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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Did a search for "soldering" but didn't find a recommendation for a basic soldering gun/iron kit for a novice repair. I've got an ever growing pile of good cables that I'd love to fix - mainly 1/4 " guitar cords and XLR mic cables. Is there a good soldering kit that you'd recommend? In the meantime, back to the Youtube videos to learn more :-)) Thanks for your kind advice. Keep well, Dave
  2. Hello again everyone, I'm brand new to soldering XLR cables, but I have some extra laying around and I want to practice. I opened up a star quad cable and noticed 2 cables for each connection on the xlr plug. I'm trying out soldering a 3 pin female to 5 pin male (for a camera top mic to play the same mono in both stereo tracks). Would i be able to just split these cables up and solder each of the 5 wires (including shield) to the 5 connections on the 5 pin male end? would this effectively send the mono track and split it to both channels on a camera? or will I have to create a connection wire instead? Thanks for the advice!
  3. I have a Canare breakaway cable that I use to connect my SD 302 to camera. Recently, I've encountered a problem where one of the channels on the return will cut out. I had been able to fix it by jiggling the 1/8" return cable at the camera end, but that has stopped working. I unscrewed the housing and there doesn't appear to be any broken connections (though I'm no expert). There was also a broken connection at the 8-pin connector end of the camera end, but a friend soldered that back for me, which seemed to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it yourself? What should I be looking for? Would it be better to just send it to Canare for repair? Do they even do that? Thanks for any help ya'll can give me! p.s. I've included a few pics, though you can't really tell much from them.
  4. Hi all, I am new here. The only thing I have soldered in the past are straight XLR and TRS cables. I need some assistance in making a new cable. I already have the tools, the connectors, and some spare starquad. I would like to make a cable that is as follows: 3.5mm TRS to (2) XLRf I do not want the cable to act as a splitter. I want each XLRf connector to have a different channel. My intention is to feed a device with ONE stereo input (3.5mmTRS) signals from two different audio sources with XLR outputs This cable will only be 2-3ft. long. My thoughts: The tip of the TRS connector will get pin2HOT from the first XLRf The ring of the TRS connector will get pin2HOT from the second XLRf I do not know what to do with the pin3COLDS from either connector (if anything) Further, do I solder grounds from both XLRf's to the sleeve of the TRS connector? Help me please.
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