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  1. 833_SL2 seems to pull 20-30w which I calculate to result in trickle charging at best if using Bebob battery at the same time. I'm waiting on a cable before I can do much more with this for now.
  2. This looks like an interesting solution. Been repurposing some camera power products as there are some good value solutions. I'm currently trying to build a similar cart to those above and have experimented with a 150wh BEBOB V-lock battery. Using a 3a charger it will continue to O/P 16v from the V lock terminals while being charged through the DTap port. I've only tried this while the battery has been fully charged so i need to see what's what when it's running low. The charger actually has 2 DTap charging leads and a 4pin XLR 16v power O/P so hopefully it has enough to power the kit and charge the battery 1 way or the other, albeit slowly.
  3. DISCONTINUED! Already! Are you supporting this product still? https://www.wendysbroadcast.co.uk/broadcast-audio-products/?ct=vpt&id=2888 https://cvp.com/product/deity-connect-bp-trx?v=a I had the BP-TRX TC kit from release (June '21). 1 of the cables included was DOA. CVP explained Deity had no stock of cables(!) and after 4 attempts with then and every email related to Deity (who never replied once!) I need to spend c.$100 on a professionally made cable to use the system as planned. The menu and display aren't great either. Deity has no customer service in the UK.
  4. Cable bounce in the tube vs TX at the mic end of pole. I've wondered how much margin there is for serviceable improvement here too. I was hoping to see a picture of the cable in situ. A light cable would be quieter and keep overall weight down but unless it's made of NASA grade, Unicorn Starquad not sure it would last long in this context. Could woven cable sleeve give a light cable more working life AND cushion the bounce of the cable in the tube?
  5. Love this. Was using a fishing sling pack for my 633 which also has a fold down flap that's quite useful for dressing mics. Looking for similar but a bit bigger for the new setup.
  6. the drilled head bands look cool - probably a bit breaky.
  7. As a follow up: I stopped trying to reference the frequency co-ordination of TXA with those of the various RX in use (🤯) and just went with TXA (as advised by Compasseur and so far been very happy. Ran the scanner during a location recce, built a TX list, applied exclusions, pressed AUTO and dialled the numbers into the HW. 7 channels all good to go on the day. Next job, has no recce but I've built a new TX list specific to the shoot, dialled in the provision numbers and saved (to 'home') so i can compare numbers to results specific to the next location but the same TX list and change as required. I think my anxiety around the difference between TXA and the RX co-ordination is not knowing how TXA handles the different RF footprints of the specific brands and ranges? I guess if TXA uses the largest 'footprint' for the calculation it doesn't matter?
  8. All good with this part since you explained about using multiple customs exclusion lists. The other part I think I need to spend more time with the app and watch the videos again. Thank you for the reply.
  9. Thanks Roubi, obvious now you say it. 4 custom exclusions: everything up to 582; everything up to 606; everything from 614; everything from 638. Depending which 2 I deploy i can scan ch38 and/or 2 overlapping 32mhz (wisy friendly) bands with ch38 at 1 end or the other. There's probably something smarter but this will do. Is there a way to program or import a given brands receiver Groups into TXAdvance? Perhaps on the 'Edit TX' screen. When I'm trying to determine best freqs. it would be kinder to have both systems offer the same freqs. or am I missing some trick here too? I get the feeling either set of compatible freqs (offered by the RX or TXA) will work but have not determined if if 1 is better than the other. I tried locking the 1st TX to a frequency from 1 of the RX brand's groups but the AUTO button didn't modify the others to correspond to the rest of the freqs in the same (RX brand) group.
  10. https://newatlas.com/drones/ntt-docomo-balloon-drone-ultrasound-propulsion/
  11. I think an 'INCLUSION' list would do it for me ('CUSTOM INCLUSION' even)? Shure RX have this option. The easy way I found to limit the scan to legal bands, wisy limits etc was in location edit. But I have to remember it's there (which I don't always and it means I'm editing location details instead of RF details. If 'CUSTOM EXCLUSION' let me enter more than 1 exclusion band i could create a 'sandwich' for the band I want to include.
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