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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have 4 Sanken Cos-11 and im looking for some cheap headsets compatible with them. Anyone found some ebay or aliexpress cheap headsets that can be used with the Cos-11? Thanks
  2. My apologies if this is a silly question or has been asked and answered before. I made a cursory search of the archives and did not find anything on-topic. I currently own a pair of Sanken COS-11D mics, wired with locking 1/8-inch mini plugs for Sennheiser G3 wireless packs. I will soon be adding a pair of new packs to my kit and am looking at at an Lectronics L-series combo. That acquisition will exhaust my equipment budget for a few months. Consequently, I would rather not have to buy new COS-11Ds simply because of the change in connector type (from 1/8-inch to TA5F). I intend to keep my G3s, and ideally, would like to have the flexibility be able to use the COS-11Ds with either wireless pack set. So, my question is, is it possible (or even advisable) to insert an in-line break-away connection of some sort at the Tx end of mic cable, that would allow the ability to swap out a different connector, depending on which wireless pack I want to use? It seems rather silly that Sanken does not offer this sort of functionality as an option, rather than just offering hard-wired SKUs for each connector type. (I know there is a bare pig-tail version, but this assumes the owner will attach a hard-wired connector). What sort of break away connector would be appropriate? Switchcraft have a series of inline jacks and compatible locking plugs. http://www.switchcraft.com/Category.aspx?Parent=990. Would these be suitable? Are there any drawbacks to this solution that I should consider? Many thanks in advance. - Scott
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