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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I've been running with Sennheiser G3's so far, and I'm thinking of upgrade possibilities. I've formerly used rented Lectros, which are always nice (except that one time they were popping all the time, this apparently had something to do with incompatible DPA lavs), and also have a Nomad so if I had a lot of money, Lectro or Zax would obviously be a sensible choice (then again I hear about people in Finland having trouble with Zax wireless, I wonder if that's already sorted out). However, two Audio Ltd Tx's and their dual channel diversity receiver would cost me around 2000€ less than a pair of Zax or Lectro channels so I'm trying to gauge whether to try and save up or go with the Audio Ltd's. I came across a pair of En2 tx's and non-diversity rx's once. I actually had quite a lot of dropouts while in a supermarket, though I think it might've just been the environment, and I suppose if I were to get their dual channel receiver with diversity the situation would be better anyways. Or have people experienced range issues with these? How do you perceive the sound quality on the En2 system? On the G3's I notice some noise in quieter environments, is the noise floor on En2's significantly lower? I Can't really tell from my earlier brush with the En2's since the gig was in louder environments. Also, the En2's have locking TRS connectors for the mics, are these with the same wiring as the G3 connectors? This would sort of be a bonus towards just getting a pair of Audio Ltd channels for now, since I have a pile of OST and Rode mics with Senn connectors. Thanks for any experience you might be able to share!
  2. Hello, I am getting two sets of audio ltd 2020 radio systems and have a choice of either sony or a tram mic. What would you say about them and which is a better value you think? I already have two micron sets with dpa 4060 lavs and so i am used more to their form factor. Which one sounds better with audio ltd systems in your opinion? Thanks, Bartosz
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