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  1. Looks great. Can the USB jack be used for charging (a battery) and/or powering the device?
  2. Hi Jan, My set-up is primarily SK5212ii (SENN mode)/MPR52 with AES I/P to a 633. When it's not AES I use line level, eg max O/P from MPR52 and the line only I/Ps of the 633. When not using SK5212ii I use SK2000 (EVO mode). Obviously you want as close to full deflection on the TX as you are comfortable. Pilot tone set to off? I had the Wisycom FW updated last year so iirc it is the current 1 - the FW the 52 arrived with would NOT let me use 2 different expander modes at the same time (eg SENN and EVO) - the latter FW does. Are you doing side by side (AB) test with G3 RX against MPR52 on best setting? I did test my all my TX with all the expander modes on the 52 (against the native RX) - it was interesting to listen to the differences but I use my EVOs in EVO mode and SENNs in SENN mode.
  3. Some recorders have an 'Auto-record' function where they start to record when an input reaches a user defined level. iirc Tascam DR-680 and the later mark 2 (which also can also record safety tracks). You could even use the audio O/P from the camera to trigger record on the Tascam (so you don't have lots of audio without picture).
  4. I totally misread your post. ie didn't notice you were trying to send AES to camera, not AES from mic to recorder. Lol. My bad.
  5. daniel

    Jay Rose

    Very sad to read this. I never met him person but the way he responded to people on this forum was so helpful and personable it was like I had. His expertise, interest and fascination with the field and its outer limits help make this space informative about so many things including those non industry related ones that are still relevant.
  6. Raycom say mid march (next week maybe), c. £4200. lots of names on a list etc. Not seen any info/brochures yet. So many people hot for this not really needed from a sales a perspective.
  7. I was going to say "very dinky" (in the british sense) but after checking, now understand it's meaning in north america is less than flattering. Oh well: Your rig is very small and neat. Thinking an MCR54 and my new F6 would also be 'sick'.
  8. Nicely put. 633 far from being obsolete in the context of recording speech for motion pictures. 😩
  9. iirc neither pinknoise or kortwich have limiters if this of any relevance.
  10. Maybe it needed extra work/parts to function with 833 and this made it more expensive. 🙊
  11. One of my favourite compilation and soundtrack albums ever. Was listening to the radio and heard a track that reminded me of the Wally Badarou melancholy synth pop theme track (#3) - had to listen to whole album.
  12. "If they came from commercials or music videos etc, then I would expect more or less no mercy." So true. Hope you're not on your own in the Sound Department.
  13. Still good reasons to have a 302: ~ Analogue limiters. ~ Decent HP amp. ~ XLR balanced O/Ps. ~ Stereo return. ~ Decent sized faders. ~ Switched bass cuts. ~ Bright meters. ~ Resilient. TBF I am just using mine as a HP amp to drive a pair of DT990s ,')
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