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  1. I use them for scratch tracks. However, the quality is good enough that they've saved me once or twice. Post didn't seem to have a problem. Nudging something in post is better than having nothing to nudge. I've never been one to not have a decent scratch on camera. Stuff happens.
  2. Camera guys smile when I present them with a tentacle and an AVX receiver.
  3. I hope you win the lottery! I haven't been to Tibet but recently had a chance to spend a month in a Bhutanese village. This part of the world is incredible. I assume you were in Assam for the endless tea plantations. Everest BC is on the list as well. Maybe next year. How did you find the hike? Was it difficult?
  4. Anyone interested in a 10 day trekking/recording trip in the Himalayas? Mid May. I'll plan it. If interested PM or email me. davidlstevens@me.com Goal is to produce scientifically catalogued wildlife recordings for the Macaulay Library. Just to clarify, this is not a job. Just something adventurous to do...burn calories and benefit wildlife research. cheers!
  5. Lectro plug-on near the mic attached to pole, 411 velcro to mm1 for return. Solid feed both ways. No cabled poles, easy to adjust monitor levels for op, easy to view battery indicator for op. Can rest pole easily without transmitter in the dirt. Only one clip to hang on the belt. Fast and easy.
  6. I like that you designed a .skp cl-9. Not many location sound models in the 3d warehouse. Some lectro gear but not much else. Did you save it as a component and upload it?
  7. Not a joke. Having independent tech-ambitions in Oklahoma will be met by a stifling tax...noogies from illiterate rednecks.
  8. Thank you for considering! Here's a profile of the man behind the movement in Bhutan... http://www.vice.com/read/samsara-is-a-movie-0000324-v21n5
  9. Hello JW Sounders, I'm going to Bhutan later this year for a feature. While I'm there, I'll be providing production sound training at a Buddhist monastery. I'd like to donate some equipment to the monks. They've developed an interest in film production and have made a few films already with the help of outsiders. Now, they're hoping to produce films themselves. Links to their work/bios below. If you have equipment that you would like to donate (cables, poles, bags, mics, etc.) please consider giving them to the developing film community of eastern Bhutan. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Donations can be sent to Professional Sound in NY addressed to myself, David Stevens, C/O Rich Topham III. I'll pay for shipping. http://www.rediff.com/movies/report/slide-show-1-the-monk-who-became-a-filmmaker/20140507.htm#1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzongsar_Jamyang_Khyentse_Rinpoche
  10. I think this is a really smart product. Internationally, there are many recordist that work for low wages and suffer from very high import duties enacted by their respective governments (India, Nigeria, Oklahoma, etc.) Putting an 8 channel multi-track recorder within reach of so many people is a big stride forward in the digital revolution. Good job, Zoom!
  11. Yes and no. Mostly yes. If the actors are giving it, take it. Why not? You've gone through the trouble of setting up. If an actor is off-camera, but sees the boom floating overhead, they typically keep performing. Late in the day, if the energy is waning and performances are uninspired, pack it up.
  12. We work in an industry of large ego's and personalities, usually in high pressure environments. Inevitably, arguments and tirades make their way onto set. What have you seen? How have you diffused the situation? How would you deal with an actor throwing a transmitter across set or a stressed out AD that insists on rolling without sound, etc. Would love to hear the horror stories and the creative solutions you've used on problematic sets.
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