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Found 2 results

  1. I guess the biggest change for the audio side of things at NAB could arguably be wireless timecode. The Timecode buddy made a big splash in the waters. Timecode over wifi!? Wahoo! But Ambient did the same thing - currently, it doesn't speak to Idevices mind you but with their new firmware speaking to each of the ACL204's and it functioning properly I'm sure the next software update will speak to Idevices and their timecode app. Then of course - Zaxcom Nomad and their ERX1TCD's - do a similar thing. The ERX1TCD can serve as both "comtek" and/or timecode receiver. The cool thing here is on drop out, the ERX1TCD is also a generator so it continues its timecode. And guess what? All on a wifi 2.4ghz signal. Could Zaxcom not build an app for the Ipad? Technically pricing is relatively similar. So which is the better system and why? Why go with one over the other? Is wifi a reliable transmission? It sure is nice to not have to re-jam every three hours. Anybody have any experience and recommendations? What features make one better?
  2. Hi all, I have a shoot coming up next week on 5DmkII. In the past I have used a Lockit box, UM100, and Lockit Buddy to get TC on 1 channel and a scratch feed on the other. I'm thinking for this gig that I may use my QRX100 w/IFB in the bag and use my ERX1TCD to feed both TC and Audio to the 5D. Just wandering if anyone out there has or is doing this and whether there are any issues or 'gotchas' I should be aware of, particularly with the ERX1TCD. I'm not 100% sure I'll have a chance to do a workflow test beforehand, unfortunately... Mixer/recorder is 788T. Talent wireless on UCR411's, QRX100 in the bag only for IFB & TC scratch feed purposes. Any replies greatly appreciated! Cheers, Jase
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