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  1. awesome. thx. I've never used the 104, it is strangely huge. Not sure it would be my first choice but maybe the sound quality is pretty nice.
  2. I'm a fan of Antiques Roadshow and over the different seasons you see huge changes in the clip on lavs. There's a new season out and I don't recognize the mics they're using. Wondering if anyone knows what the mic is, and why they would use such a huge mic. I'm guessing the sound must be pretty good to have such an awkward looking mic or what're your thoughts? Thanks just curious.
  3. Facebook also now seems like a good resource for used gear from professionals.
  4. I'm totally a noob here but I really like the sound in older movies. It just has a texture that I enjoy more. I haven't seen this film and I probably won't because the way they describe it with all those cu's would probably freak me out. But that being said, even though it really sounds like these guys are talking out their B-holes you just don't hear directors talking about sound gear, ever. At least I've never heard anyone, well besides hearing the stories about Tarantino. His rule about no adr. So I guess my point is even though these guys seem like d-bags or maybe high, haha, it's just kinda nice to have someone state something besides what camera they used.
  5. I'm also interested in this. I went to a screening this year at the arclight in pasadena ca. I was super excited to see raising arizona on the big screen. In general the arclights sound and picture quality is top notch but this screening was terrible. the sound to my very novice ears sounded so compressed that it actually hurt my ears. I asked to manager to check to make sure the levels were ok etc but she reported to me that they were at their standard. I left and was pretty put off by this experience. I wonder if it's the same thing you're talking about Ty. Also I've watched a bunch of your vids on different mics etc, and love them. Thx for the great knowledge sharing and content.
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