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  1. She did this pretty well, so while this was being filmed were there any soundmen there? Was music playing? I'm sure the soundtrack was done later but was there some sound recorded during filming of this scene?
  2. Ahh, bags just hide the beauty.
  3. Jez, Unfortunately, I had to sell my absolutely mint Nagra IV SJ. I did keep the center plexiglass cover over the extra controls though. I sold it to help get some money to buy this Nagra II below. I decided it would be easier in the future to buy another IVSJ than it would be to come across another 1957 Nagra II in good shape that's for sale. I kept the plexi cover from my SJ because this nifty center cover is usually missing. So someday, I'll find another. A problem is when I do see one there is always more important things on my mind. Did I make the right choice?
  4. As another example even the picture above of the stacked units look different in size with each other. The top left looks bigger the bottom left looks smaller. To me anyway. Notice how they kept trying to find a place to put the Nagra IS name. It's a one of a kind recorder. Also the brass jacks are earlier recorders, your can correct me if I'm wrong. dela you have yourself a nice little IS collection going there. Only three left to go to complete your collection, the pilot Soundman Model like Rachel's, the ISN and the ISS. My Nagra contact used to tell me those ISS's were used as door stops at Nagra. Yet to find one. My three letter contact has one, so I'm told. Just to see if anybody pays attention, anybody know what I call the ISS?
  5. I don't have to check, I know already nothing else stands out like a Nagra III in every respect. Sorry
  6. Very nice dela, Thank you for doing that. Could you add one more picture to your post? One picture showing the different front panels with the units stacked on top of each other and show the complete front panels. Thank you very much. Very nice write-up. I would like to add your excellent writeup of the IS to the post index. Nagra IS differences by dela You can access the Post Index from any page by using the back arrow. The back arrow looks like this << It's in the page number section at the top and bottom of every page and looks like this << PREV 17 18 19 20 Hit the back arrow and it brings you to the index. From there, one click in the index brings you right to the post you wanted to see again. Example: Where are the pictures to the Nagra SN copy? Click the Back arrow, Click The Nagra SN (Copy) in the index. It works well on a laptop or desktop, but for a cell phone It gets a little condensed and jumbled because I don’t have it in a single list or column, but it still works.
  7. Congratulations dela on the 4.2 IRT. I thought that would be a nice one to own someday. Pretty rare, good looking too. I always thought the IVS was the first time code, but I was wrong. Nagra original or not it has a history. Since you have 6 Nagra IS's How about posting the differences and the options between them. All the different models with pictures for reference would be very interesting. Hey, Where else could you find this information if not for JWsound?
  8. Here's a picture of one on eBay right now, it's not the pilot model but notice how much is going on with all that silk screening, all done in Nagra's fine quality. I like that look, looks like something Nasa would have. Notice the brake switch, with three motors it could stop and turn on a dime, Or less.(smiley face) I guess I could have used one of my recorders for the picture but this is quicker. The first IS I bought had the center head missing like this one, the second one I bought was a three head pilot like Rachel's. I like having all the options, I hate to see something missing.
  9. Well, I'm glad you guys remember how small it was, just pictures of it do not really show the size difference, pictures of the IS are misleading even taken next to a 4.2. When it's in your hand it's a different story. Rachel, it's a real prize, I am happy for you because I know that feeling when I opened the package of my IS for the first time. You realize how big and bulky the 4.2, IVL, IVS etc compared. Even though they were considered small for that quality of a reel to reel. Though, I never liked the ears containing the Mic inputs sticking out of the sides on the IS. If only Nagra could have fit them inside the tiny case. I think I would "still" be sleeping next to mine. (smiley face goes here) Thank you, Jeff and Philip, for remembering and your comments about it.
  10. Very Nice. If I had only one Nagra to keep, it would be a very hard decision between the SN and the IS. Luckily, I don't have that life altering decision to make (smiley face goes here) if the powers to be would let us have more than one emoji. If I did make the decision between the IS and SN, you can bet I'd soon be looking for the other one. Just curious how many people have ever seen an IS after owning any other Nagra? The first thing you notice is the small compact size in comparison. You're expecting something similar to the 4.2 etc but oh boy it sure is smaller in real life.
  11. Jez, As much as I like Nagra's, It stops in my display case. If I did have a Nagra vanity plate it would be on a much nicer high-end car, and on the rear window, it would say the legend lives on…
  12. Damm, you found me - Don't tell anybody.
  13. A time code 4.2 Nagra 4.2 Nagra 4.2 - Same as the IV-L, but added powering for microphones and built-in equalizers. Introduced in 1972. In the '80s one could upgrade a 4.2 to record SMPTE time code. http://harrysportcar.blogspot.com/2012/11/nagra-best-professional-audio-recorders.html
  14. I’m glad you posted it here dela. Otherwise, I would have never seen your post, as it was I never received a notification that you posted. I have not seen the IRT before. But It seems very familiar to me. I may have come across it and just moved on thinking it was a worn and faded 4.2 from use. But now I see the cool green. I interesting R recorder To own Is what I call it. You asked all good questions, hopefully, someone will have the answer as I would like to know more about it also.
