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  1. Best best wishes to all the staff at Aaton and i hope there are positive outcomes for everyone effected by this closure. It is sad to see them go for all the reasons stated but Martin makes some valid points about the recorders which resonate for others though. A bit 'form over function' for me. 1 Eg. The user pathway to set-up the standout USP of the machine - the Faders (Sliders) - was so awkward and all over the place and not sign posted/prompted in any way, on any screen. I've seen people struggle to demo how to do this at industry shows. The 10 days I used 1, I needed a cheat sheet for Faders (lol, so used to pots) and the TC (shudder). No recorder is perfect, i prefer navigating 8 series over the 6, but it's later and needed to be better for the extra capability. Is it bad taste or unfair to discuss these things in a thread about their bankruptcy? Maybe a tiny bit but it's also inevitable. That said, if the Cantarem2 worked with another recorder (*series) I would have (had) 1. Even more so with a display, but then those Transvideo displays are not cheap. My LC8+ and tablet do for now. Smart. move Sonosax (I hope). Audio recorders and UIs are not atomic science, that cost billions and trillions, but i reckon the cost of developing cinema audio recording systems is not cheap. Who will bring the next system/s to market? And is there any point buying another brand? Were questions I considered when buying expensive recorders.
  2. same on mine. does it matter? the RX are held in and steady by the friction spring thing. if i had a complaint it would be the SMA are higher than the faders in the bag - which you could say is the same thing
  3. I used 1 of these on a job once, it was very cute and changing reels worked with the 10' daylight reels/magazines of the XTR.
  4. Hi Paul, I was looking at 572 - 603mhz units, assuming I could dial frequencies in 25khz steps - what are the steps on your units? TIA
  5. Between long Coax cables and Dante, is there anything to be gained (excuse pun) by using BNC/cat5 baluns?
  6. You know the funny thing is when i saw the thread i thought - how much is a (used) T powered 415/416 etc and started looking on ebay. lol. Seems like all your Tonader advocacy has pushed the prices up. Not to mention power supplies and xlr-tuchel connectors.
  7. 833_SL2 seems to pull 20-30w which I calculate to result in trickle charging at best if using Bebob battery at the same time. I'm waiting on a cable before I can do much more with this for now.
  8. This looks like an interesting solution. Been repurposing some camera power products as there are some good value solutions. I'm currently trying to build a similar cart to those above and have experimented with a 150wh BEBOB V-lock battery. Using a 3a charger it will continue to O/P 16v from the V lock terminals while being charged through the DTap port. I've only tried this while the battery has been fully charged so i need to see what's what when it's running low. The charger actually has 2 DTap charging leads and a 4pin XLR 16v power O/P so hopefully it has enough to power the kit and charge the battery 1 way or the other, albeit slowly.
  9. DISCONTINUED! Already! Are you supporting this product still? https://www.wendysbroadcast.co.uk/broadcast-audio-products/?ct=vpt&id=2888 https://cvp.com/product/deity-connect-bp-trx?v=a I had the BP-TRX TC kit from release (June '21). 1 of the cables included was DOA. CVP explained Deity had no stock of cables(!) and after 4 attempts with then and every email related to Deity (who never replied once!) I need to spend c.$100 on a professionally made cable to use the system as planned. The menu and display aren't great either. Deity has no customer service in the UK.
  10. Cable bounce in the tube vs TX at the mic end of pole. I've wondered how much margin there is for serviceable improvement here too. I was hoping to see a picture of the cable in situ. A light cable would be quieter and keep overall weight down but unless it's made of NASA grade, Unicorn Starquad not sure it would last long in this context. Could woven cable sleeve give a light cable more working life AND cushion the bounce of the cable in the tube?
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