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  1. For me, the more complicated the kit (eg. recorder vs XLR cable) the more important I have local/regional support. Unless you got budget (or it's cheap enough) to have more than 1 (eg. XLR cables) - reliability of service is part of the professional practice. I would wait (if you can) and see what Zoom F6 is about. It doesn't have analogue limiters, which I would have said a while back would be essential for using 5 cabled condenser mics but aside from the look ahead digital limiters it has 32bit recording - theoretically giving you a lot of head room without so much noise (it will record 32bit and 24bit at the same time): ~ Ambisonic (perhaps brand specific?); ~ 6 x P48 preamps; ~ TC; ~ Metadata entry on machine or app; ~ Control surface accessory; ~ Cheap enough to own 2(?) and/or easy enough to replace in a hurry. The 3 or 4 things against it on paper are the lack of balanced O/Ps, so other than the unbalanced minijack (which should be good enough for wireless sends to headphones or camera scratch track), you wont be able to send much audio very far by cable. eg. balanced O/Ps to an ENG camera/s (unless you can upgrade the signal en route). Single card slot. Tiny faders. And possibly another iffy Headphone amp. The F8n and F4 models, already on the market, both have balanced O/Ps and dual card slots (as well as small faders and iffy Hp amps - but without 32 bit recording. I like the Ramallo's suggestion of a Maxx (which is a really cool recorder), especially if there is a community of Zax users and a committed dealer in Italy (tedes.it) - there may even be some bargains out there as people upgrade to Nova etc.
  2. Agree, subs suck. Lots of ideas being turned into things though and I like that. Even if they are not so original, fail or have little use, some will have an influence. Having a very small, HQ mic/transmitter which doesn't need a cable run down to a belt pack would be very useful thing. Eg a UHF belt pack TX with a 2.4ghz link with the capsule (it's already being done in some respect with a smart phone and wireless buds). Maybe it takes 10 more years for someone to do it well enough, but I think it will be a lot less.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOcm0xIJr4s C.J briefly compares it to a lectro PDR. https://www.picogear.com/ Yes, another 2.4ghz system(!), but the size of the TX, battery life, charging and remote control are the best so far. Maybe they make 1 with a mic input and balanced outs.
  4. daniel


    Does switching between banks take all 5 pots or just the ones you want?
  5. daniel


    Haha, 1 on the director, 1 on the Dop, monitor the output through 'return'. Now get all the latest news on shot changes and other such DFIs.
  6. Nice work Allen. I took a pair of fabric shears to a KTEK Junior the other day. I wanted to do this ages ago but delayed because there was no way of doing it nicely. Probably cut away the 2 small black sections with the zips and seal the other edges by gluing webbing or rubber profile to them. Having a fold down flap for front display RX really works. It would have been nice if the bag had been more considerably designed for use with such a ubiquitous format of receiver but i suppose we're all meant to use top display RX, all of the time.
  7. Exactly. Reliability is always important, especially when starting out. New to sound, unlikely to have lots of other options to fall back on so what you have got, has got to work. For me having something so dependable in the bag made it easier to explore other options, whether they were cheaper (oktava) or more niche (CS3e, MKH50, DPA etc). It'll keep your face clean.
  8. And by a similar logic, worth pondering why someone who has a CS3e (and probably many more mics than you and I put together) would still be suggesting a 416 is a good place to start.
  9. So compact - very nice. Better than just being small it's also as flat as anything with a hirose could be and in the bag I like that.
  10. Not the prettiest or the best (at everything - what is?) but *probably more hours of picture sound recorded with a 416 than all the others put together. Significantly for someone wanting better or different, it is a good bench mark from which to judge the others and to back them up when the need comes. *hyperbole, but 416 is like the AK47 of mics and therefore can be found used (by another pro) for good prices.
  11. Great work, thanks for posting. Are yo using the Imax to charge? Same battery contacts as the output (or the other 2)? I.e you can use the holder you made for charging purposes as well?
  12. Congratulations Lectrosonics on a very fine looking system. I know people have wanting a 4 channel RX. Digital and analogue compatibility (like the Sennheiser 6042) giving users fantastic TX options and an easier transition to a digital wireless workflow. Really looking forward to seeing the Uk price.  Will the DSQD do the emulations of other analogue systems (eg Sennheiser, Wisycom like previous RX)? Re DSQD power management: Are the circuits and displays of unused channels drawing significant current? eg if only using 2 is it still pulling for 4? Is there remote control of the the DBu settings via RF (as well as IR)? Is there a minijack (or an other O/P) on the DBu to access the talkback signal? Regards.
  13. UWP system has some decent options which give it growing room and as a UHF system (like G3/4) you can anticipate a certain type of performance. Will any of the 2.4ghz systems be of any use to anybody if you get dropouts the moment LoS is lost? Just because the Deity has got some 'pro' features like remote control and balanced O/P wont make that wavelength any better at going round corners. 100mw mode might give it a better chance of bouncing off something but if there's nothing to bounce off it wont mean much. Not having tried either (Connect or Go) this is all noise from the armchair but if the limitations of a 2.4 system are not overcome with the 'pro' features offered on the Deity then why not go for an similarly limited system but half the size (and arguably better sounding) on the basis either system is only practical with speakers close to camera (which is OMB land anyway).
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