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  1. I am going to work on a post sound for a film that was recorded on location with a DV824 on to DVD-RAM discs. What are the options & process for me transferring the audio to a computer? I do not have a DVD-RAM Drive, I have MAC G4 & MAC G5.
  2. This is a mixer I was looking at to purchase. Why do you like it above the other mixer you mentioned?
  3. I am looking for at least 6 to 8 channels of audio.
  4. I think the bottom of the budget would be the Sound Device gear.
  5. I am going to be purchasing a Mixer & HD recorder and I want to get some feedback on which recorder and mixer people are using and would recommend. I am not looking for the cheapest equipment, I want the best gear available at any price. I will primarily be mixing on a cart for film projects but would like the option to be mobile. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks! Greg
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