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    Pd6 powering mystery

    Hello, I work for Lectrosonics. There is a known issue with early production Venue Receivers (as Alan has described) where they sometimes become unhappy under full load when supplied by low voltages (under 12VDC). The main switching power supply in the device becomes unstable, causing erratic switching frequency, sometimes even audible as a high-pitched whine. We do have an update to remedy the situation free of charge, but it requires that the unit to be sent back to the factory. To see if your unit was one of the early ones, please contact Lectrosonics service department via our website: www.lectrosonics.com with your Venue's serial number. sonic_reducer, I sent you a PM, though there is no message in my outbox, perhaps it just hasn't been processed yet. If you dont get it, please check my profile and email me. Dustin