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  1. daniel

    Sennheiser XSW

    Any idea how many can be used at simultaneously? I'm guessing it's not possible to pair 1 TX to 2 or more RX(?) but 1 could use 2, 3 or even 4 sets to send scratch to several cams.
  2. And both good recorders to have in the back up bag after upgrading to something more high end.
  3. Dalton's pet carrier for some security and structure; placed as 'brick' amongst straw bales used for diffusion, cover and disguise. Maybe a 'table' to get the construction off the floor as straw is food for a lot of animals.
  4. Very nice. Hydra? MCR54? Is possible to post pics of how you fixed this to MiniX3 I'm guess through the orange body when not populated. I like the way you continue to use the same 'button hole' (sony) style strap.
  5. +1 For me, MKH50 is more versatile than the 8050 as it's easier to shock mount, wind protect and HPF lets you use it with I/Ps without bass cut. 8050 is smaller but needs more by way of shock mount, wind protection and the HPF is extra.
  6. I think the 8060 will be too directional (wont sound 'natural') but worth a try - if you can afford to hire both 8060 and 8050s mount the 8050s on the 8060s and compare the results in post. I was thinking of a binaural pair under the sheet (technically a spaced pair of omnis if positioned there and wouldn't get too much breathing from either person) but if the 'contributor' has them in the ears they will be even closer to the action. What ('in-shot') binaurals are you using? If I understand you correctly, a mix of stereo tracks would involve balancing 1 set of stereo tracks against the o
  7. The subject matter is very ASMR. A lot of ASMR i checked, the mics are part of the look. I would try a number of approaches (if you don't want the mics in shot): ~ If the camera/s are locked off, capture a 'clean plate' and paint the mics out. ~ Use more than 1 stereo pair. eg an in ear binaural set or on the shoulder under the hair in the 'brushing shot' and under the sheet for the face massage (fur between the mic and sheet will help limit any fabric noise). If you like the 8050s go with those. 8040s better for a stereo ambience (or at least a wider stereo field) – ASMR
  8. "as you can't be right next to the recorder itself" Trying understand why this is. 360 VR puts everything in the environment on camera including the recorder and/or cables used so requiring practical or digital techniques to hide them – is an extendable cable (from mic to recorder) not easier to hide than the recorder and easier to extend than BT range? I suppose 1 could use a combination of all the above techniques to get 1self over the horizon or into the next door building etc.
  9. First of all sympathies for the situation you were put in. I think for the most part you have done the right thing, which in the moment can be tricky. I am not so sure about this bit though: "At the end of the day I told the director I cannot be a part of this production if they won't adhere to their policy, and I had lost trust that they were willing to enforce it so they should rent another audio kit and I would train someone else on set to do it (student productions...) So I did that the next day and enforcement lapses continued. I ended the day and the director understood that I
  10. Clever. If it were marketed only as a 'BT enabled connector/adapter' (and the usage was determined by the user) why would it? <– moot point. As I inferred from Jeff's comment below, Zaxcom is not the only wireless system available in the US with remote control (eg Sony and A10). How would this work with more than 1 device? I'm sure you could sell some – enough to make it worth while, even in this moment, is another thing though. Is there a risk of inducing interference with the audio when the circuitry is miniaturised and squeezed physically closer to the audio signal.
  11. But what is that opposite direction? What is the opposite of recording speech for picture?🤔
  12. daniel

    First Film

    I ask this in the most humble way as i sometimes find myself on jobs with less than experienced creatives: Is there are chance this is not just your first film but also the director's and the producers' first film too and they don't really know what they are asking for? I can imagine Camera department may have their concerns too but then thought to themselves it will be worse for Sound, let Sound manage the directors expectations (ie risk pissing them off). Aside from the extra time, crew and difficulty, 23 wires are going to cost a fair bit. Factor in some redundancy and a prep day this is o
  13. Thanks for sharing this Constantin. So no point in even trying sanitise gloves (with isopropyl) just wear a new pair for each wiring? Is production supplying all the PPE being used by you and your department? I can imagine it is even trickier to do a quickly adjust of a noisy placement now – have you changed much in the way personal mics are being worn? Is anyone taking temperatures?
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