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  1. Guys; you're awesome, Ch38 it is then. I was hoping not to have to take them as they're my new Microns - but oh well. Four days of sunshine will smooth over those cracks. Keep well
  2. hey thanks for your help Would this suggest there really isnt much room within Channel 69? Have a great evening
  3. Hey Soundies, I'm doing a few days shooting in Majorca next week and wondered if any of ya'll knew which channel to use out there. I have two Ch69's and two Ch38's. I've heard bad things about ch69's around the Med' but would love to hear from anyones first hand knowledge/ experience. Thanks in advance Sam
  4. Thanks Mike - yes i'm lazily using the term - IEM to refer to what Comteks typically accomplish. But my question is asking the most effect way of reversing radio mics for production, clients etc
  5. Cool - that sounds good. Cheers. I'll have a go
  6. hey guys, I'm fed up with hiring IEMs and not really wanting to spend a few hundred pounds buying my own. I have two sets of EW100 G1's. How do you guys use them as reasonable sounding IEMs? Which attenuater do you use, which output would you use? And how do you achieve a dual mono sound - IE when plugging in some cans how do you send both a L+R signal. Usually a director I supply IEMs to isnt interested in the various channels I'm recording - they just want to hear the conversation over the sound of the road etc whilst looking at their round the neck monitor. Any help with exact accessories would be massively helpful Thanks guys Keep well Sam
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