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Found 4 results

  1. (I know this has been covered in the past, but the tech has evolved since the previous posts) Hello all! Has anyone found unique and/or cheap new ways to monitor video feeds wirelessly from a cart or as a boom operator on the floor? I am familiar with Taradek cubes, QTAKE, and modulous type transmission. What I would like to explore is cheaper alternatives that provide streams to IOS or android devices. Ideally, these solutions have little to no additional equipment needed on the receiving side. The reason I bring this up again is due to my friend's newly installed vehicle dash cam. It is a BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, that has a proprietary live view via wifi app (ios and android). I was blown away by the reasonable latency, great quality and range. Has anyone found success with new lightweight solutions? Thanks!
  2. Hi What system do you use for wireless sound for the director. I am recording commercials with a small crew, but need to send the sound wireless to the director. I would normal use boom and one wireless mic on the actor. Would you send a mono signal or both boom and wireless mic ? I would like a small pocket system where it is possible to send a stereo signal. And a system that can run on batteries, instead of charging system. I would like to hear from yours experience. I am recording on a Sound devices 664. Thanks
  3. Hello, I just acquired used passive KRK monitors and a Hafler P3000 amp. I do not know the model number of the monitors, so I have attached a photo of them. I have the following problem: If I turn on the amplifier, with the gain set to minimum, I get a hum, some pops and the drivers of the monitors start moving in and out extremely, which worries me. I immediately turn the amp off again. I have tried searching online for solutions to this problem, which I have personally never encountered. If one of you could help me figure this out, I'd be very grateful. Best, dertras
  4. I'm new to Red cameras and in need of solutions for monitoring sound through the camera and using it to record, at the very least, a guide track. From what I've read on various threads here, it would seem that the EPIC is left sorely lacking for anyone needing to record high quality sound directly to the camera but I would appreciate any advise or suggestions for affordable but, none-the-less, professional level equipment that works well with the EPIC to record a guide track the camera from the mixer and recorder being used for the master track. Wireless solutions would be ideal. Please advise the best way to proceed.
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