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  1. Re F/P 32bit and a bag drop: I'm thinking it lets you play conservative with levels on the front end because you can bump them up, after the recorder's AD (for a decent mix level and monitoring). Unless the environmental noise is low enough to make the self noise of the pre A/D signal chain conspicuous why would you do otherwise? The goal being maximum deflection for the best SNR in the environment. Nova doesn't need f/p 32bit as it has Never Clip (as do the wireless if you're using Zaxcom).
  2. daniel

    New SD 833

    Menus look much better than 633, especially through the PFL toggle. Limiters on all I/Ps (even the minijack)! Battery release (with change of direction), and 1/4" screw fixing points (if only SD would make a retrofit bottom plate for 633 to do this) also useful improvements . Can a fader be assigned to more than 1 I/P, eg for use stereo, ambisonic or a group? Can it be used as a computer interface?
  3. Indeed. If Track E passes audio, it could even be said Track E is the Sync E to use with a radio mic scratch track (if requested) or a plug in/nothing otherwise.
  4. In Video, Ulrich says Track E has "Sync E built in". So does this mean it can also be used like a Sync E for syncing other devices?
  5. So it has it's own TC crystal. Can it jam (LTC) and be jammed direct from other recording device?
  6. Or HP o/p AUDIO and TC with the I/P being able to take signal from an RX.
  7. daniel

    Deity HD-TX

    If the audio is good I think this is probably the best use of this frequency spectrum for for location mixers (given it's limitations) Ie. wireless booms more likely to have consistent line of sight. AND IT HAS A HP SOCKET (sorry was I shouting?).
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Oball-Activity-Toy-4-inch/dp/B00ZRD99C0
  9. daniel

    New SD 833

    You can read (above) that I agree with you about AES - but for me, if it had included Dante it would just about be justifiable not to have included AES. SD now own a digital wireless company producing fantastic kit with a choice of digital outs (AES / Dante). They drop a brand new machine on the market a year after the acquisition but it can only make use of some of the digital functionality So you say a bag mixer only - but why then the fader board option? Obviously it's not going to be many peoples first choice for a cart recorder but if you were running a Scorpio on a cart and wanted a back-up machine (and 2 scorpios aren't an option) would you rather a 688 with different fader board options or 833 compatible with the fader board, same mic pres etc etc? This will probably be my next recorder even if it doesn't have enough AES I/Ps (or send audio to computer or tablet via USB). Does this recorder have the spec to control wireless in an SL6. If not perhaps an SL6ii / SL4 (if such a thing were created) would have an ios / android app for control. regards. ps would have been very nice if a pair of mix busses could be re-assigned as a 'Send and Return' for a Cedar box (Scorpio probably has enough I/Ps to do this without much sacrifice) - but not a deal breaker either.
  10. daniel

    New SD 833

    . SMA antenna port?
  11. daniel

    New SD 833

    I was wondering about that - is that 1 stereo or 2? Doesn't the 6 series you effectively have 2 in the main mix bus.
  12. daniel

    New SD 833

    lol, my 633 is sitting next to me looking glum.
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