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  1. Hey Jez, any chance it's a dodgy connection with or within the battery sledge? A meter will tell you if it's the latter.
  2. True. Hard to imagine a when I would apply this to an ISO in the production process. I meant only in the context of a production preview as neither the NA or the picture LUT used for preview purposes on set will necessarily make it through to be heard or seen in the release.
  3. In a way you make the case for the 8 series NR quite well. By this I mean, spend 3k on Cedar DNS, may be it's tempting to use it for more than just previewing what post can do by way of a clean up (if you've managed to get production to cough up some extra for it being in the bag). At $600 though, NA is easier to incorporate into the workflow and if you owned an 8 series why wouldn't you? In 1 context the sound you doing is going to get no more finessing than the picture editor will find time for, and the other context the tracks will be worked by experienced post sound people who work the magic perhaps only someone like yourself (post and PSM) can have so much of an informed idea of. $600 to remove the frown from my face while I consider how much of a problem a shitty BG will be in post sounds worth it to me. No one wants to hire the guy who stops for every BG sound. In short, at the very least it is the audio equivalent of the LUTs used on set to monitor log footage.
  4. Holy reducers! I knew something like this was coming sometime - didn't think it would be quite so soon. Poor old 6 series - how soon before producers ask about 'Noise Assist'?
  5. Side facing, sometimes called 'Side Address'. Not seen a 'Side Address' shotgun mic - hard to imagine. Fair to work on the principle a manufacturer does their best to make the polar pattern of a 'Side Address' (or any other mono) microphone, rotationally symmetrical at 0º to the axis of the polar pattern - unless otherwise stated (I would have thought anyway).
  6. Not many mono microphones are marketed as having non-rotational-symmetrical directivity. They do exist: https://www.lightsoundjournal.com/2016/10/23/microtech-gefell-kem-970-the-popes-microphone-at-blue-note/ I Imagine something like the this could in theory be extracted/extrapolated (?) from an ambisonic array as well.
  7. 1 life, 1 spine. Even if they invent spinal transplants, I don;t imagine they'll be available to many without a universal health care system 😷.
  8. 🙌 IMHO Aside from conveniently extending the Nova ecosystem to 16 channels of wireless, being useable with any pro recorder (eg the other brands folks' might want to keep using even if they own a Nova and/or older BU machines) will get more people into Zaxcom's latest RX and be potentially quite disruptive to the SL2 (only compatible with SD 8 series). Since no one else is really very close to Zaxcom's wireless workflow and if you want 8 digital channels in a really small box this is it. I imagine there will be strong interest from Cantar and SD users (even if it means attaching an AES 'wart' to their new machines ,'). Using older (but fully serviceable) recorders as BUs is not unreasonable and most operators own a diverse range of equipment so i'm glad Zaxcom have extended this possibility (beyond the Nova and RX12) for the MRX system. AES/Analogue I/O with 16 x 16 Dante and POE are also very nice complimentary features. I'm interested to know how much of Zaxcom's highly evolved workflow is accessible with just this box. Ie. is 1 touch frequency coordination and assignment possible from RX8 (without a Nova)?
  9. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157085042156782&set=pcb.3242712732451910&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  10. Post on the FB group reports SSM works (in mode 3) with Wisy.
  11. I guess quite few folks have thought similar (and even said it). But this is something of a trend (by some) and is rendering perfectly good recorders all but obsolete as even BU machines. Eg if you dropped the cash on just 1 Nova with MRX414 installed, you'd have to pack your Nomad / Maxx with their current wireless set-up to have redundancy. Ie. No gradual transition to a newer set-up, just all or noth... Do MRX414 work fully with RX12?
  12. This was (and still is), my thinking about MPR52. A small enough BU to keep in the bag, with the potential to be repurposed on other duties. I have EK/SK2000 systems as well that can do this and maybe for IEMs the EK2000 is probably a bit better. For me Deity BP-TRX took a bit of this away though, as it'll be a decent enough and cheap hop, with TC and BU recorder function on top (as well as IEM). Yes, would love an all in 1 Nova but if a BU 2 bay RX module box (to use Zax modular RX with another recorder) means owning 2 Novas or an RX12, it's out of my reach and too bad - I think Zax would gain more users if things weren't so 'All or nothing'. That said, SL2 without aux O/Ps is going down the same road. As the economics of Covid unfold, I think users will prioritise their spending on systems with the greatest versatility and Wisy seem more in there than some others.
  13. Soap is more effective than the alcohol - a mildly soapy, moist wipe should be enough. I'm thinking a reasonable workflow used to clean the cable and belt pack should be OK-ish to practice and reassure others. Not sure about the waist bands etc. May be now would be the time for cast to have their own made to measure; labeled and wardrobe to manage the (fabric) washing into their workflow.
  14. Almost a 'No-brainer'. £700 / Rx channel. Can be used with most analogue Tx. Remote control for wisy's upcoming (analogue) Tx. Very tidy bags, even for those of us running dinosaurs like a 633 ,'). I have a MPR52 i might sell to help finance MCR54 but on the other hand with 4 channels in 1 basket (MCR54) what are other's thoughts on redundancy? eg. a BU Rx?
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