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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new to audio and sound recording, and have been reading up on the physics of sound waves, comb filter effects, reverberation, Location Sound Bible book, and a smattering of sample recordings for audio recorder and mic pairs. I know that users on this forum mainly work with pro-level equipment, but I'm really out of ideas for places where I could find good, reliable answers. Please allow me to give some background to my situation. I need to record footage destined for Youtube. It will be recorded mostly indoors in a living room. I can't really do anything about echos and reverberations unless I convince my friend to DIY some sound diffuser etc...but probably won't happen for a while, or ever. The video will purposefully be made to look amateurish to have a down-to-earth and honest feel - and it will be. As such, there won't be fancy 10 bit /12 bit filming with color grading, saturated colors, fancy shots etc.. The video is just good enough so people will want to continue watching and the same goes for sound - I'm trying to make it somewhere between amateurish and professional - clear enough so that people will continue watching but not spectacular absolutely no-noise, amazing range + clairty, shown-in-theaters film quality audio. I'm mentioning this because of a super tight budget that's not within my control..I know how tight the person's finance is. We're talking about budget entry level equipment such as the NTG 2 with Tascam dr-60dmkii. I've looked all over but found nothing other than Tascam, Zoom on the recorder front, and NTG 2, Audio Technica 875R, and maybe Audix SCX-1HC on the mic front. I just can't make myself hit the buy button because that's not what I would spend my own money on, and there is some audible noise with NTG 2 and Tascam dr-60dmkiii pairing. Frankly, any budget recorder will probably have noise with low output mics due to cheap pre-amp. So I discovered some threads on this forum that mentioned preamps..such as this thread and that thread. Will connecting a good preamp to the microphone and simply using a balanced level input recorder (Tascam Dr-40) as a bit bucket give better results than NTG 2 + budget recorder preamps? Good budget preamps such as Sound Devices MM1/MP1 are overbudget, but there are a few Shure FP23s on ebay that are within reach. But FP23 seem to have come out in 2000. I'm wondering if it's still usable due to capacitor degradation. I have no knowledge about electronics so I'm simply guessing. Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi All, I've been in love with the sound of the 744T preamps and was disappointed to learn the 788 doesn't share the same analog preamps. For many reasons the 633 is a very attractive solution to a lot of my recording needs but I frequently record with more than 3 phantom hungry mics at a time and was considering getting a 422 to compliment the 633. Does anyone know if the pres in the 422 are the same analog pres as those in the 744T? Aside from the 422, what are some other great 3-4 channel preamps available to drive the additional 3 line-inputs of the 633? I saw the VCP-M3 serving just that purpose but haven't been able to find a lot of real-world feedback. I do a bit of atmo and foley recording on top of production mixing, so I'm looking for some deep, clean and portable preamps. Thank you for your time and input!
  3. What's new at Mozegear? Introducing the Pip and the Papi Phantom Power in a whole new way! The Pip Tiny Phantom Power Module The Pip will available towards the end of June. It will retail for $199 The Papi Pre-Amp with Phantom Power The Papi will be available around the end of August-beginning of September It will retail for $469 For more information, go to www.mozegear.com
  4. Hey all, I need some assistance. My CS3e made a pop-pop-pop sound while out on the field. Situation was. Shot on the beach for a few hours. Then went inside car. We shot some stuff with doors open. Then we closed the doors. Then while we're recording some VO and wild lines, I hear some pop-pop-pop. Fast and intermittent. There were just three I think. I would attach a sample, but I can't find where it is. It was a pretty quiet sound. I'm sure it'd be audible though, once amplified enough. Is it preamp motorboating caused by the shift in humidity? Is it RF? I've often gotten a similar sound with the Schoeps, but I figured it was humidity or RF with that mike (it's a T-powered one so I expect it sometimes). Thanks, Sawrab
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