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  1. daniel

    V-Mic D3 Pro

  2. daniel

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    Maybe they can do a tentacle style clip to keep mini jack in place on the mic and offer a cable terminated with the XLR (and circuit). With the cables supplied would either of these plug into (and work) with Deity 'Connect'?
  3. daniel

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    Locking mini jacks would have been 'smart' (in an old skool type of way).
  4. https://www.coreswx.com/product/vb-pt-d/
  5. daniel

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    HSB or NYPD Blue? I remember HSB being quite old school and NYPD Blue as the show with that camera work. To me the NYPD thing looked like a gimmick to differentiate in the (crowded) police procedural market. I got the feeling NYPD was shot on long lenses and sticks with loose heads (not hand held). The camera wobble looked quite co-ordinated – to make the edits work (but perhaps not). Either way, very different from the euro style hand held by the likes of Raoul Coutard (who DoP'd for JLG) and who's style became synonymous with the New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague).
  6. daniel

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Pity to read the BT is not so good. Is there a way to relay BT? Some has suggested being able to dial new settings without a connection then something like a burst transmission/instant upload when in range/'paired'.
  7. daniel

    Wich smartphone audio recorder APP?

    I wonder if the senny 'memory mic' works with tentacle sync recorder app?
  8. daniel

    4 channels audio over radio camera on OB

    Out of curiosity, "up to 4 presenters on handheld stick mics, feeding 2 radio receivers" - 2 x dual channel RX into a 4 channel camera or something else?
  9. daniel

    Boom Pole Quick Connect

    Yes, some kits with extra tips would be nice. Perhaps offer the various wind shields with a PCS option.
  10. daniel

    What is your spare recorder

    DR-680: I/Ps: 6 analogue mic pres, 2 digital. Recording: 6 ISOs + Stereo Mix record OR 8 ISOs (6 analogue, 2 digital).
  11. daniel

    Lectrosonics vs Audio Limited

    Good lord that's incredible.
  12. daniel

    What is your spare recorder

    "Yup, I've owned 2x DR680 before I moved on to F4 then F8n Even the F4 is better than the DR680 in every way for 98% of users. But yup, I could imagine there is a few 2% of people who could find the DR680 to be more handy instead. " – Yet, it is a bit disappointing to have so many digital recorders out there with no AES I/O and/or a link/cascade feature - not least as a link/cascade feature would make owning multiples of the same the machine have a greater value (and function) than just the sum of parts. "Many many times so over this thread." – Copy that!
  13. daniel

    What is your spare recorder

    AES/cascade aside, I'd imagine a F8n is better than DR680 in almost every way - it's got 8 crappy faders instead of 1 crappy encoder/fader for starters :-). tc, dual sd slots, balanced o/p, fader board, better layout, colour display, app etc.
  14. daniel

    Deity Connect.

    You must be VAT registered (and sales TAX in US is not the same :-). A10 RX = 2195usd = 1660gbp = less than Wisycom MPR52 (1887gbp inc VAT in UK). I get the feeling dealers here rinse the small guys to give discounts to the big guys - I'm probably totally wrong though. Still, if the only thing about any of this to significantly change is new products from PRC are good enough to do the job, then they wont just get my money they will get a lot of others money too.
  15. daniel

    Deity Connect.

    "Thats why things like the analog systems that operate in 2.4Ghz are bad and are restricted to much lower legal power outputs is because they essentially knock down WiFi signals all together because the WiFi signal doesn't see any holes in the analog signal that it can send out its pulses at all. " So will Deity Connect still work well in an environment with analogue 2.4ghz devices in operation? OT and perhaps contentious but... Products made in PRC seem to have more consistent pricing across our markets than products made in our own markets. Eg. Audio Ltd A10 RX: c.£2600 in UK; c.$2100 US. I get the taxation thing and the weak pound, but x 1.6! Zoom recorder prices are x 1.3! I guess the Audio Ltd acquisition by SD mitigates and exploits the brexit related fall in value of the pound - great for manufacturers selling to an international market, 1 more punch in the face for having to buy in (UK) domestic market.