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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, this is Christian from BSRF. It seems the AS-122 has a small dude called AS-62! And he's ready to rock despite his small form factor. Now it comes with a dual step RF peak on each input. More informations on our website: www.bs-rf.com Or contact us at contact@bs-rf.com. Sincerely,
  2. This is my new attempt to kill two birds with one stone: add a voltmeter and 5v USB output to my bag. Problem #1. I use a Hawkwoods DV-SQN4S battery distro in my bag. I power my gear (Maxx, 2x411a) from the switchable, regulated 12v outputs. For my meager power needs, I can usually get through a day with a single set of batteries. HOWEVER it would be reassuring to have some insight into remaining battery life. Problem #2. The most frequent power issue I run into is.... my iPhone. Rarely makes it through the day if I've used it for navigation to get to the shoot and if I'm using MovieSlate for sound reports. There are some nice looking hirose-to-usb options out there (http://bluecowcables.com/product.php?id_product=128), but I was hoping for a cheaper option. After a few minutes of poking around on Amazon I found this gizmo:http://www.amazon.com/DROK-Converter-Regulator-4-5-40V-Voltmeter/dp/B00IWOPS8K I wired the gizmo to the UNregulated output of the distro, and voila! USB power for my phone and a nice readout of remaining battery life at a glance. The next step will be enclosing the unit, and adding panel mount male hirose connector. Currently it is hard-wired to distro only for testing purposes. ANYWAYS not bad for $10!
  3. I'm getting ready to add an antenna distro system to my bag and I'm wondering what you guys are using in/with your bags for antennas with your distro set up. I saw some Shure omnidirectional antennas at Location Sound Co. and thought those might be a good idea, but it seems like they's need to be up in the air, or if they were mounted on the bag I would have to make sure I was facing the talent. Maybe not. They also cover just about all the frequencies, so I could use them across all my blocks. Anyway, what's working for you guys & girls? Pictures would be much appreciated! Cheers, Tim Hays
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