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  1. This is currently the only Antenna on the Market that will cover all your needs if you are running transmitters from 470-960. While its expensive its also the first Antenna on the market with Adjustable frequency filters I believe. It could be split passively to feed both 941 and A1/B1. I think a lot of us with bat wings that don't filter out the 600 band are going to start to feel more interned from T-Mobile blasting in 600... SKU: LFA-B-F2LFA with BNC connector, Selectable Filter HP: 470/520/550 MHz + LP: 617/663/698 MHz, Fixed Filter 935 ÷ 960 MHz (Europe/Usa)https://wisycom.com/products/product/lfa/
  2. With the new system every part of it is a standalone generator. the Master lockit just has many other functions such as recorder control and wifi control and metadata distribution. So it makes sense to run your recorder as a slave to the master. The nano lockits are only $300 each or $500 for two so a master lockit and two Nanos.
  3. The new system is excellent. If they have master lockit it will be great for you. Use your phone or computer (any device will work) to set time of day and user bits on the master lockit and then all the other ACN devices on the same channel will jam to it. I run the master lockit on my 788t because it also allows me to control it. Feel free to email or call me if you need any help I have 4 nanolockits 4 ACN lockits and 4 LS slates that all run off my master lockit.
  4. The 8060 has lower self noise a hotter output and better off axis response than the 416 that being said its very similar.
  5. No Jeff you are a great mixer and Coopers are still some of the best sounding mixers on the planet. My point is that there is a hole in the market for the product I am requesting. If you want to make an analogy out of it, then make our production sound gear market a boat. There is a hole in our boat that needs patching, there is no ideal rig to add more faders to our rigs right now. We are patching this hole by adding second recorders additional mixers, bag mixers Live mixers and a wide array of other patches. We don't need to add another piece of duct tape we need to replace the broken plank and have a proper solution. Im having breakfast sorry about the morning grumps but I was really happy with the thread I started asking for an update that wasn't the 688 it seemed that people were on board with that. It also seems that us 7 series and 970 series users are due a little attention now...
  6. Please keep the 688 off the cart! We need a new 7 series or an 8 series or a front end for the 970. I really feel strongly that the 6 series is great in a bag but doesn't belong on a cart. Now if you are building a bag cart then great, keep it a bag cart. The last thing we need is any more advancement of the 6 series, its too much that they release both the 664 and 688, that was a mistake. I think it is unprofessional to build a fader based cart around a bag based recorder. The Idea of having all those analog knobs and faders able to mess up your mix if someone brushes your cart while they point a the monitors or something is awful. The 788 is perfect for the cart because all the controls completely switch over on the CL-9.
  7. Lectro has had this app for their transmitters for years no dongle required, and before that they had the RM for years. While I agree with you Jack that Zaxcom is often on the cutting edge this is isn't it.
  8. Available in the Southeast, full feature sound package. Also an excellent boom op if you need me. Chris_HarrisResumeP.pdf
  9. Ive used this technique before in narrative for an extremely dynamic scene. Two transmitters set at same level one with a regular COS-11 on with a red dot Cos-11. This allowed me to have excellent signal to noise for both the whispers and the yells that happened in the same scene.
  10. It is available to buy. I use it as IFB.
  11. 788t has 6 analogue and 6 digital outputs. Either would work if fed into a daw. All you need is the appropriate cables, ta3 to XLRm, pkus a DB-25 to XLRm for output 5-6. The digital output would be better because you would add less a-d/d-a delay.
  12. What's the comparison between 8070 and MKH-70? I have used the 70 and was impressed. I have used both the 8050 and the MKH-50 but I like the MKH-50 substantially more than 8050. I worry I might find the same with 8070 however I love the size and weight savings. Also side by side does any long mic sound better than the Schoeps CMIT? I know I have worked scenes with the CMIT from as far as 10' above their heads and in a quiet environment my mixer played the boom, Between the Schoeps and quality radio mics are long mics even necessary anymore?
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