  15. Thanks Richie Egan, Your from Sweden, I watched a movie the other night Mamma Mia full of ABBA songs. Afterwards I watched a bunch of Youtube videos on ABBA and their history. What a great group they were. I forgot they had so many great songs they all came back to me.
  16. Hi Rachel - don’t feel you loss something. If it was all beat up you were probably better off. I was pretty disappointed at first with my phone booth. When I saw it out in the field of antiques for sale it looked great. Brimfield - anybody hear of it? It happens 3 times a year in Brimfield Mass. I noticed the booth right away from a distance. Close up it looked pretty good too. Once I brought the phone booth home and in the garage, I started cleaning it up. It’s an all glass booth. Under the dirt and grime I noticed that all of the aluminum rails were all scratched up vertically where apparently the antique dealer would slide it in and out of his truck laying down from show to show. Researching the booth, I found it’s a 1964 Bell systems booth and it came in other custom colors other than the anodized bare aluminum that I was used too. Once scratched, you cannot just re anodize the bare aluminum to make it look like new. If it was scratched and marked from ordinary use I would have left it alone but once cleaned it was all heavily scratched at close inspection. I should have inspected it more closely. My desire to have the phone booth I knew as a kid got the better of me. So I took it all apart and had it powder coated in dark bronze. It came out beautiful inside and out, a hard tough low luster professional finish. It goes together and comes apart like an erector set - everything just slides together and a few screws hold the four sides together. It has a built in cooling fan which was an option back in the day. Putting all the now like-new individually wrapped pieces from the painter together, the old glass looked terrible, all vertically scratched like the rails were and every little mark stuck out like a sore thumb. This type of full length vertical scratches would never happen in normal use. So I had all the glass panels remade except for the door apparently he would slide it on and off his truck on all the other sides without a care. Ouch, being so pissed off I spent so much on getting the booth ready to be put inside my house, I didn’t want to spend anymore money to get the phone for it . The booth was now like new but without a phone. So it sat without the phone for 6 years. So maybe it wasn’t a missed opportunity for you, instead it could have been a godsend you didn’t bring it home. I always planned to get a dummy mannequin to set up in the booth and take pictures using the different covert recorders I have. My wife said I’m the dummy and said I can step into the booth and she’d take a picture for free. So there you have it, the story of my 2k Phone booth, before the phone!!! Here is a video I found on Youtube that sums up the type of Antique show it is times a year. I don’t know this guy. https://youtu.be/8GYYNj0UxOw To my surprise another Brimfield video also shows a phone booth like the one I bought at 5:25 https://youtu.be/kNG6jSraYnc?t=5m25s
  17. The Phone Booth Note: I am showing these vintage tape recorders as part of my collection only. They are out of service and no longer used in the manner they were designed, but remain a part of audio recording history. It should not be considered in any way as endorsing or promoting any activity contrary to applicable laws and regulations. I finally bought a phone for my phone booth. About 6 years ago my wife and I were at an outside antique show. I saw just this booth with no phone in it and bought it. Kinda regretted buying it at first, but I restored it and had it up in the room with my recorders and other stuff ever since. I never could bring myself to buy a phone for it. They usually are all beat up, or half ass restored or going for at lot more than I wanted to spend. Last month I finally did buy a phone that was restored and restored to work as it did back in the day with the coins. All old pay phones take the money and it drops into the coin return, but this one was updated to mimic how it actually worked by the phone company. There is no dial tone. You put the first nickel in and the coin drops and stops, put the second nickel in you hear the money fall and the bell ring, now you have a dial tone. You make the call if someone answers the money drops into the coin lock box when you hang up. If no one answers you hang up and the nickels fall to the coin return but only after a short delay just like the payphone worked originally. I contribute that short delay to funding our candy buying habits as kids. When we were kids there was a small town rural Drive In luncheonette/store a couple houses from us and out by the road was this same type phone and booth. As kids, we would never walk by this phone without checking the coin return. It seemed more times then not there would be money in the return. It was hit or miss but what a feeling to find some nickels or dimes in the return. If there was money in it the next place was inside the tiny Drive In to buy some candy from the gum ball machine or the candy machine depending on how much change we would get. We also used to wait for the school bus in this type phone booth. Now would you believe one late night when we were sleeping out with the neighbor kids? This is what I found in the phone booth, I snapped a picture with my fathers flash cube camera just before we were chased away by this big burly looking guy that was sitting in a car. I didn’t think so, But the first part of the story is true.
