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  1. (Mod match) works well enough for 1 of my clients who doesn't want to be 'bothered' by TC ...until we did a commercial recently - same lines, delivered in the same way, over and over again.
  2. tape revival: https://images.app.goo.gl/Fw6BAfE9wUnxA8kr6
  3. +1. But I hope that as long as there's sound equipment on set it will need someone aware of the technical limitations to deploy it skilfully. Speech samples mapped to someone else's performance have been here a few years, now there is mapping your lav to the boom so with a room tone and a vocal sample those lavs (you no longer need to hide) will take away another job. James Dean has been dead for 64 years but did better in the audition than the other guy and his agents have him cast in new Vietnam movie - I know in this instance he was voiced by another actor (still some jobs there for now) but it looks like the money people are gaining confidence in an AI world keeping the audience entertained (and not remind them their jobs are in peril too). Fake will be the new real, since the old real turned out to be fake too (and what we fake is perhaps more revealing than what we consider real). Personally I like the idea of AI editors. AI engines are already working on data collection, extraction, verification and presentation. We could all hit the beech early and enjoy AI's take on humanity (and then itself) as we slide into irrelevance.
  4. : "Until we have robots capable of knowing how to properly mic countless amounts of different types of wardrobe" Half of that robot will be an option for a video editor that will remove the lav from the (front) of the wardrobe automatically - i'm amazed it's not happened yet.
  5. More beef/beer and you sound happier (and broader)? No way I could drink 23 of my favourite beers (if anyone's asking: https://images.app.goo.gl/TRCvcE2ULLFTL52G7 / https://images.app.goo.gl/BTPHsYC93q4upDef8 ) and read anything, let alone talk. Nice work. Can the next (no low pass) test involve 23 'morning after' coffees (and pain killers if you must)? Aside from the mics, it would be interesting to compare the vocal aspect.
  6. Wasn't listening on anything fancy but 435 sounds alright - especially at distance for intelligibility. It's more coloured than the others and the HF boost seems more conspicuous than the 416, maybe where post might take an EQ if they had to. In terms of retro mic sound I prefer the slightly warmer 416 here (even with its off access sound). Would like to have heard the 40 and 50 without mic body low cuts engaged (but the same recorder ones) as it adds a richness to some voices and with the 2 low cuts involved it lost some depth - but maybe it was too much in this case. For me they felt the most natural though, especially at the further distance, you can hear the room around the voice in a nice way and the voice is still distinct.
  7. Sorry, since I repurposed my HP O/P I've lost all monitoring and have no idea what you're saying.
  8. daniel

    SD 888

    Exactly - "small/mid sized cart work" doesn't involved 36 channels (yet) - and if it did, the need for a small recorder is outplayed by all the other gear you'll need for 30+ channels and if you have all that other gear, you're probably running a different recorder. But there's a time place for everything for somebody somewhere.
  9. daniel

    SD 888

    Having some extra tracks to play with maybe convenient but not sure I understand the preoccupation with the possibility of 833 recording 36+ - for our line of work, DX channels without quickish access to trims and faders have limited use in a bag. On a cart you've probably chosen something different. Most of us want smaller bags, not smaller recorders with lots of things attached to them.
  10. the ears on the back? with a handle on the front?
  11. daniel

    SD 888

    people keep referring to an AES expansion unit - clearly more in the know.
  12. daniel

    SD 888

    S.B: "Nova does not have DANTE, so maybe the comparison is not entirely fair. " That's the point to some extent.
  13. daniel

    SD 888

    +1 Yeah. Lectrosonic boxes do AES O/P, Wisycom do, Zaxcom do. I hope we see scalable A10 RX box from SD/AL that can do something similar for the bag as the Nova will do. If you can access all the controls through the recorder screen or an app then the box doesn't need a screen either. At least some smaller RX packages with Dante O/P to take advantage of the feature.
  14. Has anyone tried modifying the Octopack Cover Panel? I want to bolt a QR Tripod Adapter to it so it can be coupled to another piece of kit with a tripod plate. The material looks thick enough, I haven't opened it yet to see how much room there is to play with, the other concern is how resilient the Cover Panel screws would be to taking the weight of the box in this context. Thanks in advance. dan
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