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  1. I'm pretty sure the limitation here is the SL6 only supports 2 channels per slot, it's an SL6 issue not receiver problem.
  2. I'm very excited about this. Was debating going cantar mini for a cart build but the lack of Dante made me consider the 888. With this addition I think I'll go with the mini.
  3. I believe this is actually a misnomer, I’m 99.9% sure they are actually based in India. But I originally thought they were a Canadian company too, as well as some of my friends. So whatever they are doing to convince us they are Canadians if in fact they aren’t, is working.
  4. I've been looking at going axient for my next wireless system. I've had the same thoughts on batteries as you all have, however I did find that they can run off AAA batteries with a different sled. Is it pricy, yup, but will it save you in a pinch if needed, yup. No idea how long it powers the transmitters, but it would definitely be something I'd pick up. Shure SB913 AAA Battery Sled for ADX1 and ADX1 LEMO Transmitters
  5. I have an X-Small and was curious other people’s experiences with it. I’m currently running an 833 with SL-2 and I’m having some issues with it sitting properly. Only having the two side points to Velcro it to the bag, it sags away from my body and is always sunk into the bag more then I would like. Anyone else experience this? Or have a way of propping the mixer up a little more?
  6. You can adjust down to sample rate in premiere. Just have to enable it
  7. Probably not, someone correct me if I'm wrong but the only Lectro transmitter that has a Lemo is the SSM. The SMWB line has all had TA5. The Lemo connector in the video is Lemo to TA5, with the Lemo portion going into a TC device.
  8. In the market for some new transmitters, so this couldn't come at a better time! That is if they are transmitters......
  9. Working on a cart build and curious how people secure their 8 series to their carts? I’m aware of the 1/4 20 thread on the bottom, is anyone using that? If so what are you screwing it into? Obviously I can throw it in a bag and just plop the bag on the cart but looking for a more permanent solution so the mixer can live on the cart. The cart is going to have standard rack spaces so anything that could interface within them would be perfect.
  10. Curious if anything revolutionary ever happened......or just anything at all. I feel like we’ve been hearing about this cart for a long time but have never seen a picture or anything. Tried finding it else where out of curiosity, found the name Stretch and that’s about it. @indiefilm, any updates?
  11. Is your plan to put the rack case on top of the bars, where the monitors are currently sitting? Or on the shelf? Also do you have a plan for attaching the case to the cart? I'm looking at doing something similar and trying to figure it out.
  12. One thing I feel is overlooked here, if you are cycling to work you are probably more health conscious and exercise more often on your own. Thus your breathing wouldn't be as laborious as expressed in the study. It's also assuming those biking to work are doing so at an aerobic rate, which all my friends who do try their best not to sweat on the way to work, so I would be surprised if their breathing rates were that high on the commute. Now, maybe these people think their cycling commute is exercise enough for them and don't do anything else on their own, still increases conditioning leading to lower respiratory rates over time. I.E. the better shape (condition) you are in the less work your lungs have to do to keep up with the oxygen needed (very oversimplified I know, but I doubt sound people want to get into VO2 Max and Efficiency). Without being a scientist myself, I'm sure there is also a case to be made that those cycling at a higher rate and are breathing more and moving more air (including everything else that's not just oxygen) are also pushing out the pollution at a higher rate as their respirations increase. The question is how long of an exposure is too long and how quickly are the pollutants absorbed. All of that said, cycling is exercise, which in its nature is good for you. Despite the risks of pollution I think the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives here.
  13. I don't see that happening anytime soon. I used the Zoom F8 for a while before upgrading to SD. Zoom's preamps just don't sound as clean and their capabilities just don't stack up in my opinion. Zoom's have their place and are nice, but no SD.
  14. Rereading the FAQ’s on Sound Devices website, I believe you are right. Those are the tested and approved one but anything that uses MCU should in theory work. Can always give it a try and see what happens.
  15. As of right now no. The list of compatible control surfaces is: Behringer X-TOUCH iCON Platform M+ (w D2 Display) iCON Platform X+ iCON Platform B+ Mackie MCU Pro Sonosax SX-LC8+ Sound Devices CL-12 Sound Devices CL-16 So there are options other then the CL-16. I’ve heard some people love the Sonosax, I believe it’s powered via usb as well (don’t quote me on that) making it easy to use on location. I have the icon M+ and for the most part have been happy with the limited use I’ve done with it.
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