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  1. Hey guys,I am in the market for some wireless handheld microphones for AV hire use. Mostly corporate gigs at smaller venues and no more than (4) mics at a time. I've been doing some research and see a lot of negative comments from the pro community regarding Shure BLX. I don't know much about RF and was wondering if any of you all could help me understand if/why they are a poor option.Thanks!
  2. Curious if any of you guys have found any unexpected "household" items that can be repurposed somehow for live sound applications (ie. on the road, in the shop, load in, etc). Always on the look for useful hacks! Thanks
  3. Hey Guys! I’m looking to purchase a proper sound system for a portable outdoor movie setup that we rent out. The screen's size is 150"" and typically have up to 100-200 people attend. Any suggestions as to the best portable full-range system for outdoor movies?
  4. Hey Guys, I’m looking to purchase new high-quality speakers that can handle some abuse for AV hire use. Typically needed for smaller events up to 200-300 people. Any recommendations?
  5. Hello all! I'm interested in what tracks you all are using to demo PA systems and familiarize yourself with a system you're about to engineer on. I understand the idea is to use songs you are very familiar with this way you can quickly determine certain characteristics of a new system. I realize that this is not a replacement for measurement. Here are a few tracks on my current playlist: Fragments of Time - Daft Punk Bad Blood - NAO Pulp Culture - Thomas Dolby Rainmaker - Keb' Mo' Africa - Toto Higher Love - Steve Winwood Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Do It Again - Steely Dan
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