com
  3. The specification states 1 Amp, you might be able to get 1.5 or even 2 from it (not advised), but if your trying to pull that much current from a single USB port it would be probably better for me to make you something with more USB ports and able to give 3 to 4 Amps output. Thanks, John Perkin www.bluecowcables.com
  4. Thanks for that insight - No problem in getting PP9 batteries in the UK. I've seen no hatred for them in the UK, in fact it's the main way of powering radios built the UK.
  5. So just how much physically smaller could you make an SM transmitter if you used a higher voltage battery, say 3v to 5v and cut the RF down to 50mw or even lower to 30mw like Audio LTD's MiniTX? Might be a consideration for the UK Block 606 market as I'm sure your know since our requirements are slightly different than the US/World due to the way we work, our RF spectrum and the law.
  6. Would I be right in thinking that the SM battery eliminators house the regulator rather than the regulator being in the SM's?
  7. Thanks Larry, I believe I spoke with you (or somebody at Lectro) over the phone regarding the concept of this a few months ago to get a yes/no on if it would work. I'm a very big fan of the Lectro 606 kit here in the UK and I'm hearing good feedback from the UK recordists who've bought it through Everything Audio who I work closely with, it would be nice to see a power in pin on the TA5 of the SM TX's so that a single Line level powered cable could be used for wireless camera links. The UK market tends to dislike wireless kit which has cables coming out more than one side and recordists are very keen to avoid using disposables. Thanks, John Perkin www.bluecowcables.com
  8. Here's a picture which shows the jacks screws in the SRUNI adapter bottom.
  9. BDS version is now has it's own page... http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=117
  10. Yes, just as you described. They are low profile and are designed to replace the scews on the SRUNI adapter and should still mate in an Octopack or in camera. I've not seen every single Unislot to see how much clearance there is but it should still work in them all, if it doesn't just swap the screws back, it's gonna be easier than the alternative of having to swap different bottom plate and more cables and connectors.
  11. Hello guys, I've another cable designed to make your equipment work for you a little bit better. More and more wireless receivers are coming with slot in options or adapters for use with full size cameras and also use them in their receiver racks, this has lead to some slightly poor design in terms of cabling, so I've designed a cable to work around these design flaws and provide a much more convenient design and operation for you, the end user. http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=120 Two of these with two SRa would be a thinking mans Lectrosonic Quadpack. - Lighter, cheaper, smaller and splittable. They would also be great for use on a camera which has an aux power output but no Unislot. Also available with TA3 audio outputs upon request. Many Thanks, John Perkin www.bluecowcables.com
  12. As it's regulated the step down is done by switching, it's good for up to 30v It does indeed have 2v and 2.8v over the data pins. Thanks, John www.bluecowcables.com
  13. Just leave a note on the checkout page.
  14. Hello guys, it's been a few months since I posted here but I though I'd share a new creation with you all. It's a 4 Pin Hirose to USB cable, good for charging your phone or other USB device from your cart or sound bag. Variations in length or with XLR4M or Locking DC jack available upon request. 5v to 30v input. http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=116 Thanks, John Perkin www.bluecowcables.com
  15. Yes please note.. I've just upgraded my website and a few gitches are causing a problem or two and accusing customers of hacking! It's all very embarrassing but I hope to have it sorted soon!
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