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Found 5 results

  1. rb1138

    Schoeps CMD

    Schoeps CMD-2U It's the digital version of the Schoeps Colette CMC amplifiers. Anybody use it? There's no specific section about it on the Schoeps website. However, in Coffey magazine they seem to indicate that it is more resistant to humidity. With all the talk of the SuperCMIT being resistant to humidity, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this one. I've searched on the web but info's pretty slim.
  2. Any recommendations for this type of thing?: http://www.shock-indicator.com/ezcatfiles/a109/img/img/2979/products-clip.html http://www.packability.co.uk/drop-n-tell-labels http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/8381105/
  3. Hi everybody, I'm about to start a documentary project in which we will be exploring a cave that has never been explored before. So far we know we will be descending at least 100 meters, but the idea is to go as far down as possible. Has any of you done this kind of job? Can you please share some advice regarding your experience recording sound in this kind of situation? (or any similar situation). Thanks a lot for your help! All the best, Andres.
  4. Hi, I'm a post production sound person. A friend of me is wanting to buy a general purpose mike but mainly for production sound (Dialogue). She is thinking in a Newmann KMR 81i. Somebody told me that this mike is not good for locations with lot of humidity. She has a documentary work in a few weeks a head that will take place in a hot rain forest. Any of you have experience in such conditions with this mike. Thanks in advance. Jose Luis Diaz
  5. Hey all, I need some assistance. My CS3e made a pop-pop-pop sound while out on the field. Situation was. Shot on the beach for a few hours. Then went inside car. We shot some stuff with doors open. Then we closed the doors. Then while we're recording some VO and wild lines, I hear some pop-pop-pop. Fast and intermittent. There were just three I think. I would attach a sample, but I can't find where it is. It was a pretty quiet sound. I'm sure it'd be audible though, once amplified enough. Is it preamp motorboating caused by the shift in humidity? Is it RF? I've often gotten a similar sound with the Schoeps, but I figured it was humidity or RF with that mike (it's a T-powered one so I expect it sometimes). Thanks, Sawrab
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