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  1. It's been a while since the last post in this thread, but I'd like to bring it back to life. Unfortunately, in my recently purchased Mixpre 10 T (I am running 7.10 firmware) fake firmware update is still a problem. After few hours of being turned off "New firmware..." message pops up when I turn it on. I bought my Mixpre 10T only few days ago as a second hand one and I guess it wasn't used for a while (seller's "hardly used" phrase wasn't a BS after all). I have tried to give it a charge with wall power unit via hirose and than 8AA Eneloops to recharge the internal battery. Still, after some time being unused, the dreaded message appears and for several minutes the unit is actually useless. Today (31st of August 2020) I have received a very annoying, generic reply from Sound Devices and an offer of sending it in for repair at a "bargain" price of 250 pounds 😕 For God's sake Sound Devices! You had 2 years to fix it since 2018, but you're still trying to milk clients from their cash - it's a pretty large amount given how much you sell them recorders for. All that makes me slightly disappointed with SD and frankly - if I ever get to Scorpio level (in terms of what I can afford), I might go Zaxcom or Sonosax way instead.
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