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  1. nice film and mostly decent road surface! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/bike-blog/2011/aug/15/cyclists-paved-way-for-roads
  2. I imagine this is probably the biggest barrier for most North Americans (and many others) when it comes to commuting by bike. So many cities seem to have evolved around freeways and parking lots it would take a sea change in infrastructure, city layout and economics to reduce car dependency meaningfully.
  3. So jealous. My dream job. I see great pic of you doing some skills on a BMX as well. Some study i read suggested the pollution in traffic effected drivers more. Because the car fills up with the stuff and your lungs aren't moving the air in and out as much and in heavy traffic the car will mean you are in it longer. I've seen folks cycling in Vegas, traffic didn't look to bad but the heat was another thing.
  4. I bet more people die a day in the USA from not cycling than do from cycling.
  5. Maybe USB in RX (receiver) mode? USB in TX mode?
  6. I've got an OTG USB-C to lightning cable which will connect Zoom F6 to an iphone and ipad. Like you say it is dependent on the app (and the OS). If BP-TRX can wirelessly receive audio in sound card mode? - being able to wirelessly, digitally get a mix into internet connected devices would be a nice feature.
  7. Will BP-TRX O/P via USB to smart phone/tablet? Sorry if this has been asked already.
  8. rycote fur nose bag: https://images.app.goo.gl/iPsrAEcGw7gCBFsV7
  9. I am looking forward to seeing these. Probably quite good for me if it works as advertised. Only 4(?) receivers in IEM mode though and 2.4ghz. Analogue Sony RX have normal HP O/Ps: https://images.app.goo.gl/CNXoCm17p6eiaNf5A Older versions are really cheap to pick up.
  10. https://www.canford.co.uk/Products/40-387_NEUTRIK-NA3FDM-XLR-Feed-through-panel-adapter-female-to-male
  11. Or buy a Deity BP-TRX instead - a bit tongue in cheek but there is an overlap in function.
  12. I 'liked' the post but TBF the latency thing is isn't so bad on any system at 6 metres unless someone is shouting, but it is annoying when you're closer to the source, like testing TX on your own voice 😂.
  13. Descript looks really interesting! Are there any audio search tools for finding 'quiet', atmos's or room tones within files or even folders?
  14. Hey Trouvier, In my experience Power Banks are not significantly cheaper than np-f 'L' batteries (per Wh). 'L' batts fit directly to 6 / 8 series recorders and some have USB I/O. Very versatile. The USB to Hirose cables are a good idea to have in back up or for a static rig but as secure as the Hirose end of the cable is, the USB end of the cable isn't and USB panel connectors get easily damaged. I use a HW battery mount in my bag to O/P 12 volts if needed from L series batteries and many bag devices will work from 7.2 anyway (eg MCR42). For c. cost of 1 Audioroot 96Wh batte
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