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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I could've sworn I'd once seen a picture in the 'show me your bag' section of a Nomad with Sound Devices faders (552,664), but can't seem to find it anymore. Has anyone seen this type of setup? I just purchased a Nomad (yay!) but discovered afterwards that I didn't love the feel of Nomad's faders.. So here we are! Is it as simple as unscrewing Nomad's faders and replacing them with SD? I suppose I don't know the diameter of what's controlling underneath and whether or not they're compatible. All ideas are welcome! Cheers. Pinkywinkle
  2. Hey all, I recently had to send my Nomad back to factory for phantom issues and the screen upgrade and since it's returned, I've been having issues with the fader nobs. They're only affecting the output levels. I often work in situations where I'm recording only in unit and not sending any audio out, so having full control on the inputs/card records is particularly important to me. I had just gotten an upgrade code so they changed it from a 4 to a Light at the factory (not sure if that may be relevant). It came back with firmware that kept freezing on me, so I downgraded it to 4.22, factory reset, and still had issues- I reverted to 3.13 (which I never had any issues with), and then tried 4.42, all with factory resets and all with the same issue. I can still adjust individual track gain in the setting menus, but faders are only affecting output levels. My fader assigns are also the way I've always had them, with fader 1 assigned with A to track 1, etc. I have no idea if there's a setting if I'm overlooking, or if something wonky may have happened at the shop. Zaxcom is still closed for an extended holiday, so I'm scrambling to get this figured out before a job on Sunday. I've posted to the Zaxcom forums as well, but any input would be appreciated! -Alison
  3. Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a tough situation. I'm on a gig in Mexico City right now and I have a rented mixboard, it's an 8-channel Soundcraft (don't laugh...) and I've got a few scratchy faders that cut out sometimes when moving the fader up and down. Usually, I'd have my technician back at my studio fix it by cleaning it, but I unfortunately don't have that luxury at this exact moment in time. Do you guys know how I can clean these faders to get rid of the scratchiness and drop-outs? I forget if alcohol can't be used at all. Thanks in advance! - Ryan
  4. the challenge, easily control levels of tracks 7+. i've got a job starting tomorrow where i've got 6 talent and boom. they need iso's while mixing hop to camera. my first solution was to stick a mic pre in my bag and run into my return 1/2 for tracks 7/8. luckily i had a few ta5 cables made so i could work with those ta5 connectors: ta5f to female 1/8"(camera return), ta5f to dual xlrf and ta5f to ta3f. so i had some options of to ways to get into those additional channels. but then i remembered i had an emergency that I had in my 302 kit, which has ta3m connectors. so for those of us who are looking for some sort of POT/fader for the additional channels then getting an emergency RX can be a good setup. price wise, its about $180 for the box and then whatever you choose for the cabling. and since we haven't even seen what zaxcom has up their sleeve for the 4 fader add on, this is it for now...
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