  18. There're too many pictures of Nagras in this video not to have this on Nagra Stories. I'll bet there is a good story behind everyone of these scenes. I'd like to know what Goldie Hawn was smiling about? At some point I bookmarked this and came across the bookmark last night. I'm not sure where I got this from. But its a pretty interesting site. http://jwsound.weebly.com/cas-slideshow.html
  19. Thank you James Bull, for taking the time to give my Post Index idea some thought and for you to come up with some workable ideas. With your suggestions today in a earlier pvt message I was able to set up my Quick Post Index on page one of this thread. Thanks to you, now, at any time, from any page, whether signed in or not, I can click the back arrow and access the clickable index on page one. The back arrow looks like this << It's in the page number section at the top and bottom of every page and looks like this << PREV 17 18 19 20 Hit the back arrow and it brings you to the index. From there, one click in the index brings you right to the post you wanted to see again. Example: Where are the pictures to the Nagra SN copy? Click the Back arrow, Click The Nagra SN (Copy) in the index. It works well on a laptop or desktop, but for a cell phone It gets a little condensed and jumbled because I don’t have it in a single list or column, but it still works.
  20. Thanks David, I didn't know about that feature. You're right all my posts are right there where you said they would be. The problem is my posts are usually only in my thread. As you can see by this sample below, It would be much harder for me to go thru 8 pages worth of posts without any pictures to go by, all posts below have the same title and I would have to start reading each one to find what its about. Now if I posted in many different threads as most of you do, It would be definitely easier searching the way you just said because you would look for the title of the thread. But in my sample below they all have the same title almost all 8 pages- Nagra Stories - so I have to read past the title on each one. For remembering when I posted about a certain recorder, forget that, its all a blur to me, If you knew how many times I searched up and down the pages of my thread looking for something. It's just like looking for a tool or something around the house. You think you just saw it but can't find it anywhere. You think you just posted it but it ends up not being where you thought it was. That is why I made the list. Try searching for this without looking at my list The Fake Nagra SN post, (not my post) lets take a look at that SN copy again. That was not that long ago, what page should you click on to see the pictures again? Use my list its very simple you get what you want right away. You know its on Nagra stories but guessing and choosing a page and scrolling thru all the posts takes a lot of time. Try it, you'll see what I mean.
  21. It's just a picture of a list. The list shows what page number the post is on. I use it as a quick way to find something. You have to do it manually. Say I want to see "A Special gift" - it's on page 14, post 333. You have to close out the index, go to the top or bottom of this thread, click on page 14 and scroll down to post 333. Otherwise I would have no idea where it is. I would just guess where it is and go page by page, post by post until I find it. Now it narrows it down, I have something to go by. Since page 17 is the earliest page at the top of this thread, you have to click on page 17 then page 14, then scroll down to post 333. That would be great if I could have each story a clickable link to the page. But I'm pretty sure that can't be done from a picture. I guess I can include the url in the index to copy and paste into the browser. That would bring you right to the page but impossible to bring you to the correct post number. I was just happy to be able to figure out how to get it into my signature as a clickable link named JBond Post Index
  22. I was tired of trying to find a certain post or topic of mine. I would have to click on a half dozen pages and scroll up and down to find the post I was looking for. So for myself, I made a directory of where everything was that I posted. I had the list on my computer's homepage now for awhile. Today, I thought it would be better to incorporate the list into my signature in case anyone else wanted to find something. I hope it works. It works for me.
  23. At least now with Jwsound everyone can still be in touch. Not face to face but still have the conversation. Not the same, but in many ways even better. Clearly ahicomputer's pictures brought some good memories back for you and Philip. It would've all been a distant memory or not even remembered at all If you didn't make this convenient place to connect, discuss and remember.
  24. I see now I should have thought a little more before writing. I took (we serviced) but read as (we service). I guess at first glance the two pictures in the middle could look like today (people wise). I thought wow, they have a booming Nagra service factory there, even the girl is into it. But now, after a little slap of reality from Jeff, I think I’m back to normal. Yes of course, how can there be that many old Nagras being serviced at once in 2016? Most of them being III’s, even an old DH speaker next to the Nagra III in the back. I guess I just wanted to believe people are still working on Nagras. Thanks Jeff for the slap side the head, I needed it. Now I’m back in 2017, not the 70's Reminds me of this Seinfeld episode when this guy says (they're all chickens) (Those are all old pictures).
  25. Welcome to Jwsound, glad you found us. Great pictures, are these all older pictures or are some current pictures? I can't tell. I would say the one with the older Cadillac is and the Nagra booth is. But are the pictures with the repairs current? If so thats great you're still servicing Nagras. Its scary though seeing that Nagra III about to take a shower. I wonder whatever happened to all those Nagra posters? Post more pictures if you have them. Thanks for posting