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    Born in 1979, worked in music studio making music, then started making sound for movies. Getting in post now, and field recording.

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  1. resonate

    Where is the Senator?

    Agree! This is why i have no pleasure browsing facebook “pro audio” groups most of the time. So many entitled, ignorant attitudes , they didn’t even care to read the manual, etc... Senator Mike was vocal on that issues, and he along with some other guys here brought this forum to the level of expertise we all enjoy, and should cultivate.
  2. resonate

    Nomad Touch tablet

    Bonus question : anybody using the wireless adapter for Touch? BlueTouch is the name. Please post your experiences
  3. resonate

    Nomad Issue Again....

    You should contact support instead of venting here. They usually respond very fast. Maybe your analog board is acting out. They will know. You’ve written you got that many times. What exactly were you waiting for? Equipment does not fix itself...
  4. resonate

    Where is the Senator?

    Senator was always a valuable resource of knowledge and humour. I have the feeling that some people were too defensive that's why they could not handle his presence. I for one miss his presence here! This forum is not the same since he left! Please Senator, come back, or else so many will keep using their antennas and senny's forever 🙂
  5. resonate

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

    does it allow for track name changes after or during the recording?
  6. resonate

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

    Sure, i just cannot see that it's an easy thing to implement - the whole metadata screen have to be redesigned. Would sure be cool, along with wireless audition and re-record, about which i have seen Glenn Sanders's post on facebook that is "coming next"
  7. resonate

    Zaxcom Nomad 7.99A beta test

    How would editing track names work? you mean editing the track names _during_ a take? Otherwise, why would track name editing be necessary after recording, and how would you do that? 1) Now, what would be great is when at the playback, the track names reflected their metadata - recorded names. 2) Another +1 for Outputs assigning when in playback
  8. resonate

    Wisycom MCR42/40 vs A10 dual Audio Limited

    Also interested in this comparison. How is the limiter sounding on new wisycom units? I remember reading here that their early units's limiters were not that good, and on the wisycoms site it says that the transmitters have new "HW" (as in hardware, i guess?) limiter.
  9. resonate

    Deva 24

    No Automixer? Also surprised that no high sample rate is available. With a dedicated record & mixing DSPs, one would think that should not be a problem. Timecode accuracy in a box that expensive should be higher, too. I suppose it's okay if it's the same as Nomad's, but i usually use Tentacle sync to feed both camera and Nomad, so I wouldn't know, really. One frame out after 6 hours could be noticeable for sure when doing a long documentary day, for example. Also, hope the detachable front panel works really well, that's such a great idea.
  10. resonate

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    how do you deal with audio latency? 19ms is a lot....
  11. Those sound great. So they are really two SAAM mics (in the file metadata the second pair was marked as 8040 pair). Do they go to the mixpre line level in or are you using some preamplification from SD box, too? Thanks again. You could align the second microphone to the first by using AutoAlign plugin from SoundRadix, maybe? It works great.
  12. Stuart, the demos on the site sound amazing. Do you have some other ambience samples, like rain or some other ambiences we would normally use in movies? I'm Very interested.....
  13. resonate

    Weird rf-like noise coming from 8060...

    thank you Alberto.
  14. resonate

    Compact antenna splitter AS-122

    Typically, the splitter does not amplify anything. the added gain just compensates for the loss, so you may say, it brings the noise floor up. did you see the specs? the gain is 0. the noise figure is low. Should be okay. Specifications Bandwidth 470MHz-800MHz Gain 0dB (+/- 1dB) Noise figure 1,5 dB OIP3 30dBm Isolation between outputs min 15 dB RF inputs 1xBNC 50 ohms DC feed 12V/200mA RF outputs 2 x 6 SMA 50 ohms Current 150 mA without active antennas Supply HRS4, 12-17V Dimensions 88 x 84 x 44mm Weight 265g