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  1. OK Matt thanks for pointing that out on the manual and I have myself RTFM (Thanks Mark) but I thought that as RPSharman mentioned and hopefully he had experienced, if you only wired 1&4 pin on the hirose you are able to only power the internal battery without charging it. Anyways my main question to you guys is Do you know if there is any way to NOT charge the internal battery at the same time as powering the unit using an external source? Basically I wasnt looking for something you can read on a manual but something out of the box. Maybe I will have to address my question directly to the SD people. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Hi guys just going back on this old topic. I came across another problem.. I have made an Hirose cable wired to 1 & 4 only (as RPSharman mentioned) to be able to power my 744 externally ONLY without charging it but for some strange reason the orange LED still blinks and charges the machine at same time as powering it. Now just to specify, the cable was made by a professional engineer and I went back to him to double test the cable and nothing wrong was found with it. So my question is,, Is anyone aware of any problems with firmwire 2.66v giving this problem? Or do you have any other thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your quick response. I think I have said charging in my post but I meant powering the machine while at work. I guess you are mentioning to have the 744s battery plugged in but what If I use the 744T with the NP29 only? Will that damage the machine? Sound Devices advices to have their battery plugged in at all the times during use.
  4. Hi there, I was wandering if anyone has ever experienced any problems powering a Sound Devices 744T using the hirose 4 pin with an NP29 NiCad having the machine's battery un-plugged? Apparently Sound Devices advices the users to keep the machine's battery always plugged in while powering it externally. Is there any reasons why I shouldnt do this? Can this damage the machine? I am planning to power my 744T using the NP29 NiCad and was thinking that if I'll keep the sound devices battery plugged in at the same time then the NP29 will keep charging the machine's battery and powering the device at the same time incurring in less power life. Any thoughts and ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance Marco