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Found 8 results

  1. TV Movie- ASA rates, Housing, PD , Travel. The closer the better. Home just in time for Xmas with money in your pocket. Please send resumes or IMDB link. Thanks!! Geoff Maxwell gmax@earthlink.net
  2. Question to all DC area sound guys here, which one is the local union for you, considering the multi-state crossing? Might get relocated to VA and want to look into the requirements to do it properly. Thanks
  3. Hello all, I've been a long time observer of JWsound, this is my first post. I'm a NonUnion freelance mixer based in NYC thats been working here for a couple years on mostly independent and commercial work. Lately I've been mixing and boom operating a webseries thats now starting to gain some serious traction and great press. From what I understand, the creatives have been given an offer and the show might get picked up and unionized. Honestly, I don't know enough about the unions to know how I should handle this situation. How should I best prepare myself for potentially making that transition? I believe I have enough working days and call sheets...are there any other prerequisites that I need to have solidified before its too late? Any advice from union mixers (especially in NYC) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. DK
  4. Hello Everyone! I'm Kevin and I'm new here. I've been reading this site like a novel. I love this place. Makes me feel less like a crazy person reading through all of the "experiences" here on the forums. I have a TON of respect for all you guys and aspire to be as great as you all. Big thanks to JW for creating this site!! So basically I'm looking for work on better projects than I have been working on. My goal is to get on something with a real budget and respect for the sound dept. I'm in SoCal but will travel anywhere. I will boom or do utility for any of you vets out there who may need an extra guy. A mentor is really what I am looking for I think. I have been doing sound as a non-union OMB since January 2012. A friend of mine who is a member here got me into this biz and has continued to help me as much as he can (Thank you so much Daniel!). I have had some very cool experiences as well as several not so cool experiences. Traveled to Vegas, Mexico, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, going to Colorado in June...living the dream right? Anyway, my bread and butter is referrals from past projects from CL/Mandy (I know, I know). I'm starting to hate doing this at this level because I feel like I'm stagnating and working too hard for what I'm paid. I understand I'm paying my dues and gaining experience which is a necessary path in this industry and I sure have learned a lot!! I just don't have any idea on how to progress with regard to finding new clients or getting on better shows. How do I do that? Union? I've read most of those posts....not sure I can afford to pay the entry fee with my low budget income but I certainly do want to become a union member if that is really where its at. Sorry to ramble and sorry to sound so frustrated....any helpful thoughts are welcome. Thanks guys!
  5. The IATSE is looking to organize a non-typical -for the IA- area of productions: live television sports broadcasts' crews. http://www.latimes.c...0,2843350.story Such broadcasts, when they are union, are typically IBEW or NABET/CWA.
  6. Hey guys, this might sound like a stupid question, but it's one I'm still trying to understand: Why are some projects union and some non-union? To me, the benefits of a union (to production) is the high level of skill, the organization and it's regulations and standards, and the overall dependability. So I wonder, Is it always a choice for the production to go union or non union? And therefore just generally understood that if you want to make large budget feature or tv show that you go union? What, if anything, allows a (for example) reality TV show to hire non union? And what, if anything, stops a big budget production from being non union? Thanks guys!
  7. Just joined Toronto's IATSE 873 Union and am now calling in my availability everyday via their automated phone system. I'm wondering what else I can do to get that 'first call' happen sooner? (Other than general Toronto FIlm Industry networking on Indie sets). Should I be calling up people from current shows seeing if there's a spot or just keep calling in my status and pray for rain? Thanks. Dennis Nicholson
  8. I am interested in joining the local 695, and yes I've read most of the posts here concerning joining the union and is it worth it etc. What I am wondering is what kind of hours count towards unionship? I've location sound mixed several indy features and docs, but those total hours alone I don't think quite add up. In the last three years I've spent more time on doing post audio for a few features and shorts. Does post work count towards hourage. I tried calling the union and never get great responses. Tim
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