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    I work for a small production company that turns boring health education topics into interesting short films.
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  1. I've been on a lot of sets recently where we are recording the leads holding babies, was curious if anyone else has experience with this and had any advice for how to mic them? About half the time the baby is silent so thats not so much my issue, its more the baby covering the mic, making them sound muffled or the baby grabbing their shirt and rustling the mic. I'm thinking about trying to find a new place to mic our actors when this happens but haven't figured out the best spot/place.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm going to reach out to Plus 24 and see if they have an answer for me. Otherwise I'll probably cancel and try with one of the "Usual Suspects." Who I also do my best to spread the love to. The main reason I went with B&H here was that they included the accessory package for the same price as just the mic, saving about $40. Which in the grand scheme isn't a lot of money but when you have a tight budget and are ordering multiple it can add up quickly.
  3. About 6 weeks ago I ordered a Sanken COS 11-D from B&H and still haven't received it. I reached out to them and they said they would check with the distributor Plus 24 who drop ships them directly to the customer. Upon hearing back B&H said they have no timeframe as to when they will be shipping it out as Plus 24 was unable to give them a date. Now this is the second one I ordered form B&H in a two week span, this one was wired for a Lectro SSM, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. The first one I ordered was shipped out in 7-10 days as expected and got to me with no issues. They offered to cancel the order if I would like but I really need the mic and was curious since Plus 24 is the only distributor in the US if this would be an issue anywhere I purchased it? Or if other companies actually keep them in stock and could ship one out to me directly. I'm really just curious if anyone else has had a problem like this? I was thinking about reaching out directly to Plus 24 but wasn't sure if they would be helpful or not since I bought it through a third party vendor.
  4. Been using the Tentacle Sync E for a little while now, recently updated the firmware and came across a weird issue with it and was wondering if anyone else suffered from this (or had a solution). At the start of the day I got to Jam TC from our Zoom F8 to the Tentacle Sync E, goes from red mode to green mode, all looks good. When viewing the app before I click on the specific Tentacle the TC is synced between the two devices. However, when I go to click the Tentacle (to get into the menu to change settings, etc.) now the TC is roughly 1 sec ahead of the mixer. I switch over the Timebar App (which Tentacle says is accurate) and it again appears to be synced. Going back to the Tentacle app, same thing, before you click the specific Tentacle they appear to be synced but when clicking on it, it goes to 1sec off. Hopefully you all can follow that logic. I've tried resetting it and resyncing but the same thing happens. I wasn't sure what else to do, as this has happened a few times now over the past month or so, well really every time I've used it the past two months I would say. It even happened before the firmware update, so I was hoping that would fix it but it did not.
  5. Erob

    Boom Op Kits

    Been doing some research and was wondering what people use when being a boom op (or give to their boom ops). Been talking with mine recently and we are trying to figure out how to make his kit better and more useful. Right now he just has a little pouch that we put some spare batteries and moleskin in so he can quickly fix loose lavs or replace a battery. Any input here would be much appreciated.
  6. You are correct, I misspoke there.
  7. Not sure if this is too picky or anything, but looking at the specs of the LTD compared to Zaxcom (ZMT3 specifically) gets about 4Khz more of dynamic range. According to the specs the A10 transmits 40-20Khz and the ZMT3 goes to 16Khz. I tried to find information on other versions of the Zaxcom transmitters and Lectrosonics but couldn't find anything on them.
  8. I'm curious what you used as your base here, I searched the magliner website and couldn't find anything that allowed front casters like you have.
  9. It's just a series of never ending bell curves...you get to the top in one then quickly fall to the bottom of not knowing the next thing and it just keeps repeating.
  10. Thanks for the guide Derek, I'll certainly take a look at it soon. Larry I believe I understand what you are saying, I know this is pretty basic stuff to you all but I'm just getting into the higher end stuff, so I appreciate everyone answering. Just when I think I start to really get a grasp on this stuff something new comes along. So to check on my learning here, one "shark fin" antenna cannot feed both inputs on the same SRc, but it can feed one input on two separate SRc's.
  11. Now are you going into all of the receivers? The only thing I'm still a little confused about is if one antenna can feed multiple receivers.
  12. This all makes a lot more sense now. Thank you both for going further in depth. I'll go with the two way splitter and then just try to get the antenna up high to give a better line of sight (if you will) to the transmitter which will hopefully help with the signal we are getting.
  13. Understood, this is the set up I was thinking: Lectrosonics ZFSC41 with a PSC UHF Log Periodic Skeletal Antenna. Now based on your last comment there I guess this won't actually work because it's a 4 way splitter, which also answers my last questions about 1 antenna feeding into multiple SRc's, since the 4 way needs power I take it that won't work. I'm guessing this would work better for the splitter: Lectro ZSC24?
  14. So I just wanted to follow up here real quick and make sure I understand some of this correctly. My company has a little extra money to get some audio stuff and I was looking into getting some shark fins, as we've had a few issues with signal strength and range with out Lectro SSM's and SRc's (I'm guessing its the SSM since it can only output 50mW). I called Trew to get their input into the case and the person I spoke with told me that one part of the chain has to be active (i.e. either the antenna has to be active or the splitter), however what I'm gathering form this thread is that is not the case. I can put a passive antenna into a passive splitter and that will work just fine? The other questions I have is can 1 antenna feed 2 SRc's? They are A and B blocks respectively if that impacts anything. Again Trew told me that I should get two fins to have a larger coverage area but I don't know if we have the budget for that at this time. I'm really just looking for something to help us get a little stronger signal when we are a little too far from talent with the SSM. Thanks!
  15. I get this every time now, and I go through the same steps to get it working. I used the Tentacle Sync E on a 4 day shoot last week, haven't seen any of the footage yet but it appeared to work the whole time. Starting post on the project tomorrow so I'll see if it actually worked or not then.
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