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  1. Today zoom released new 1.8 firmware, what probably should solve this issue for someone I don't record in Dual Mode, and still after 30 minutes of recording I have audio jump, with new firmware. Can you guys try to see if new firmware solves this issue for you?
  2. Yes, I have SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB 170 MB/s, I formatted it with F6 and did performance Extensive (Long) test. It's 100% green completed / no errors. I'm not sure, if I need to try different settings.
  3. I have the same problem! I bought my F6 unit in 2020-05-20, so I don't think that it's related to the new components. Anyone found how to find these shifts easily by waveform or TC? My videos are not always easy to sync by image, so it's so big hassle to sync audio afterall, as I found - that if you record 2 hours of video / audio it may jump 3-4 times during this time. I record in 96Khz / 32 bit / 2 Mics
  4. I have the same problem. Did you find, how to solve it?
  5. I already bought in-ear DPA's for binaural recordings, and they sound pretty good. But for shots like face massage above, seems I have to use dummy head with DPA's in ear watching from the same position as camera or 2 directional mics from the right and left side of the "frame". You think dummy head with in-ear DPA watching girl on SPA bed the same way as camera will catch these sensetive sounds?
  6. Thank you for your suggestions. We thought about object replacement in video, but need to have some practise. 1) If 8050 is better, maybe try even more directional way like mkh8060? 2) Yes we gonna use in ear binaurals in most shots, but worry that cardioids under the sheet will catch lot of breating in "face masssage shot". Thanks for this tip with fur - didn't know about it! Do you know any good course or webinar, where explained how to mix those kind of records? From 2 stereo sets?
  7. I'm worrying that 8020 will suck too much room noise, even after room will be treated, we also thinking about using BMPCC 6K what has fan built in, it's usually easy to remove in post, but omni can record this sound too loud. I also going to use 2 other mics for whisper talks in the same time (2xRode NT1) , so they will bleed with other 2. So should I go with 2x8090 with close ups or just with classic 2x8040 ? Also with MKH8050 I had lot of plosives while moving my hands near the mic, if MKH8040 is less suspectible to this behaviour? Also any benefits of using pencils in my case? Instead of large diafragm mics like AKG 414? I'am going to record 1-2 hour sessions non stop, we can't use studios, as we have equiped room where we have to work. Actually, we are going to record 1-2 hours video sessions non stop. Yes we are trying to record very similar videos, with maximum immersive sound + video, so this kind of stereo = binaural like, so our viewers could feel that they are taking this treatment while watching our videos.
  8. Hello Everyone! Please help me to choose the right microphones for my stereo recordings. I’am going to record SPA treatment SFX for my videos, so pretty quiet sounds (hair sounds, fingers sliding on the skin, cosmetic sound e.t.c.), so during 2 hours sessions I want to record everything! Which mikes should I use? I tried MKH8050 and pretty liked it, but thought about something more directional and sensitive like 8060, but I got recommendation from Sennheiser Germany to use stereo pair MKH8040 instead. So now I’m confused what way to go? Room acoustic is pretty bad as you see on the photos (tail floor, big windows, lot of reverb and echo), I’ll put some sound blankets around “scene” with NRC 0.8, but actually when I tried to do recordings with Rode NT1, it sucked so much room noise all around and reverb, whenever in the same time MKH8050 looked much better (but it didn’t record some sensitive sounds, and gave lot of self-noise, what was easier to remove in post though). Sound will be processed in the post to remove noises with something like RX, but due to the sound nature I record, it’s not always easy task. So please what is your advice guys? Just for comparison, some mikes I tried are: 1) 2 x Rode NT1 (cardioid pattern) recorded too much room noise and reverberant echo, but they catched most sensetive sounds.Sound was too bright. 2) MKH 8050 had much less of room noise, what was easier to remove in post, almost no echo, but it doesn't catch all sensetive sounds. 3) Rode NTG5 (super cardioid shotgun) we had even less room & self-noise and due to high sensitivity caught very silent sounds what MKH8050 didn’t, but we had this “tube” effect and echo again, and actually it’s very thin. 4) NTG3 (super cardioid shotgun), just noisier and not so detailed as MKH8050. 5) Oktava M12 (hyper and cardioid) too much self-noise as it’s not very sensitive and not so detailed as MKH8050. 6) We also liked AT4053B (hyper), but it has some RF issues and many of our records had some spontaneously inferences. Sound recorder used is Zoom F6 So what is your opinion ? Should I go with something like 8040 Stereo, or something more directional and sensetive? P.S.: Photos inclue real video frames + main picture to understand mics positions.
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