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  1. Chapman Leonard’s brand new camera Dolly, the Hybrid 4 continues the evolution of a design process that reflects the unique knowledge and experience, acquired by building class leading grip equipment for the film industry for over fourty years and it is now available from Chapman UK.
  2. It is to drive at speed over bumps and uneven terrain.. also work easy with Top, Side and Rear Mounted Cameras using Electric Tracking Vehicles
  3. Demonstrating Vibration Isolator! Featuring G3 Stabilised Head Raptor Tracking Vehicle Vibration Isolator
  4. Check our demo video: Hydrascope Camera Crane filming from one boat to another!
  5. The Audi F Tracking Vehicle is perfect for general tracking work and high speed of fast accelerating shots or where height is an issue using the bigger tracking vehicles.
  6. Hydrascope and Amphibian Remote Head sustaining huge water and rain abuse.
  7. Sliders rigs and support for hire and rental from chapman uk. Check our demo:
  8. Raptor Tank Track Wheels 32 Hydrascope upHill shots from Chapman UK.
  9. Quad Bike Tracking Vehicles for Hire/Rental. Its very useful For all kind of outdoor shootings.
  10. Hydrascope and Amphibian Head taking huge water pressure take after take and it still all kept on working!
  11. KTM Motorbike - Tracking Vehicle for Hire Seen here with a front mounted camera. Note the easy handling on even terrain and bumps.
  12. Amphibian head with Hydrascope Crane being used with Counter-weight system in swimming pool. It demonstrates very smooth transition in and out of the water.
  13. 32’ Hydrascope with the Amphibian Remote Head, filming recently on location Black Park – ‘Little Chaos’ The most important thing to know about this was it was WET very, very WET. As you can see in this video we had rain machines lashing water over the equipment. In this particular scene we had the Amphibian Remote head and the 32’ Hydrascope. The camera itself, was in under-water housing, so they were able to completely submerge the camera if they wanted too. In this long scene, it was getting heavily splashed on the surface. With the Chapman equipment being waterproof this became a relatively straight forward scene to film. During shooting, they had to keep adding pieces of set in and it was looking like we were going to have to raise the base of the crane up to clear the height of the set, but this is where the Hydrascope always comes into its own … instead we were able to raise the crane high enough using the hydraulic post so no need to waste any time. This was a long scene and there was no reprieve from the water for the equipment – but for the whole shoot the Hydrascope and Amphibian head worked beautifully with no complaints about poor weather!
  14. The Hydrascope, is a state of the art telescopic camera crane, designed to meet the needs of film makers creative ambitions in todays modern film and television industry. It is the most flexible crane of it's kind in the world, allowing a huge range of camera movement and camera positioning. The Hydrascope is the only telescopic camera crane that is completely waterproof and requires no rain cover for wet weather work. The watertight design allows for submerged underwater filming and the Hydrascope will accept any underwater camera on Chapman's amphibian three axis remote head. Capable of large payloads up to 230 pounds the Hydrascope is the perfect camera platform for 3D film making. Compatible with any of todays 3D camera systems as well as all existing film and digital video cameras. To see the range of Hydrascope equipment which is available in the UK and the USA today contact CHAPMAN UK the British Film Grip specialists: grip@chapmanleonard.com
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