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  1. May I humbly suggest a small portable recorder like the Sony PCM-M10 or even a Zoom H4N. The Sony will do 96/24 but lacks XLR or 1/4" connections. Both will supply plug-in power for electret mics. The microphones I'd suggest for ambient nature recording on a budget would be these: https://www.soundprofessionals.com/cgi-bin/gold/item/SP-BMC-10 I'd also look into getting the power supply: https://www.soundprofessionals.com/cgi-bin/gold/item/SP-SPSB-1 I personally use these mics w/o the power supply into the Sony for concerts and ambience. I'm happy f
  2. Checkout the now discontinued Grace Lunatec V3. https://www.gracedesign.com/support/manuals/v3_manual_RevE_online.pdf Actually all of Grace's products a phenomenal.
  3. You're likely correct about the tape formulation and the Nagra set up. The tape I've been using to test with was the tape it came with, looks like Scotch 150. It was from a radio station. I plan to attempt to calibrate it myself with help from the manuals and Google Translate. I've hesitated to put on a new tape because I know it won't be calibrated for it. I have some Ampex, RMG and ATR stock. I also have some old Scotch that I can use and should be more period correct and also match the calibration. I did test a few different reels with it, that Scotch, BASF, and a Honeywell with
  4. New belts were installed yesterday and now I can rewind a tape, I'm so excited! It wasn't as bad as I thought but there were some moments of shouting expletives. I was not able to remove the smaller belt under the motor. I couldn't get the old one off. It seems to be in good shape however and if it becomes a problem I have a replacement. I also found the electrostatic discharge wire and put that back how it should be (I hope). My next challenge will be the Playback Amplifier. Test mode and Record mode seem to be working fine. I get good mic and line level si
  5. Great observation! Strange. This is exactly how I received it. The replacement belts I ordered are round, 3 of them. A Video of the belt installation would be INCREDIBLY helpful, thank you. OK I will investigate this and report back, thank you. Yes, that seems correct. So is that standard to have to short these pins to use batteries? I prefer to use the EXT DC input for my purposes going forward. Thank You for shedding some light on this mystery of mine and giving me something to do during this time of no work and no light at the end of the tunn
  6. Thank you so much for your reply TBFAN! I have uploaded a few photos of the inside of my Nagra for your diagnosis. I have not tried to use batteries due to a note written inside the battery compartment as seen in the photo. It reads: When battery operated a shorting plug MUST be used Pins 2 and 4. So if I just take a piece or wire and connect pins 2 and 4 together would that be sufficient? The belts are not tight and should be replaced. I need help with that. I have some resources to follow but have not taken the time since it will take me a while to complete carefully.
  7. I need some help/advice regarding my Nagra III. I made a DIY power supply from a wall wart (12VDC @ 1A) using a 6 pin DIN and pins 2 and 5 on the accessory connector. Positive is earth/ground. Works almost perfect except for rewind. I've read the manual and other relevant posts here and elsewhere but can't figure this out. Again, playback, record, line in/out and the XLR all work as they should. I have the function selector switch set to EXT and when I turn it to either playback option and turn the tape transport control knob to the 'ON' position it plays n
  8. Eric Bellew at Cannibal Industries. I don't see an actual website. He has a FB page and Instagram... https://www.facebook.com/CannibalIndustries/ https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/140701219913382/united-states/santa-clarita-california/cannibal-industries/?hl=en
  9. Thanks. The interested party in Canada may have found a resource but if you do find that contact please share it here or via PM. Awesome user name btw!
  10. Does anyone here in Los Angeles (or perhaps in Canada?) have a working system to do a single tape transfer on a Sony 1630? I have someone (in Canada) who purchased a tape on eBay and would like to convert it for listening. Minor monetary compensation awaits you If you have any leads feel free to contact me directly or comment here. Thanks!
  11. Happy Friday Nagra nerds...I came across a cool thing that may interest some of you: The Complex Sessions by Neil Young & Crazy Horse from 1994. I have the Laserdisc and the beautiful image on the cover caught my eye. It is a wonderful performance captured by John Hanlon on a Nagra IV or 4.2 (look at the photo and you tell me). Directed by Jonathan Demme with DP Tak Fujimoto. It looks and sounds great! Enjoy the photos of the cover and the link to more info regarding the sessions.
  12. Ahhh, good to know and glad I asked. Definitely not like a studio deck. I guess I'll just leave it alone for now. Thanks Ashley and David for your help!
  13. Thank you David - yes I'm aware different tape formulations require different calibrations. It has been a long long time since I was in a studio aligning a tape machine but I assume it is a similar process. I don't actually know how to do it on a Nagra though so if it pleases the group, post it here. If not, please PM me if you can help me learn how to do it myself or point me to another resource where I can learn. Thank you!
  14. Thank you Phil for that detailed and informative response! Hopefully it is useful and relevant to other readers here. Print through is indeed what I was thinking. I think I'll be good with my 480 since it is new and exactly right for the situation. This is a fantastic thread. I think I may have been bit by the Nagra bug...and I'm exited about full track mono!
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