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  1. daniel

    Deity HD-TX

    It's all the extra Mhz
  2. I use mine in 'Max Hold' mode and run it while recording in the hope it'll pick up intermittent interference should it happen. Am I right in thinking a direct 'hit' on 1 of my freqs would present as an increase in amplitude of 1 of my existing 'spikes' (and therefore need to leave some headroom for this to show)?
  3. Interesting. What's the material (looks like fleece)? Why the wings?
  4. Bwav & Marf Walla Walla Dante and the Cat5s The Blumlein 8
  5. TC and the Sticks MC Headroom DJ Overmod Mix Master Dugan and the Notch Twisted Pair
  6. Fade / Fader Freak / Freq and the Inter Mods Genny and the OBs Roots and the Mean Squares Azimuth (already exists). Flange Overlap and the NGs Hertz and the 48Kays
  7. Splitter Send Return 3 Pin IEM Float / Floated Screen '11' Gain Ganged TRS High Pass Roll Off Membrane Crosstalk Loom Harness I/O Output Stubb Cue M&E Gen Lock D Sub Inter Mod Log ....Dude there are SO0oooo many.
  8. Square Wave Saw Tooth / Sore Tooth Unbalanced
  9. I do like what Jacob has done but NP-Fs are still the Wh / $ bench mark. Aside from the larger capacity of the batteries (eg NP-F970 are c. 60Wh), @ +2 Wh / $, NP-Fs just beat the Ikea option. Plus charger nirvana with USB I/O NP-Fs, so you can charge a bunch of them from a 6 port USB charger - costing less than a battery and about the same size. A 12v O/P shoe adds to their practicality. Some room for improvement with the shoes but workable as they are.
  10. I have compared the quality of sound between MPR52 (EVO) vs EK2000 from the same SK2000 (TX). My conclusion was MPR52 Output was cleaner. YMMV - I was using AES O/P of MPR52 vs Line Level Analogue of EK2000.
  11. Yes, indeed Patrick. Although if it did, the iso's of all I/Ps and a sum/mix would be more than 2 tracks(?) and more than most IOS apps and cameras offer. For me it's as much about redundancy when using something like IOS as the bit bucket and having something rolling even when the camera stops (if that is being used as the main destination for the O/Ps). It's a very nice device as it is so I intend no criticism as such - just to say an integrated recorder, would give some back up to the intended destinations. d r
  12. Hey Jacques, Any chance M2D2 gets a card slot and has it's own record function 1 day (R2D2)? I know M2D2 can be used very well with a mobile phone but an in built record function would complement this in a reassuring way as some times mobile phones go a bit, you know, 'funny'. Regards, d r
  13. My instinct was to agree with you henrimic - use Sennheiser TX with Sennheiser and Wisycom RX, because the MPR52 can emulate, but TJW seems to be saying otherwise: "I had some spare MTP40S transmitters which I am using for IEM and they give the G3 receivers an added clarity. I also have some MPR30 IEM receivers for the crew and key grown ups." Maybe TJW's Wisycom TX(!) can also emulate (Sennheiser EVO).
  14. There are times when the producer doesn't mind and I choose to hide the lav - outdoors in windy Britain would be a prime example - big lav furries conspicuously on the front of a jacket - meh. Looking forward to hearing producers say: "Don't worry about the lav, our editor is a whizz with rotascope", it will definitely beat placing mics on the inexperienced and worrying about clothing noise you have no control over.
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