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  1. The listing for the jwsoundgroup DIY section states; "for those who are brave enough to go it alone... with a little help from your friends" It should read; "for those brave enough to be insulted" I am in my 30th year as a live music front of house engineer, TV production A1 mixer, voice over artist and post sound designer/re-recording mixer and have supported myself and my family this way the whole time. How? Not because I wanted to... I started out as a singer/songwriter in a rock band in the late 1980's and when I recorded and mixed my own band for distribution my friends began asking me to mix their bands' demos and live shows. That led to a long span (til the mid 2000s) where I became a front of house/road manger for scores of high profile touring groups worldwide for artists such as Randy Crawford, The Beach Boys, Wilson Phillips and many more. When I got married and started a family in the mid 2000's I joined the local IATSE and NABET unions and transitioned to mixing TV productions like Dr Phil/ The Doctors and The Daily Habit on Fuel TV. When the economy slowed I found myself struggling to compete with long time union A1 mixers for the remaining LA TV jobs and again began to transition; this time to voice over artist, independent film/video post sound and video editor. I've recently made some headway into post film sound work and now have a decent amount of credits which is earning me more work. In 2019 I performed location mixing for the first time so that I could help my friends (producers) afford to get their last film made. While I have worked with plenty of uptight sound engineers over the years I have always wondered how they find themselves so superior. Because they're not. I have never treated anyone like that in my three decades as a sound pro. And I've had countless opportunities. My question may seem 'noob' but when you don't know anything about the OP, making such dismissive comments is foolish. So, I've never re-wired a lav mic. Big f*ing deal. Why is it foolish to flame strangers online? Maybe because in this case I'm lead sound on my next film and I have the right to choose my staff accordingly. I'll remember who made these comments here. I don't need that kind of toxic behavior at work, I've got teenagers at home.
  2. I did search it first. Why are there sooo many salty members here?
  3. Eric, I really appreciate your help. You clearly understood what I was asking even though I was not entirely clear. Thank you very much! (fyi, I graduated from Coral Springs High School in 1988!) Jason and Trey, consider acting mature next time.
  4. I have a couple of older Lectrosonics M150 lavs wired to a 5 pin plug and I'd like to re-purpose them for use with my Sennheiser transmitters if possible. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for looking...
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