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  1. Wouldn't go for either of mic capsules you've put forward - I've used Sanken Cos-11 with Lectrosonic, Audio ltd, Sony and Sennheiser TX. Versatile over and under clothing, easy to mount and hide. Lots of accessories and robust. More popular the Sennheiser capsules and 50/50 with DPA imho.
  2. daniel

    Deity Connect

    +1 At the price quoted on Gotham they are cheaper per channel than some of the potential choices for the capsules (eg DPA, Cos-11) - I think Wisycom battery eliminators cost more per channel! iirc in 1 of the videos it was mentioned 1 TX can send 2 channels so potentially good for sending scratch tracks to camera, albeit not a Slot-In form factor. I would like to know how well 4-8 channels play together, but I suspect there intended use is more for starter kits etc than those of us who know we need 6 radio channels but struggle to get productions to pay a fair rate for the high end stuff designed for such usage. What does deserve mentioning is despite not being slot-in having the RX display on top is something usually found only much more expensive gear. Even the competitively priced Sony UWP system charge c. double for the slot-in RX with a top side display.
  3. I worked with a director who used the very same set-up (when working alone).
  4. As they say "you get what you pay for". It's not always about track count and smart phone apps. This machine does things no others currently do. Although I would be very interested in a multi track Nagra (8?) in a similar form to the 7 (Nagra 6 too big for the bag now but is a really nice recorder) it is a crowded market already and the 7 fits a niche where owners (mostly radio stations?) and owner operators probably wont need to invest in lots of radio channels for its intended use. By the time you've got a sound cart like the 1 pictured the cost of the individual items is probably less of a concern than having a specific functionality.
  5. Possibilities: Playback. AES42 mic powering. Recording the treated sound of the DNS2 (adjacent in picture). (or with the extra modules installed): Editing. VOIP. Wifi/Ethernet connection for quickly sending files elsewhere. If you only need to record 2 tracks (which the PSM pictured clearly doesn't as he's got 2 x SD Pix recorders) I'd imagine the Nagra 7 is a lovely machine to use.
  6. daniel

    Zoom F4

    Are monochrome displays less power hungry?
  7. Lol, knowing nothing about this I thought A.O was a reference to American Optical as in ToddAO - being 'optical' why would they have done something for magnetic, silly me.
  8. I have gravity quick coupler, great value, does a job BUT not the 1 (I thought) was being enquired about at the top of the thread.
  9. Anyway to use MP10 as computer interface and with a USB controller at same time?
  10. Different markets different vernacular so pedantry only goes so far. Probably 50 different names for these and more than 1 used in any given rental house anywhere - enjoy. I mostly hear 'rycote' unless its a 'cinela'. No need to respond to post #8 ,' ) 'they' know already.
  11. daniel


    nice work.
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