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Found 3 results

  1. I know one can easily find online recordings/samples made with the Zoom H2n but still I´d like to ask here: does anyone have any unprocessed, 24bit/48khz (or 96khz) quiet to medium busy ambience recordings done with this portable recorder? I have been thinking of buying one ever since it came out and even though it is not such a big investment I would still like to be sure if it has the minimum quality to be usable in film. I do not want to carry my 788T + Stereo Mic rig around everywhere to record ambience. If anyone has any 10 second or so snippets of an audio recording they feel is a good example of the H2N´s capabilities, I`d be thankful if they could post a download link or just send it privately. Cheers! David
  2. Anyone interested in a 10 day trekking/recording trip in the Himalayas? Mid May. I'll plan it. If interested PM or email me. davidlstevens@me.com Goal is to produce scientifically catalogued wildlife recordings for the Macaulay Library. Just to clarify, this is not a job. Just something adventurous to do...burn calories and benefit wildlife research. cheers!
  3. I'm going soon to Qatar to film a documentary that is pretty much Qatar in the eyes of a blind man. Yes i did write it correctly so you can imagine how important sound is and specially atmospheres. So i wanted to buy a binaural mic that i could record some nice atoms with during shoot and after. As mostly is going to be during the shoot, i wanted something small and unobtrusive as i am by myself. Surround mic was a nice idea, but neither budget or space allow for it, and the only small one (Sanken WMS-5) is not available to rent in the UK. Looking at good small binaural microphones, i realised most are just two good omnis tweaked and positioned to work as 1 stereo/binaural mic. I realised, i have a few good omnis in my kit, the cos11 lavs. So i decided to create a mount for them to use them as binaural. I used a pvc tube and foam inserts similar to hush-lavs but thicker: The 'ears' i made out of Sugru to have a bit of wind cover (although the sanken wind cover fits inside too), for a bit of back rejection and to make it look cool: I use 2 Ambien EMP5S to connect directly to 48v phantom, but i can also use 2 wireless if needed: The size of the tube is so it can fit on my bag for on the shoot ambience, but has a mounting screw for a stand: I was going to upload some test recordings but i figured i'll wait and upload the actual ones i'll be recording on the documentary. Opinions welcome Thanks for reading Diego
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