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  1. Yep. Threw a lav on it because I had no fucking time to do anything else and...worked great. Jesus I had so many new situations thrown at me in one job. I feel like I just went threw run n' gun boot camp. Thank you all so much!
  2. Now in Florida with a different lawyer. Supposedly this one is not as crotchety (sp?) as the other one. Still, I went with my fav and did a cos-11 in the knot of the tie. He was irritated for a second (more confused why I wasn't just throwing something on his lapel). Then I gave him a line that he had such a nice baritone voice I really wanted to capture the full range of it. I have a strong feeling the next guy micing him will be judged if he DOESN'T do it in the knot Here's the new challenge this week: Recording a speakerphone call! They might have some media broadcast booth setup and I
  3. That's way more than I was expecting! Thanks guys. Yes, I mic people up all the time and conceal. Just haven't done it on people that will, at most, give me 3 minutes of time. I just got to see some footage of the main subject from a previous shoot and he was wearing it in the knot of the tie, which is my favorite place anyway! Jh
  4. Thanks so much! 1 additional question to add: ok, wiring up subjects, especially female. when doing narrative or commercial I've had enough time and comfort to go for the good spot and clip to the bra for mic placement. I've already gotten word that one of the women lawyers is unforgiving with her time and being fussed with. So my question... in high pressure scenarios for hiding lavs (and they have to be hidden) on professional women and men types, what's your go-to place? I've already double my V clip collection guessing these will be a staple of solid and stable placement.
  5. Much appreciated! Lots of helpful nuggets here, as well as affirmations of my suspicions. Thanks!
  6. Hey People, I'm a newer mixer but I've been a studio engineer for many years. Just moved to NYC and through connections and other smaller jobs I got a feature Documentary. It will be taking me inside mildly high profile courtrooms, into high profile law offices / transporting SUV's. I feel confident in my kit (Mixpre 10t / Tentacle Sync / 416, MKH 40, Sanken Cub / G4 500 wireless x3 & Lectrosonics LMa/UCR 100 x1). Things I am NOT confident about: Which Mic to use in a courtroom. Pretty sure it'll be packed and not massive, so do I go with the directionality of the 416 or
  7. JonG is correct. Not the same company it once was. I'm partners in a small East German studio and we've had a bunch of UM70's in and out. They are magic, with a clear low end I could marry. However, less than a year after getting one pair matched and they already need to go back with weird power short issues.
  8. So if I find trouble in VHF or HF/LF how would being aware of that help me avoid it since my devices are working in fixed bandwiths?
  9. Jesus, gentlemen. I can't thank you enough. Yes, my plan is to definitely socialize. Just shifted my entire initial order from B&H to Gotham because it takes about 3 seconds to realize their actually connected to the community. Honestly, if any of you know someone who would like to be a mentor in the NYC area I am all about it. I've been doing live sound for bands and studio work in Europe for the last 5 years, so it's basically translating the demands and headaches to a different arena. That will definitely be easier with getting to know most of you folks, as well as those in my ar
  10. Hey there. I'm Joe and I'm a recovering musician. Getting into location sound and I am really at a crossroads for my initial investment into my package: Jump into the level of lectrosonics kits (L series) along with only 1 G4 (512) or to pick up multiple Sennheisers. I'm just starting, but I know clients and others do judge on what you provide. I also have done enough studio work to know I hate messing around with cheap gear. But are Lectrosonics worth eating up so much of my initial budget? Or am I better to take my time, get into the game and provide solid quality with more channels of wirel
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