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  1. Im interested in learning about this too.. I haven't pulled the plug on anything at the moment, because I have another huge project in the works right now. But, when we get back to normal times, I can work on this. -Richard
  2. I think this is possible yes.. which would make this the cheapest 4 video feed wireless setup ever, right? richard
  3. Hello, everyone. Been a while since I posted here. I have an idea, that I want to run by everyone here. On a lot of Films and TV shows, and some reality shows, were increasingly finding ourselves on 3+ camera shoots. What if I were to tell you, that I think there's a cheap way to get a 4 camera feed from video village, to your cart using your current cart monitor set ups. Is anyone here familiar with NDI? NDI is a extremely low latensiy video feed over IP, similar to the same way Daunte works for sound over IP. You simply just 'encode' your HD-SDI, HDMI, or video picture, into an e
  4. This show has been going on for about 30 years. In that time, there have been several incidents. Once before a camera guy started CPR on someone once, and the sound mixer picked up the camera and filmed it! I've been on some crazy LA shots, but I don't think I'd be doing that one! I'm really sorry for the families that have been fighting to get this video released, and saddened by the loss of a brother in the field...
  5. Hard to watch.. I almost signed up to work on COPS a number of years ago.. It could have been me. https://www.3newsnow.com/news/local-news/video-of-the-fatal-shooting-of-a-cops-crew-member-at-omaha-wendys-released -Richard
  6. Did anyone get stalked by Oleg? I did.. He was doing some weird stuff, like reversing my IP address and trying to locate exactly where I was located while posting.. Believe me, it was a bit nerve racking.. When the community more or less moved over to FB, he tried for more than a year to friend request me... Nope.. nope, nope.. -Richard
  7. I want to let everyone know about a pretty kewl technology coming down the pike used currently in live camera switching environments. It's called NDI (https://www.newtek.com/ndi/). In a nutshell, it's basically what Daunte is to Audio, NDI is to Video. It allows for IP based video to be driven over and routed from anywhere to anywhere over standard cheap routers, switches, and WiFi. And the remarkable thing is that its open source, and a lot of hardware coming! Why is this huge for Sound Mixers? Because getting video from video village has been a huge cumbersome deal, and
  8. PSM looks great..But, it looks like I can't use it for the bag system.. Which means, I would have to buy an entire other system for a bag system. Price is great though.
  9. I wasn't planning on selling off my whole Block 24 ifb system, but someone offered to buy most of it, so I said, "well.. bite it and just get on with it". So, I'm in the market for replacing it, and here's what I need. I'm a Lectro fan on the ifb side, mostly because while expensive, it just works so, so, so well.. I had x2 T4 transmitters on my cart, and x2 smv transmitters on my bag, and I was able to have 11 receivers that I could use for any bag or cart gig. 1) The first choice, buy the whole system again with the same pieces, only in Block 22. Retire the x3 venue channels, a
  10. Producers will always try this.. But it 'burns' out the sound department. Imagine a single sound mixer, holding a boom pole, and a 90lb pack, day after day after day.. Give it about 2-3 days, and you'll be seeing that boom on a c-stand, and then another 2-3 days and that poor guy's feet will just start to buckle. Yeah.. That guy is going to quit.
  11. Bingo... Everyone, it looking for some kind of shortcut to experience.. Surprise, there is NO shortcut to experience.
  12. For a second I bought this one... then, I went.. Heeeyyy.. I know this one.. LOL
  13. I just rented 12 SMQVs for this gig that I'm working on. Hopefully, I won't run out of HD space while recording 12 tracks for 10+ hours!! :) Thank you everyone!
  14. Whats longer lasting? A SMQV with double Lithium batteries? Or a 400 series with one of those Ultra batteries? Or is there something else? Just picking other's brains. Thanks, everyone. -Richard
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