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    I have a degree in Audio Recording from Cal State University Dominguez Hills and had been involved in studio recording for sometime before jumping into sound for picture. As of now I am a one man band doing sound, mostly by referral, for smaller non-union productions. I am constantly looking to improve my skills on each job.

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  1. SonicBoomPole

    iPower 520 Mah Li-Poly for FREE

    Thank you John! I got 8 and also bought a AA Powerex charger I was in the market for. These deals don't happen often so I highly suggest taking John up on this very generous offer from him.
  2. Hi everyone I'm looking to meet and work with other senior, ahem, I mean experienced mixers to sharpen my skills and be humbled as well as inspired. I'm mostly a one man band in the indie world but I've worked with a couple other mixers previously, some of which are members of this forum. Those have been great learning experiences. I did a movie with Fred Schultz a couple summers ago, I worked with Jim Thornton on two movies (one flipped union) last year and filled in as a utility on Rosewood for Mick Fowler last year. 12 more union days as a boom op is what I need to get in at the moment. I'm eager to join and do some real work. I'm tired of the lowball lifestyle. Thank You! Kevin sonicboompole@gmail.com
  3. SonicBoomPole

    Reefer. Any thoughts?

    With all due respect Gerrard the links are not what I was asking about...A list of Google search results is a little vague. I'm looking for specific examples of individuals who have abused marijuana in a way similar to the other "hard drugs" as you claim is possible or likely since they act on a common neural pathway. Personal experiences are far more compelling than white papers written by NIDA. Yes everything can be addictive if you are wired that way. Look at food and how people are tied to it emotionally. Sugar releases dopamine. So does falling in love. There are many ways to get "high" naturally. I just don't see weed ruining people's lives like Heroin or Alcohol in my own personal experience. I'm sure others have other perspectives. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. SonicBoomPole

    Reefer. Any thoughts?

    So then based on this data we should expect to see results verified in the wild such as people being severely dependent on cannabis in the same way heroin, alcohol and nicotine have been shown to be addictive substances with adverse brain function/health? Can you site this data for us? I'd be interested to see real world studies that validate this claim. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. SonicBoomPole

    Bad Squelch

    I'd like your opinions on this one please... The other day I was on an indie doc shooting on the F55. I was using a G3 as a wireless camera link (notice I didn't say hop) with the squelch setting on 'Lo'. At lunch I powered down the G3 Tx but camera dept. didn't turn off the Rx on the camera. When they powered back up before me the DP saw the audio levels being blasted with the squelch signal and told me to: Tturn it off or disconnect it because he had not yet paid for the camera and didn't want to damage the audio circuitry" I set the squlch to high and walked away. I just want to make sure that my initial feeling that he didn't know what he was talking about and was being more of a DB than a DP was accurate or to make sure I wan't in the wrong on this one. Thanks
  6. SonicBoomPole

    Reefer. Any thoughts?

    So I guess it depends. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. SonicBoomPole

    Sound Devices 664

    No issues. Going on about a year now. I do unplug it when not in use. Only use it for the beginning of the day to input my data. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. SonicBoomPole

    Reefer. Any thoughts?

    People are different. Biologically speaking. Some can handle and/or enjoy substances others cannot. I don't enjoy booze at all. Makes me feel sick and I don't like the buzz. I personally enjoy Cannabis and feel I manage it well. It helps me sleep and turn off my anxious brain at night. That said, never at work or when being a responsible adult is called for. Why would you want to be high for that anyway? At home after work or on the weekend, sure. I have come across people who can't handle weed. They get all weird and crazy. Definitely not for them. I also know people who have MS and swear by it. Creativity is not created by doing drugs. Enhanced perhaps but creative types are already creative by nature. Smoking anything is bad for you. So is too much TV, booze or red meat. Be responsible and respectable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. SonicBoomPole

    Behringer 1002B

    Wow Tom thanks for all that info! You were really going all out on this which is what got me going but alas I'm nowhere near your skillset. It is indeed a great little mixer for its intended use. The pre-amps are suitble for loud drums and guitars in my garage with my buddies for kanakapila At this point I feel it is not something I can use for production sound but great for personal use. That said it looks like I'll just use the 9V battery option if I need to be portable. I have lithium rechargables so they should be fine for my simple needs. Maybe at some point I might try some battery eliminators or attaching 18VDC directly to the DC regulation cicuit you mentioned. Senator, you are spot on as usual. There are wall warts for AC output for sure, hence my confusion and caution. Good to know this one puts out 9VAC despite what the label indicates. You are also right in reminding me of this little guy ~ which indicates AC. The label on the input was certainly a point of confusion and why I thought I'd make sure as I am not the most knowledgeable in electronics but I do like to play/learn. Thats said attaching probes to AC scares me a little. Shoots!
  10. SonicBoomPole

    Behringer 1002B

    Tom, thanks for all the cool info on this topic and so many others I've come across here! I was wondering about powering the MXB 1002 from a battery pack (not the internal 9V) for mobile use. I see your specs above that mention 12VDC is not enough to power the unit. The AC adapter says it outputs 16V @ 1.1A but does not mention if it is putting out AC voltage or DC voltage. Normally, in my experience, wall warts describe their output in VDC. Once, I have run into a wall wart that said it is putting out VAC which is why I ask here. This particular wart just says 16V ~ 1.1A The manual mentions that it requires 115VAC @ 60Hz in the USA. I'm assuming (based on this thread) that the included AC adapter is a normal AC-DC transformer spitting out regulated VDC. This is my hope for the MXB1002. This sentence will be ripped apart in 3, 2, 1......However on the actual unit the power socket is labeled "AC power input". Also, while I'm here asking questions is that power connector a 3 pin mini DIN or some proprietary type from Behringer? How are you getting power into the 1002 from your power source as far as connectors? Mahalo Tom!
  11. SonicBoomPole

    Lectrosonics antennaes in a pinch?

    I love this forum! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. SonicBoomPole

    ew100 G3 hop with CL-2 cable level question

    Confirmed on 664with CL-2 cable; I set the XLR output to -10 in the menu. Works well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SonicBoomPole

    I've got answers!

    I like Mike and appreciate his bluntness. Sometimes its needed. Sometimes. Us newer dudes need to be reminded that the answers are usually right there in front of us or only a toll-free phone call away. He also makes me think about what I'm asking, how it is worded and if I'm being redundant. That's good for the goup.
  14. SonicBoomPole

    Boom Op - One Day - Low Pay

    I think I did an ok job....disaster averted and the gear lives to record another track. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. SonicBoomPole

    New Rode blimp

    Rode sells a blimp mount for boom pole that significantly reduces the heft of their old system. Using th pole mount you don't need to have the entire blimp AND pistol grip. Made a huge difference for me and only cost $12 I think.