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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I have the Lectrosonic UCR110 + UM110 in Block 33. I also have the according frequency chart which ranges to 861.900 at coarse A and fine B. I was curious and set them both to coarse F and fine F and they are working. Does they go higher up in frequency or does they stop at 861.900 ?
  2. I'm sure this has been talked about already on this site, but my searches haven't come up with much. I'm looking at getting a set of lectrosonics and I'm curious about power solutions people have used for their bags. I'm going to go with two duel receivers, so I'm wondering what the best method is to power them in my bag. Thanks!
  3. hi, First off, Im not a sound guy by any means. understand the basics. Long story short, I borrowed a 788t from a friend and he's out of the country.( Don't want to bug him on the family getaway) i have a couple basic questions that i need some advice on. - what should i set the sample rate and bit depth to? -file type- poly or mono? -ill be shooting at 30 frames. what should the TC frame rate be set to on 788? ive heard to set it to 29.97. not sure if thats true. -using wireless mics. when the receiver is plugged in, should the track be set to mic or line? 48k with mic? - i have 4 lectrosonic 411a's all set to -20, with the transmitter gain around 11 o'clock. is this correct? i know im working with a beast here so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much. -palm
  4. Hi all, Pretty new to field sound. Ive recently been having issues with scanning for clear freq's. i have 4 lectrosonic 411a's. maybe im doing it wrong? my way: Turn on all receivers and transmitters. let sit for a couple seconds. then, turn off all transmitters. Scan with all 4 receivers ( blocks 19,20,(2)21's ) at the same time. find the clearest location on each rx and tweak on all matching tx's. everything is fine until i place them on the talent. It seems like i cant be any more than 10 feet away from all 4 without losing full signal. any suggestions would be great. thanks
  5. hi Im begin in sound for picture business and i'm getting some equipment and I was wondering what will be better between a sennheiser ew100 g3 or a old lectosonic system like 195d thanks
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