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  1. was there any hardware issues with the actual unit or was it just settings?
  2. I've heard that zaxcom is about to launch a new product is there any info available on what it is?
  3. I have to agree with Rado I find that people have a tendency to bash zax and their products unfairly. When zax has an issue there are people posting all kinds of stuff about them and many are not zax ownwrs. For example nomad screen brightness issue got them dragged through the mud. The problem was fixed rather quickly. But 664 is having the same issue for several months and I see no real pissed of people.
  4. And the 664 has had such a stellar issue free roll out? No new product will be released without any isses.
  5. I dont recall many people giving Nomad a break regarding this. I do recall people jumping all over Zax.
  6. Hmmmm. That's odd I didn't think that SD machines ever crashed. I thought that they worked perfect 100% of the time and only Zax machines crashed.
  7. Bob

    Nomad Lite

    What would be great is for actual nomad owners who are satisfied with their purchase chime in here. Are you happy with your nomad? Are you satisified with zaxcoms upgrade policy. I am! And I will be very happily be upgrading!
  8. Bob

    Nomad Lite

    Daniel Do you own a nomad or any zaxcom product? You seem to be very opinionated and appear to be Monday morning quaterbacking everything zaxcom does.
  9. Bob

    Nomad Lite

    Seriously? Why are you still bitching? If you hate your nomad and zaxcom that much and are so "frustrated" just sell your machine or bring it back to your dealer and buy something else. Prehaps you should be pissed off at sound devices because if they said that a 664 was coming to market you may have waited. But you bought what fit your needs at the time. Shit changes products evolve prices change the world doesnt stop for you. I think zaxcom offering upgrades is great and is more than fair. I will be upgrading my machine. And im sure many satisified nomad owners will do the same. If you bought a 552 a few weeks ago is SD offering to upgrade you? Because you have buyers remorse stop spewing your poision all over the place. You think that being a squeaky wheel will get what you want but the only thing you are accomplishing is giving me a headache. Man up and call your dealer or zaxcom directly and stop your whining. Just stop!
  10. Bob

    Nomad Lite

    Well they are. Or are you just not picking up on that?
  11. Bob

    Nomad Lite

    Jesus Christ man lite'n up. Because a manufacturer changes a product line they don't owe you a thing. The simple fact that Nomad is upgradeable is pretty cool in the first place. Products change, deal with it. I bought a very expensive Panasonic plasma TV a while back a few weeks after I ordered it and it was by the way mounted on my wall for less than a week Panasonic upgraded the model. Same model number same price just upgraded a component to give a richer darker black. Did they do anything for me? Did they give me a refund? Did they offer to give me an upgrade? No! So stop your whining and change your diaper and grow up! And if you hate your Nomad that much just sell it and stop polluting this thread.
  12. I am on shoot in a remote part of south east asia and the other day I was having a issue routing my Nomad to send TC and audio to my ERXTCD. For some reason I just couldn't get it to happen. I did it before but I was having a brain fart and couldn't figure out what the problem was. I sent an email to Zaxcom for help and being that it was just before midnight Saturday night EST I didn't expect to hear from anyone till at least monday. So I turned to JW Sound and as I was typing my post to JW Sound to my suprize I received an email responce from Zaxcom Support with in 10 minutes or me sending it. A few email exchanges back and forth I was good to go. Thank you Zaxcom!! Thanks for going the extra mile.
  13. I think this is a very good question - yet still unanswered.
  14. So am I in the minority in thinking that this could be a problem?
  15. So to me this sounds like if you run a digital mic and an analog mic to the outputs so they can be recorded to camera it will be out of phase at that point since the ADC is only at the recorders inputs. The card tracks will be fine but the camera tracks will be screwed up. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong because if this is the case that can be a huge issue.
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