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  1. Thanks for responds Jon. This is tough. i think everyone here understands SD doesn't want to share whats is going to be in their next special sauce. At the same time you need to try to convince customers like me that its worth sticking it around after seeing three picture related products and only one audio related product in the last couple of years. the perception is a shift in focus.
  2. I am well aware there are a couple SD monitors on the forum. which is only a good thing if they are listening and applying customer wants to their up coming products. As far as " radical thinkers " goes... too radical and you can miss the mark then lose customers. waiting to long to release new products your base loses faith and you lose customers. which we are already seeing a little of with the Nomad. I havent seen the thread John was referring but i am sure there was a lot of shared disappointment after NAB. i am saying all of this because i really like SD and would like to reinvest in them but i also want to see or hear some reinsuring words that they have some great things to come.
  3. I recently sold of my trusty SD 744t. it was a fantastic deck and will server the new owner greatly. one of the reasons i sold the deck was that i thought it was a bit limited when comparing it a 788.... wait before you get in a huff! i am talking dollar to feature ratio. 744 retails for $4100 where the 788 costs $6000 (starting). as you can see you are getting a lot more for that $1900 difference in price. Although the 702 - 744 are great recorders i feel like there is a good amount of area they could improve on. What has me a little worried is that we look at SD last few years of product releases, which have been mainly focused on video. Has SD forgotten about us audio guys?
  4. Thanks guys. I work as a sound designer and that stuff is really helpful! All those senses where no DX is needed. a lot of time it is either not there (never recorded) Really thin sounding or totally distorted! i would love if field mixers would have a stereo pair (MS XY AB or whatever) ready to roll when DX is not needed. i know a lot of time it is difficult but it would help out a lot.
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    If the raid controler were to fail you just need to purchase another Qnap. Usually what you described would happen if the raid controller is no longer made. sometimes those disks can be put in a different system and be revived. Although you are correct about rebuilding a raid. at best you would be looking 48 hours to rebuild a disk. work around is just copy your data on a work drive while rebuilding the raid. BTW i have a qnap box and i highly recommend!
  6. Thanks for the quick replies guys. i guess i am just a little crazy . I dont think you have a choice between 12v and 48v with the 744. i'll check though. I am going direct into the recorder. The mic was a Schoeps CCM 41.
  7. I am pretty new to Sound Devices recorders so my benchmark has been stuff i have heard while editing and cleaning DX. I purchased the recorder second hand from a guy here in LA who stated the recorder was a backup and hardly used. The hiss has been driving me nuts. i am unsure if this is normal among SD recorders. I wanted to survey JW members before sending her off to the mothership. how clean are your 744t pres? I added two sample files. The pre settings are as named 50%-36.wav 75%-50.wav
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