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  1. I tested and the behavior if I turn the ZMT3 on, record then eject the card - the same exclamation point appears; so perhaps it was user error on my part for my situation. I cannot be sure at this point. I'll certainly be paying better attention to my fingers around the sd port from now on, and making sure that even if REC is displayed on my receiver, to double check the screen before it makes its way onto the talent.

  2. This happened to me today in fact, I've started to email with Zaxcom support. What I noticed is that there was an exclamation point next to the hours meter (timing remaining), before I manually stopped the recording.

    I'm going to test tomorrow if the behavior is the same if I eject the card - that way I'll know if its perhaps the card that is faulty, the one that was supplied with the unit - I've not had this happen with sandisk cards on my other transmitters.

    Oh, and be sure to contact Zaxcom support, I'm going to see if they want the files off my card to see if there is anything that they can figure out from looking at the files themselves.

  3. 8 hours ago, daniel said:

    VDB worth a look: Quarter turn knuckles feel great. QR tip very cost effective if you need a few. Don't need to solder XLR for internal cable.

    My main pole is a VDB L with the internal cable, works great - easy to maintain. You just have to make sure you put some kind of stopper on the top section below the exit point of the cable to avoid it being decapitated.

  4. I've had my cs-m1 distort when filming a BTS video for a music video and he was a power metal type vocal, I had two different gains set and still had some distortion with headroom left on my levels.


    I haven't tested further, as it was plugged directly into my C200, and I chalked it up to the lower quality preamps... it's on my list of things to do, testing it with my Zaxcom Maxx. Haven't had any down time !

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