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Found 10 results

  1. I would like to please gather your input in a brainstorming frenzy! Portabrace haven't made too many significant changes to their AO-Organizer series of bags, with the recent AO-633 being an exception. It's been a project I've wanted to dive into and get started for a while, as I'd like to improve the bag line for all its users, including myself. After attending NAB this year, I was really encouraged by the feedback I got from users. So I am now making sure that Portabrace's "Audio Department"... Me. Discuss suggestions about product development and modifications. What better place to research those changes than here! Below is the current list of intended mods. But I would also like to establish as to wether the current removable sides of the AO bag need to remain removable? Are you using them for setups? Are they a waist of time? 1) The top lid zip closest to body was removed. 2) Added a removable double vinyl storage lid to the top. Opening away from the user. 3) Added three harness ring attachment points to each side of the bag. For increased attachment options and balance. 4) Reconfigured both right and left removable sides with: Left: External vinyl covered transmitter and receiver pockets. Right: External vinyl covered transmitter and receiver pockets and additional headphone/flask pocket. 5) Added velcro system that allows you to compact and compress the large front pocket flat against the bag when not in use or traveling. Along with the list above we are working on an access point to batteries and memory card slots (below the mixer) i.e 633, maxx, 552 and so on. (The AO-664 already features this design) Thank you for your input. I hope this doesn't get to crazy!
  2. Hey folks, long time lurker first time poster. [edit: I actually forgot that I posted a few times on here before, so this isn't strictly true] I currently have a Sound Devices 552, but I'm making the sideways move into a 744T, since at the moment my work is mostly about recording rather than mixing. My question is about the case - at the moment I have a Portabrace which fits the 552 perfectly...I'm not sure which model it is exactly. I'm wondering if a 744T would fit in there too? What is the difference in size between the two machines? Cheers!
  3. After using my Petrol PS605 for a few years, I'm looking for a new audio harness. I'm looking for a harness with a good waist support, so the full weight goes on my waist instead of my shoulders and I can hold the bag close to my belly. I'm looking at the Orca OR-40. Any experiences? Or other harnesses I should take a look at?
  4. Hey Guys, Finally, This is the second of the AO bags to go through the redesign process. Of course this bag is obviously very similar to the previous AO-1.5, the main change is the internal dimensions of the bag. Its the smallest of the AO bags. A lot of enquiries about the handles, pockets and modular sides have been brought up. I am dealing with quite a few requests for custom variations of the bag. I'll be sure to post pictures of these custom requests. Also, If certain customer adaptations or changes prove to be popular, then more than likely, that may well be an adaptation that can be permanently made to the factory stock AO. Thank you again for all your input and suggestions. 2.9lbs Empty, no strap. W11 x D5.5 x H6 The main changes from the old AO-1 are: Large access flap on back. (Media/Battery) With attached external pocket. NP1/BDS/transmitter pockets on both sides. Boom rest/headphone pouch/flask pocket on right. NP1 Velcro locks on each side. Metal harness attachment rings each side. Smaller compact collapsible front pocket. Accessory storage in front pocket. Interior copper colored lining. Longer carry handles. Longer vinyl cover. Double layer vinyl pocket for small equipment. Boom-pole attachment point. 2 x Solid dividers. http://www.portabrace.com/products/audio/organizers/923-ao-1x
  5. After the huge response and great level of constructive input that I received working with the JW users, Portabrace are now pushing forward with a custom audio bag service. The concept of custom bags is by no means a new one. But after reading through all of the feedback regarding the AO developments, it is clear that more options are needed to cater for the thousands of different equipment setups and personal user requests and preferences. I will work directly with anyone requesting a custom or modified bag, and I look forward to developing some new products and ideas along the way. Thank you, Adam
  6. New bag from PortaBrace for Sound Devices 788. http://www.portabrace.com/products/audio/recorders/895-audio-recorder-case-sound-devices-788?utm_source=A-788CLX&utm_campaign=AR-788CLX&utm_medium=socialshare
  7. Hello all, I would like to reach out to anyone attending NAB 2014. As Portabrace's audio representative, I would like to invite you to visit the Portabrace booth and seek me out. My goals whilst working with Portabrace are firstly to improve the equipment photography on our website to give consumers a much better view of how the products function, and to listen to your suggested design modifications and implement them. Being a user of PortaBrace's audio products, I understand firsthand the importance of functionality and also the need for continuous adaptations and improvements. Here at Portabrace, a great deal of time has been spent going through a list of consumer ideas. Key issues have been addressed and with the continuous input from all users, I intend to keep modifying and adapting the gear in an effort to create a much more user-friendly product line. So, please do stop by, or feel free to contact me directly. I would like to meet other like-minded users who are interested in improving the audio products and make the task of being a location audio mixer just that little bit easier. Thank you, Adam
  8. New products available from Portabrace. 664, Maxx, 788, ZH6 and more. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=8112b337-405a-421b-b6d7-131ec291c27a&c=0a229a40-5145-11e3-a0ef-d4ae527599c4&ch=0a2a1450-5145-11e3-a0ef-d4ae527599c4
  9. Just had some great customer service from Portabrace- The plastic clips that attach the carrying strap to my 7 year old 442 case broke and I thought that I'd end up spending $45 on a new strap. After nearly going out to purchase a new strap I figured that maybe I should just purchase new clips instead. Sent a quick email to Portabrace to see if this was possible and if I could order metal instead of plastic. Not only can they supply the clips- they are sending them out to me free of charge and haven't even billed me for the shipping. Gotta love great customer service like that.
  10. I recently purchased the AR788-CL8 case for my recorder/controller and have had trouble with the sides of the case being pulled in from the top/back of the case and either pressing or limiting access to the volume/data entry knobs on either side of the 788. This leads to such fun situations as locking down or triggering the data knob mid-take, resulting in erratic toggling between HP monitoring modes and sometimes accidentally arming/disarming a track or filter when I'm configuring tracks on the fly. I'm using the AH-3M3 Portabrace harness with carabiners connected to the middle cordura strap ring (as opposed to the pair at the base of the case, which tilts the rig down and away from me if used.) Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions on how to rig this properly would be greatly appreciated.
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