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  1. So I recently sold my old two channel 722 and my DV Promix (shameful look) and I am making the move into the professional world. I am going to get a a pretty hefty tax return this year and I am debating between two routes for my new recording rig. I currently have an MKH-50 and a few good wireless channels, with Cos-11s. I am debating between moving to a cart rig or the Zaxcom Nomad. I already own a new MBP, and Pro-Tools 9 with a Digi 003. So boom recorder and a mixer makes me a great timecode recorder, but I like the Zaxcom Nomad argh please help me decide! Rig #1 $4,700 Yamaha 01v96i w/ Meon life and BoomRecorderPro and Pro-Tools and an SKB 10x6 Rotorack +16 channels of record +Unlimited routing +Sync Playback through pro-tools +Rack Based makes expansion easy -Computer Based -Big Heavy, will not work for one man show. Rig #2 $5500 Zaxcom Nomad 4 Channel, BDS v4 +TimeCode Included +Zaxcom Brand/reliability +Bag based is portable and Versatile +12 channels/ZaxNet/ IFB/ Remote Control with later upgrade -Bag-based work not my favorite. -No playback ability -Will eventually end up on cart Recorder Options.pdf
  2. Today, while rolling (do we 'roll' without any moving parts?), I changed the filename (which I do on the order of ten times a day for the last 14 months) and all of a sudden, the screen started toggling back and forth from the 'rename' screen to the HDD screen. The display was still red as if the machine was still recording, but ALL of the six tracks in use went dead. At the end of the take (after throwing a flag on the play) I rebooted (the only way to get out of the locked red screen) and replayed the take, and sure enough, the take ended at the event. This has never happened to this unit before, nor have I ever heard of it happening. I intend to talk to Jesse at SD tomorrow, but wondered if any of my JW sisters or brothers have had any experience of this. The machine came right back and is running fine. I don't think I'll try to rename a file until I'm in stop, though, till I get to the bottom of it all.
  3. I discovered a great feature of the 788t when I was testing an ifb today. I have one of my outputs for my utility PL routed to x2 mix with all inputs including mine set on postfade. I was playing back the L mix track and not hearing anything in the ifb. I realized that if I want video village to only hear the live mix, and nor hear the playback, all I need to do is re-route the output going to the comtek xmitter to an output (like x1) . This is very useful if you have to review your tracks regularly. Just FYI
  4. If this has already been posted remove this post... I just solved a mysterious error with 788t files that could not be imported in Final Cut Pro by installing the new 1.16 version of Wave Agent from Sound Devices... Read more here and install 1.16: http://www.sounddevi...os-and-windows/
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