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  1. daniel

    Camera Mic recomendations for a DSLR

    Yeah, I have 1 too. Works nicely with the 2 channel Tiny Mix (20 x 30 x 50mm) which fits in the camera hotshoe. TBF the Deity looks like a more compact solution if you only need 1 channel even though the mic itself is bigger, as you can adjust volume on the mic instead of have an extra box or dive into a camera menu. If it doesn't sound horrible it would more be convenient. It you needed extra inputs (eg hop) maybe the dual channel Sony RX with the hotshoe input accessory as the RX has a routable input for a 3rd (camera mounted) mic and would let you run a hop and/or lapel/s when needed without re-patching cables - caveat being the A7 will need to be in cage to hold the Deity.
  2. daniel

    long shotgun on a dslr

    Filmed a few ops (facial and chest). My take outs were: 1. Lavs on cap or mask work well. 2. Boom was permitted in the procedures we filmed. 3. Diathermy caused drop outs on my Sennheiser G2000 but not an old Sony (front end filters?) 4. If speakers are wearing face masks then it's not really lipsync. 5. Theres a big light right above most of what's going on, as a back up this could be good for a small spot mic like a lav feeding a TX or HH recorder. 6. The anaesthetist is the 1 with the jokes but ask them not to play the music. If you really can't have more than a camera top mic then go wide not long (eg MKH40 or 50 not a 60). Something like a Tascam DR10X would allow you to use a phantom powered mic even if the camera doesn't (use HP O/P to feed camera). Another option would be a consumer stereo mic (rode etc) if phantom power is not available for a MKH50 etc.
  3. daniel

    Camera Hops

    ypes of jobs you do: corporate/scripted/broadcast Camera audio will be final or reference: reference mostly, final sometimes Mono/Stereo hop: mono. Most common cameras you work with: Ursa/Alexa/Eos/Sony TC needs: preferable but not often specified. Crazy fantasist probably, but I've been thinking the TC board of a tentacle/moze/TCB UB could fit inside a AA battery eliminator and still leave room for a 3.7 li-on battery to power both RX and TC - use smart phone to set parameters and lots and lots of G3 (and similar) RX can get repurposed. If the client doesn't want audio the device should work as a stand alone with a cold shoe accessory etc.
  4. daniel

    Deity Connect.

  5. daniel

    UltraSync BLUE - Timecode over Bluetooth from TCS

    What is with this device if you need another TCB device to hook it up to the recorders most used in the industry? Ie. If SD and TCB can't or wont find a way to patch the recorder's TC into the UB via wingman and UB app or UB app allows iOS to acquire recorder TC through a cable and iOS HP connector it's a dead 1. Good idea to link up with BT capable cameras (lets hope there will be more of these) but what about already existing BT capable audio recorders.
  6. daniel

    Deity Connect.

    Thanks Vincent. Are you getting some real world experience with this system? Really keen to know how 6+ channels of this system work out in a typical production scenario. Also, have these been tested with the obvious capsule choices (Sanken, DPA, Countryman etc)?
  7. daniel

    Sound Mirrors

    sound and brutalism, awesome.
  8. daniel

    Deity Connect.

    Excuse me if this has already been stated ( I did a word search of the thread and Deity website): Will the TX output line level or only mic level? Ie. Can it be used with line I/Ps as per 633 channels 4-6?
  9. daniel

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    Just back from hols, thanks for the feedback. I'm on the same page as you all on the merits of pro batteries (I run Np1s and L batteries currently - excuse the pun). The ideal battery for travelling light would have a proper connector for output and a USB I/P for charging.
  10. daniel

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    Obviously not a massive fan of non locking coax plugs, a Dtap O/P would have been ideal for me but I was thinking a DIY battery shoe could hold the elements together in durable way. Curious to know if the PITA was in the charging/plugs/other. I already have power distribution for my bag and I can buy 3 XT (75wh) units for the price of 1 Audioroot (98wh). I can charge all 3 in 9 hours via USB hub or I can buy/use XT AC adapters (c.€15) to charge in 3 hours. AR chargers cost £129 (single travel charger), £282 for 2 bay DT charger, £540 for 4 bay. I am sure the AR, Hi-Q, EI are all better, smarter more professional etc than XT (especially if you run X3 or R4+) but the attraction is more about the portability, redundancy and USB convenience of the XT than the price (£1/wh vs £3.5/wh).
  11. daniel

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    Has anyone found or tried powering the bag with a battery which can itself be recharged through USB? My NP1s are getting on a bit and aside from all the obvious advantages of the smart batteries (Hi-Q/EI) - I thought it would be nice to have less charger/s to carry about. The only thing I've found so far are these laptop powerbanks which can be recharged through the USB or the coax: https://www.xtpower.de/XT-20000QC2-PowerBank-modern-DC-/-USB-battery-with-20400mAh-5V-12V-to-24V https://www.xtpower.de/External-Charger
  12. daniel

    Automix in Post

    And(!) already mentioned in the original post (which I should have read more carefully) - sorry everyone.
  13. daniel

    Automix in Post

  14. daniel


    RE MP series 'overwrite': My impression (from this thread) is the 'overwriting' was a bug with v3.00 and (as A.R says) hopefully fixed with v3.01. If so, this issue has been fixed in a short time frame and addressed as matter of priority (which for me would me would more important than pre-roll). I imagine while there is some overlap in the type of customers who've bought SD MP series or Zoom F series recorders, the prices and brand history suggest to me there is at least some difference in the types of expectation the customers may have. Eg. the discussion (FB) about MP series recording at high sample rates. I've not really seen this level scrutiny on the Zoom hardware (although I guess it exists).
  15. daniel

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Really? I guess we all like a bit of pre-roll when we need it but hardly a necessity for most workflows.