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  1. ESM

    zaxcom.com hacked

    Hi, Glenn. I would encourage you to look into it further. There appears to be *hidden* text and links that have been inserted into your site by malicious SEO bots that found a security hole. I can see it (because I'm using a script-blocking plugin) and Google's bots can see it, which is why zaxcom.com is currently flagged in the Google search results. If left unaddressed, zaxcom.com could be removed from Google's index altogether (this happened to me once). http://support.google.com/websearch/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ei=-IsRUfmFEpH69gS7rIGYAQ&answer=190597&?sa=X&ved=0CDkQpwgwAA It's at least worth an email to your webmaster.
  2. ESM

    zaxcom.com hacked

    I think there's something to it, given the hidden spammy text and links in the header. Probably just bots programmed to insert code into compromised sites. I used to operate a Wordpress site, the same thing happened. Once I upgraded to the newest version and installed a plugin designed to remove the malicious code, my site was unflagged by Google.
  3. ESM

    zaxcom.com hacked

    Any other users in the U.S. see a flag in the Google search results? Anyone else using NoScript see what I'm seeing? I must be using a different interweb...
  4. ESM

    zaxcom.com hacked

    Hmm. Strange. I wonder if it's something on my computer. When you Google "zaxcom nomad" do the search results say "this site may be compromised?"
  5. Thanks for the tip, Lloyd. The more I think about it, if I can't afford good IEMs, I'm going to need closed-back headphones, like the HD-25s. I don't think the PMX 60s or 90s will work. The consumer reviews for those mention a lot of sound leaking out, which makes me think it will cause problems for me if the wind picks up.
  6. ESM

    zaxcom.com hacked

    It appears zaxcom.com has been hacked. I use the NoScript plugin for Firefox, so I don't know how it pulls up on other computers, but here's a screenshot of the header on the Nomad page (attached).
  7. Thanks guys. Researching various IEMs now. Westones seem to get consistently good reviews. I may have to invest in a pair.
  8. Thanks, Rick and Trev. I have a hat I'd like to use, but if I can't find suitable BTN phones, I may purchase a Koala sunhat.
  9. I'm going to be working on an indie in Death Valley in April. I sunburn quickly (Irish skin) and will be mixing in-the-bag for a good numer of wandering-in-the-desert scenes (otherwise, I'll be at the cart, under an umbrella). I have a wide-brimmed hat I'd like to wear to keep the sun off my neck and face when I'm in-the-bag, but the hat doesn't fit over my headphones. I currently own a pair of Sony MDRs and Sennheiser 280s. I was looking at the Sennheiser PMX 90s, but don't know about the sound quality of those for mixing. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/751876-REG/Sennheiser_PMX90_PMX_90_On_Ear_Behind_the_Neck.html Are those any good? Are there any good quality behind-the-neck (or over-the ear) headphones you'd recommend? (particularly for use in sometimes gusty desert conditions)
  10. Thanks, guys. Just double checked, and Mike is right. I just didn't want to be "that guy" on the first day of the shoot that's unprepared for jamming TC.
  11. Thanks, Jack. I'm fairly certain the Arri takes 5-pin Lemo. So I guess I'll need a BNC to 1/4 inch, and a 1/4 inch to 5-pin Lemo.
  12. I've read this post, and think I understand it: I've also read over this: http://www.denecke.c...ments/ts2sb.pdf but I still have a question. I'll be working on an Arri Alexa short film production (my first Alexa shoot) next week. We're renting a Nomad Lite and a Denecke TS-2(SB) slate. I'm unsure of what cable I'll need to jam from the Nomad to the slate, and then from the slate to the Alexa. Do I need a 1/4 to 5-pin Lemo cable? Or will I need two different cables? Background: I have two years of production sound recording experience (on a Tascam DR-680) and the crew I usually worked with used an old school slate. I'm trying to transition to production sound mixing (as soon as I can afford a Nomad Lite). In September, I attended Mark Ulano's sound mixing class at the Maine Media Workshops, where we jammed TC from a Deva to a Denecke slate (beginning of the day, and after lunch). So I've jammed before, but I'm still in the early stages of the learning curve. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks, guys. I'll look into Trew and ATS. Thanks, Jack.
  14. Hello, all. I'm new to JW, but I've been following the discussions via RSS for a few weeks (creepin'). I'm looking to rent a Nomad 6, 8, or 10 for a one-week short film production in western Virginia in December. I looked around online, but didn't see anything for rent. I emailed Zaxcom support, which quickly responded with Gotham and Pro Sound in NYC. I was hoping for something closer -- possibly in NC? Anyone know of a place that might rent a Nomad in VA, DC, MD, or NC? Apologies if this has been discussed here before -- I searched "nomad rental" and didn't see anything.
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