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  1. Yes, an audacious claim by R0DE's founder, but proof will be in the pudding. I'm hoping to see (and hear) some videos and recordings done with them. I record live shows in various venues for uploading to the Live Music Archive, not so much studio stuff. Given their price point, it would seem they should be compared to AKG-480/ck61 and of course Neumann K-184 mics. The AKG's are normally more expensive, but lately you can get them from AKG or Harmon direct for $200 less each, putting them at $1600 for the pair. Hopefully whoever is doing the testing will provide links to FLACs so we can truly hear the "real" sound. And of course no harm in comparing them to cheaper mics either, since even the cheaper mics have come a long ways in the last 20 years. I've heard many a recording on the Live Music Archive done with say the RODE M5 mics (only $200 for the pair) and other mics in the $500 range for the pair, and they do remarkably well.
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