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  1. Now in Florida with a different lawyer. Supposedly this one is not as crotchety (sp?) as the other one. Still, I went with my fav and did a cos-11 in the knot of the tie. He was irritated for a second (more confused why I wasn't just throwing something on his lapel). Then I gave him a line that he had such a nice baritone voice I really wanted to capture the full range of it. I have a strong feeling the next guy micing him will be judged if he DOESN'T do it in the knot ;)

    Here's the new challenge this week: Recording a speakerphone call! They might have some media broadcast booth setup and I can tap into the lines, but I somehow doubt that will work. What do you think, 416 directly out of frame dead on the speaker of the phone? Cub on the table? Can't get specifics but pretty sure it's a landline and not a cell phone I'll be capturing from.


    Hoping to get photos this time!


    On 9/16/2019 at 11:28 AM, pillepalle said:

    I have also a coupe of concealers but my favorite mounting option is to cut an ursa foamie in half and attach it with a sticky. Works perfect on a variety of mounting places. Because of the protection of the foam I never get any clothing rustle. They are available in two colors (black and white) and two sizes (foamies and mini foamies). I use the regular ones. Just prepare them in advance and you can rig them quick and easy. Here's a short demo...

    Abosolutely. I'm new to this racket, but I quickly became a fan of the foamies. Need to try cutting them in half!

    On 9/16/2019 at 11:28 AM, pillepalle said:





  2. Thanks so much!


    1 additional question to add: ok, wiring up subjects, especially female. when doing narrative or commercial I've had enough time and comfort to go for the good spot and clip to the bra for mic placement. I've already gotten word that one of the women lawyers is unforgiving with her time and being fussed with. So my question... in high pressure scenarios for hiding lavs (and they have to be hidden) on professional women and men types, what's your go-to place? I've already double my V clip collection guessing these will be a staple of solid and stable placement.

    Can't thank you guys enough for the advice and encouragement.


  3. Hey People,

       I'm a newer mixer but I've been a studio engineer for many years. Just moved to NYC and through connections and other smaller jobs I got a feature Documentary. It will be taking me inside mildly high profile courtrooms, into high profile law offices / transporting SUV's. I feel confident in my kit (Mixpre 10t / Tentacle Sync / 416, MKH 40, Sanken Cub / G4 500 wireless x3 & Lectrosonics LMa/UCR 100 x1). 

       Things I am NOT confident about:  Which Mic to use in a courtroom. Pretty sure it'll be packed and not massive, so do I go with the directionality of the 416 or avoid phase problems / having to stick out with movement and mic size and go with MKH40. And, any good tips for courtroom protocol?

       Also, I am going to be under pressure to get rather fast post-trial banter in cars going to and fro law firm. There will *maybe* be enough time to get the main subject wired up but that's it. I am thinking of either using an Ursa lav mount and putting a cos-11 on the back of one of the seats, clamping my MKH 40 somewhere or using the Cub on the roof. If I just saw screw it and throw the "heavy duty" velcro on the roof I think it will hold for the ride. What seems smartest? Gladly will hear a better idea. 

       And...I have never worked with this older series of Lectros. I am really nervous to be doing setting the freq with RF explorer and then using a little screwdriver. Does anyone have any stellar tips or should I just play it safe and borrow another G4? Also, this is NOT in NYC. It's in vegas. 

       Thank you a million million times. Any tips are appreciated. May your day be pleasant and painless.


  4. On 5/23/2019 at 2:52 AM, JonG said:

    I say go with Schoeps and buy an mk41 and mk4 capsule. You get the best of both worlds quite literally. 


    I do not have experience with today’s Gefell mics, but I have seen people send them in for repairs seemingly regularly. I know that it is not the same company as yesteryears, only in name, much like Telefunken and other coveted vintage manufacturers who closed up shop years ago and suddenly reappeared in recent times. 

    JonG is correct. Not the same company it once was. I'm partners in a small East German studio and we've had a bunch of  UM70's in and out.  They are magic, with a clear low end I could marry.  However, less than a year after getting one pair matched and they already need to go back with weird power short issues. 

  5. 19 hours ago, borjam said:


    Inexpensive and quite effective: RF Explorer.


    https://www.gothamsound.com/search?result=rf explorer


    Although the 6G combo model is overkill for users of wireless microphones. I would rather recommend the much cheaper WSUB1G model which covers the 240 MHz  to 960 MHz range, or even the ISM Combo (240 MHz - 960 MHz plus an additional 2350 MHz to 2550 MHz to hunt for rogue 2.4 GHz stuff).


    The WSUB1G+ (note the plus sign) has a downwards extended frequency response reaching 50 KHz, which can help locate troublesome VHF or even HF/LF signals. The latter can have hefty transmission powers. 



    So if I find trouble in VHF or HF/LF how would being aware of that help me avoid it since my devices are working in fixed bandwiths?

  6. Jesus, gentlemen. I can't thank you enough. Yes, my plan is to definitely socialize. Just shifted my entire initial order from B&H to Gotham because it takes about 3 seconds to realize their actually connected to the community. 

    Honestly, if any of you know someone who would like to be a mentor in the NYC area I am all about it. I've been doing live sound for bands and studio work  in Europe for the last 5 years, so it's basically translating the demands and headaches to a different arena. That will definitely be easier with getting to know most of you folks, as well as those in my area.


    On 6/18/2019 at 9:06 PM, Rick Reineke said:

    I have successfully used G2s and G3s outside on the street in midtown Manhattan (aka, RF hell), but I always used an external RF scanner to fined a low prx dB RF range. It's still a crap-shoot though, even with my Lectros. IMO, the G series Rx internal scanner is useless, unless you're just scanning for other G series Tx. Probably the same w/ the Sony UWP.

    99.9% of the clients I've encountered in my 20+ year tenure, don't know .. or care.. what gear you have as long as it works and sounds good.

    Rick, what type of scanner would you use? Would love a link!

  7. Hey there. I'm Joe and I'm a recovering musician. Getting into location sound and I am really at a crossroads for my initial investment into my package: Jump into the level of lectrosonics kits (L series) along with only 1 G4 (512) or to pick up multiple Sennheisers. I'm just starting, but I know clients and others do judge on what you provide. I also have done enough studio work to know I hate messing around with cheap gear. But are Lectrosonics worth eating up so much of my initial budget? Or am I better to take my time, get into the game and provide solid quality with more channels of wireless with the 512 G4's?   THANKS!

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